Christopher LaVoie is a Bad Dude

Who is Christopher LaVoie? Man behind ‘4 Days’ reality shows has history of run-ins with police, dubious business ventures

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“I’d do so many things right and so many things could be better. And then I get to the end and the world says, ‘You’re right. You did a good job.’”

That’s Christopher LaVoie, the man behind “4 Days Canada” and “4 Days Texas” reality series” and more.

So far, his reality shows have garnered over 20 million viewers. They’ve led to an impressive number of “Laguna Beach”-style real estate partnerships. And they’ve helped establish a new name for the country: Los Angeles-based Christopher LaVoie and Associates.

But LaVoie’s history of off-color remarks and questionable deals have left an image of him the public cannot believe.

For nearly a decade, LaVoie made news for his outrageous behavior, from his attempts to get a new law passed that would give him power over law enforcement — a failed effort that resulted him losing his license — to his alleged dealings with “The Hills” star Lisa Vanderpump, who would not end her relationship with LaVoie after her former husband accused him of “abusive behavior.”

He was also one of the founders of a $5.6 million development known as “The Beach.”

“It was a real mess,” said Peter D’Amico, a public relations consultant for LaVoie and the president of LaVoie and Associates. “He was a little loose with the law.”

“He’s a bad dude. He’s bad,” D’Amico said.


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