‘Desert tsunami’ in Las Vegas declared a disaster zone

Mexico earthquake triggers ‘desert tsunami’ 1,500 miles away in Death Valley cave

A resident in Death Valley speaks with a tour guide through a crack in the wall of the Grand Canyon, on January 26, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. – The area of the Las Vegas valley where a massive earthquake struck on Sunday has been declared a disaster zone by Nevada officials who described the shaking as a ‘desert tsunami’, a term usually attached to earthquakes, after the disaster-hit city of Laughlin sent rescue crews to the nearby Red Rock Canyon at the top of the Las Vegas Valley in the Nevada desert. – An earthquake struck at a depth of 10 miles (15 km) near the town of Laughlin on Sunday, sending a ‘desert tsunami’ through the Nevada desert, shaking the desert floor and rocking buildings and buildings, the U.S Geological Survey said. The USGS said the magnitude 5.3 earthquake triggered tsunami waves that moved at speeds of up to 20 centimetres a second, before dissipating. – A powerful earthquake off the Southern California coast triggered a’mini-tsunami’ that surged over the Los Angeles area, knocked down power lines and led to more than 50 aftershocks, California authorities said. The earthquake struck at a depth of about 10 miles (15 km) and caused power outages at some California utilities and damaged buildings near the coast, Governor Jerry Brown said. – A powerful earthquake struck off the Southern California coast on Sunday, causing power outages to businesses and residents in Los Angeles County, but no significant damage or injuries, police said. The quake, which measured magnitude 4.3 and the strongest of its kind ever recorded off the U.S. West Coast, happened on the same fault line as a huge 7.9 magnitude quake that struck off the coast of Japan in 2011. – A massive earthquake hit the area of Southern California on Sunday, causing power outages to businesses and residents in the Los Angeles area, but no serious damage or injuries, authorities said. The earthquake started around 7:17 a.m. (

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