‘Hello, Paris’ singer says she will not tell fans about new album until September

Adele plans to take a break from music after her Las Vegas residency.

The British musician is gearing up to release a new album in 2020, but may not continue to tour until September.

The singer says she does not intend to give her fans any news about her new material until after its release.

And while she has no idea when she may be back on the road, she plans to take a break from music until then.

She wrote on Twitter: “I hope all my f**king f**kin’ followers can take a break from the news I’ve made that’ll be out in June, like, whoo f**k!

“But like, I’m not telling you. I’m not telling anyone anything.”

The 45-year-old released the album, titled ‘Hello, Paris’ in April with the help of her manager Steve Stoute.

She wrote that she did not think the project was “right for me at that time, and I’m still not sure about it now”.

It was later confirmed the singer would not record a follow-up album and has not announced her next tour.

Instead, she has taken a well-earned break from the world of music and is currently holidaying in Mexico.

A source said: “She’s working on her new album and she hopes to be back on the road in September for the first time in over six years.

“She has no plans to go on any more tours but will take a few months to go away and relax.”

‘Hello, Paris’ is her 14th studio album and her first since her 2015 album X was released.

It was preceded by a collection of songs titled ‘The A-sides of Hello, Paris’, which was released in December 2016.

She told Billboard: “It’s a bit of a concept album – that’s the way I’d describe it.

“It’s a very strange record because I’ve just been on a world tour for the last eight months, and I did that in the same time that I’m writing the record. I’m a bit of a slow writer. I think a slow writer is probably better, but I

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