Letter to the Editor: I am writing to you.

Letters to the Editor: Find the audio leakers and give them a reward

To the Editor:

I know you are probably not interested in the content of letters to the editor, but I would like to mention an incident in which some one made illegal copies of my letters and distributed them to others.

I don’t know what prompted this. I don’t know who was involved. But my guess is that it was an employee of the paper.

There is a great deal of damage and shame done to those involved in this. And the paper’s owners should be held responsible.

I would like for the owner to come to the defense of the person who made the illegal copies by issuing a full and complete apology to me, and to the people who have ever been adversely affected by such illegal activity.

I don’t know what the legal and financial ramifications would be if my name, mailing address or phone number were ever posted on the web. I think they would be substantial.

I would also like for the person or people responsible for this sort of behavior to be fined, and if they can’t pay it on time and in full, to be sent a letter of apology explaining why he or she hasn’t done what was requested.

Then I would like for the newspaper to put a bounty on the head of this scoundrel.

I have one of the best libraries in the area. A lot of books are given to me for donations and I wouldn’t want a free ride.

This is the third letter I am getting in the last few days. I am going to have to start writing twice as many letters:

“Dear Sir or Madame,

I would like to address your letter to the editor. But I can’t find an address for the editor on the official mailing list of the New Haven Register. So I am writing to you.

Please allow me to give you my address so that I can get a confirmation of your address.


Peter R. Brown, Editor

New Haven Register


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