Libertarian Party Poll Results

Calmes: The Jan. 6 committee did the country proud but it hasn’t changed our calcified politics, the fact that the three major parties are still neck and neck and some new voters have no idea who to vote for. The biggest loser was the American Legion, which dropped its official endorsement of the two major parties and replaced it with a simple “None of the Above.” When I was in a hospital bed I saw that as a very classy campaign move and I was happy to see it happen.

Sandy Rios: The new poll showed the percentage of voters who support Democrats or Republicans holding at 45.1-47.2. The percentage of voters who support Libertarian voters was the lowest in the three polls with just 17.5-19.4.

Cathy: The major party campaigns were lackluster, but the two minor parties were more exciting. The Libertarian Party did so well in the new poll that the party is hoping they will do better in the Dec. 1 election. One of the reasons they are disappointed was because they had so little time to get out campaign message. They didn’t have time to have two debates and one is scheduled for May 22.

Gina: The Libertarian and Constitution parties did the best, but they won’t be on the ballot and will split the vote. The Libertarian Party can only be on the ballot if the state law was changed to allow all parties to run and get on the ballot.

Cox: The Libertarian Party’s goal was to get on the Ballot. The party was successful and they will now work on getting all parties to on the ballot.

Janelle: The Libertarian Party did well. There is no way the party could win or do as well as they did.

Cox: A Libertarian Party victory in the election will give them a new lease on life, as they have become stale in recent elections. The party is a great option for many but the party has become stagnant and will struggle with only having two candidates on the ballot.

Sandy: The

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