Live Election Results: The highest number of people to die on Election Day

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In a year that saw a record number of presidential candidates make their way to the ballot, many voters have found no one to vote for — or even to vote at all.

In most states, at least 866,931 people died before Tuesday’s Election Day — the highest number ever on a single day, according to the National Center for Health Statistics.

In Texas, more than 13,000 people dropped dead on Election Day. On a typical day, one person dies in all of Austin.

In Washington state, 758 people died to help elect the state’s newest senator: Christine Greig.

In Florida, more than 1,400 people died. In most of the state, voters could not even vote to begin their voting week, with the option to register just to vote unavailable.

In Wisconsin, 1,944 people died on Election Day, including a family of six.

In California, 1,719 people died on Election Day.

In Pennsylvania, 607 people died.

In New Jersey, 517 people died.

In Maine, just one person was registered to vote on Election Day.

In New Hampshire, 14 people were registered to vote.

In Michigan, 1,400 people died on Election Day, including two families of six with 16 people in total.

In Idaho, 748 people died on Election Day, one of the highest numbers of any U.S. state.

In Pennsylvania, 3,400 voters couldn’t even vote on Election Day and were forced to register to vote before their regular time to vote.

In Illinois, 3,200 people died on the day they could have voted.

And in Florida, a record 14,098 people died on Election Day — and that number doesn’t count the people whose

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