Maine’s Facebook page is still getting new followers

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Maine is a pretty interesting place. There are a few things that are really cool about our state, but there are a few things about it that are downright bizarre. One of these is the fact that New Hampshire used Facebook to help them convince Maine voters to switch political parties, leading to an interesting political ad campaign.

I found something just as interesting earlier this year when I discovered that Maine’s official website uses a feature that can be activated by clicking on a “like” button added to the bottom of a video.

When the Maine Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s website used the same “like” button, something interesting happened. Hundreds of voters were asked to click on the button and vote for their favorite Maine politician. Maine voters are asked to click on a “like” button on the department’s own website.

If the department’s website and Facebook page, both of which were launched in October, were a single website, the Maine Department of Education’s Facebook page would have become the site’s second-most-popular page—after only Facebook’s homepage.

The Facebook page has over 50,000 followers, and it is still getting more new updates. In fact, it is still getting new followers.

Even after the Facebook page’s story was shared, thousands of people still clicked on the “like” button to vote for their favorite Maine politician in the state legislature. And why not, Maine has an open primary, and everyone knows you don’t have to be politically correct to vote on Maine’s election day.

In a time when “like” buttons are everywhere, as many as 500,000 Maine voters liked the Maine Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s page, creating a page with nearly 2 million likes.

If you compare this page to the department’s Facebook page, it’s clear

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