The Best Bars in the World

The world’s best bars for 2022 have been revealed, and they’re a little more hipster than you might expect.

From hip, hipster, to hipster.

In his new book, ‘Hipsters’, the writer and comedian Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson – who’s on the judging panel for the ‘Best Bars of the World’ competition – tells us how to sort out the most popular and worst bars in the world.

He explains in the book that the top spots are:

Moe’s – New York City

This Irish pub is pretty hipster-cool, boasting a cocktail list that includes beer cocktails, whiskey cocktails, and even a cocktail with two beers and a lemonade. In 2012, it was voted ‘The Best Cocktail Bar in the World’ and has since been named as one of the top five best bars in the world.

Koko – New York City

This hipster bar in New York City is all about mixing cocktails with ingredients such as rum, kombucha, vodka and even a coconut rum cocktail. It opened in 2015 and has a menu to rival the likes of the St. Regis New Amsterdam Hotel.

The Boathouse – San Francisco

This hipster bar is the only one of its kind in the world. There are only two rooms, and one is filled with cool cocktails and smoothies, while the other is full of all-day brunch. As well as great cocktails, this hipster favourite has craft beer and cocktails to make you feel like you’re at a hipster bar.

The Royal and Ancient – Edinburgh

This Scottish pub serves a range of drinks that would appeal to traditionalists, as well as serving up a good mix of the cocktails, with some weird ones on offer as well.

Shangri-La – Los Angeles

This all-day bar is known for its delicious vegan

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