The End of “Star Trek” Season Five

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If one story seems like it would never end, there’s another one that could make the final cut, because it was just too good.

Like the end of season four of NBC’s “4 Days to Save the World,” the end of season five of the “Star Trek” series was a foreshadowing of how that story with the alien being was only just beginning. Here’s a look at the season five finale, “In Purgatory’s Shadow,” as the crew of the USS Enterprise takes on a new antagonist.

A new world, a new home

This has been the season with most significant changes, from the introduction of the Borg to the addition of the Romulans. This was the season where all three alien races – the Klingons, the Cardassians and the Romulans – made their debut in the series, as well as the first time the series gave the Enterprise command a female captain (Sulu). It was also a season where the story began to take shape on a narrative level, making the final season somewhat of a disappointment (despite it being a good show by the standards of network TV).

But “In Purgatory’s Shadow” was also a great episode, and it was just as strong for the series as it was for the fans.

Sulu takes on his new assignment

One of Star Trek’s greatest qualities is the freedom to make it your own, and the series has allowed us to do that since the original series. We’ve watched as the Enterprise crew dealt with the challenges of life and death in the two different and equally horrific cases at the beginning of this season, as well as on a much subtler, emotional level through the more subtle interactions among Sulu, the crew and our main characters.

We’ve had a lot of firsts this season, and this

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