The Government of Iran’s Nuclear Development

Iran Fast Facts

Since its founding in the early days of the Republic, the Republic of Iran has had a reputation for the high quality of its products and services. In fact, Iran has one of the lowest rates of youth unemployment in the world.

However, Iran’s reputation for quality and excellence in many areas has been steadily reduced in recent years.

These concerns have been magnified by the Iran’s experience with nuclear development since the early 1980’s.

The country has become a test bed for nuclear development technologies while suffering from a range of long-term economic problems.

The country’s experience with these technologies has been the source of the government’s concerns, but much of these concerns seem to be misplaced.

Iran’s Nuclear Activity

Despite the government’s concerns, the reality is that the government of Iran has been an enthusiastic participant in the nuclear sphere through the years.

The government has been more interested in scientific experiments with nuclear technologies than in developing indigenous nuclear power in the country.

This situation has been compounded by the fact that Iran has invested enormous amounts of energy and resources into nuclear development while having a poor economy.

Today, there is considerable and growing interest in the possibility of developing a small program of nuclear power for the purpose of using the energy for electricity generation.

In addition, with the government’s continued interest in scientific experimentation with nuclear technologies, it is safe to assume that much of the country’s attention is focused on these projects.

An economic and political reality

To put the situation into perspective, consider the following:

Iran has a population of 82 million people.

Of these, about 75% are under the age of 18.

At the current growth rate of 1.5%, it will take Iran 70 years to double in size.

In the meantime, at this rate, Iran is a young country with one of the lowest rates of youth unemployment in the world.

Iran is

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