The Homeboy’s Homeboy Was a Drug User

Jerry Garcia’s marijuana pipe takes a long, strange trip and ends up in a Marin County antique shop. He smokes it there and the owner of the shop calls the cops.

“I don’t know what happened; he’s been acting weird. He’s got like a weird energy around him,” said one officer at the scene.

The officers searched the apartment and found four marijuana pipes, three marijuana blunts, eight gummies, marijuana joints, a syringe, three marijuana leaf bags, a syringe cap, and two syringe needles. They also found a pair of white Nike shoes with a brown leather band. The woman found in the apartment was wearing a maroon colored pantsuit and a maroon colored hoodie.

One officer asked Garcia: “What does this have to do with Mr. Jorgenson? Where’s he going with this?” Garcia, who was carrying a black bag, said, “I don’t know what’s going on. I can’t believe he’s in here.”

Garcia is from the Dominican Republic, but he has been living in the United States about six years. His homeboy Jorgenson is a former Marine and drug user. Garcia was at Jorgenson’s apartment last night — Jorgenson’s girlfriend told police he had been drinking, but Garcia’s account was that he was there to collect the $500 he owed him and to get rid of some evidence.

Garcia admitted to police he had used marijuana and cocaine when he was alive, but his drug use was not a major problem in the last few months. Garcia said he had smoked some marijuana, but he never had cocaine. He said both drugs caused him to have problems with his “memory” and he had quit them. He said when he had both he had to go to the doctor.

No guns

The Marin County Sheriff’s Office didn’t find any evidence at the apartment or on Garcia’s person that would indicate he was planning to hurt Jorgenson.

He said he had purchased marijuana from a drug dealer on Friday. Before he had gone to buy the marijuana he had to go to a doctor. The doctor said he only needed to use marijuana for two months. Garcia said he smoked it and got a high and then was using it because he had been on three months of bed rest after a motorcycle accident. He said he used it for a month after that, but got sick of it and quit. Garcia said he did

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