The key message from today’s test in Barcelona

Max Verstappen on becoming Formula 1 World Champion

Formula 1’s new star – or maybe an old one?

I will never be a world champion because I have never had the opportunity to win a race. But on Sunday I became one at the most important race of the season.

After winning all the races you are able to win the championship. That’s the key message from today’s test in Barcelona.

It may sound corny but I was extremely motivated. When I got back to Melbourne I wanted to win races and I couldn’t help it. I was motivated to win. I wanted to take revenge for my crash in the race at the season-opening Australian Grand Prix, when I crashed against Felipe Massa. I also wanted to prove a point. Before Barcelona I said in the last race that we need more speed in our cars, but that was not possible.

The car? They are fast. The car is more than capable of winning a championship – it just needs the right strategy. I feel good. I’m always focused on the race. I can never lose concentration.

Why did you take so long to decide on your driver line-up for the season?

It’s a mystery. I don’t know why I waited so long. I must have been going through some kind of change.

The team is doing brilliantly. We are in a difficult situation. With all the problems we had last year we are now back in first gear. It’s fantastic.

Felipe Massa has retired. Do you think you took him out?

I think it was a little bit of a tactical mistake at the start. I think we lost momentum a little bit as soon as the safety car came out and then we lost some time because the car was not 100 percent ready after the safety car had come out.

I think in the second sector Vettel was a little bit faster. It was almost a battle. I lost two or three

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