The Ministry of Culture confirms the whereabouts of Saint Nicholas’ original tomb

Turkish researchers confirm Santa Claus’ original burial site, find St. Nicholas’ tomb under fresco of Jesus in Sankt-Peter-in-Wallonie, Belgium, 11/10/2018 – 23:37 — Arturas Baka

Turkey’s Ministry of Culture announced on Friday that it confirmed the whereabouts of Saint Nicholas’ original tomb in the town of Sankt-Peter-in-Wallonie (Dalmatia). The announcement was part of an update to the Saint Nicholas International Foundation’s website, in which the ministry of culture confirmed that the discovery includes fragments of the original burial site and a fresco of the Virgin Mary.

Archaeologists also uncovered a relief of Jesus under a painting of Saint Nicholas with the inscription “Agnus Dei, a deo te baptizandamini,” Latin for “Christ who bequeathed his body and the cross and died for you.” The discovery was made during construction work on the site.

“Following an extensive field survey by the archaeologists and specialists in the field, the work was completed and the new discoveries were made. We are currently working on the study and publication of the findings.” the ministry of culture said in a statement on Friday.

In a statement on January 25, the ministry said that the site is “the central place where the original tomb of Saint Nicholas is located within the Saint Nicholas Church” and that the archaeological team has “confirmed the existence of Saint Nicholas’ original grave and have made the new findings.”

The discoveries are the latest in a series of discoveries by archaeologists who are attempting to trace back the site’s history. The St. Nicholas Church in the town of Sankt-Peter-in-Wallonie is one of the oldest wooden church buildings in Europe. It has been under construction since 1433. The construction work was stopped for many years, but was started again in 2015.

There have been numerous previous discoveries in the area around the Saint Nicholas church

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