The People Are the End of the State

Supreme Court hears lively debate on protecting wetlands, led in part by Justice Jackson)

The Federalist No. 18 (William B. Fallow, June 6, 1798)

“The Government may… take Warrants out of the Papers of Persons who have no Business to have them.” – Thomas Jefferson to Philip St. George

“The people are, with the exception of a few bad men, to blame for the general state of things.” – Alexander Hamilton

“There are few people so little given to generalization, as are men of the world. Men of the world have an indelible prejudice against every thing that does not immediately appeal to the senses. They never feel itself, until it is handled with their hands, as their friends say, or until it is described to them. But a knowledge of a system well described, would probably do more to conciliate a general knowledge of things, than any thing that could be devised to that effect, since the invention of printing.” – Thomas Jefferson to John Leland

“The greatest mistake which has befallen the human race is our contempt of knowledge. I am a believer in the knowledge of man. I am not in favour of ignorance, but I am equally convinced the mass of mankind are incapable of true happiness in life. To form a just and lasting opinion of a person or thing, is the only true test that can be used in the pursuit of true knowledge. Knowledge is power. The knowledge of the present will be of more importance than any future knowledge. I am very far from the old idea, that the people are the end and not the means to the happiness of the state. Their happiness is the object to be affected. I am a believer in the people being the means of promoting the happiness and prosperity of the state. I am a believer in educating the people so as to make them acquainted with their duties, and to induce them to perform their duties. One of the chief sources of discontent and evil in our day are the poor and ignorant people which are the most difficult to educate.” – Thomas Jefferson to James Madison

“A government should exist, more or less, of the consent and support of the governed.” – Thomas Jefferson to James Monroe

“All authority is derived from the people who have the right to make laws. It is only the authority exercised by the people through their representatives in government that can

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