The Story of a 14-Year-Old Boy Who Met a 14-Year-Old Girl

‘Still Growing Together,’ a Teenage Crush Leads to Marriage! (The Realities)

A 14-year-old boy, who only had a crush on another teenager, was asked if he liked girls, and he answered, “Not really. But sometimes I have a dream or a daydream about a girl.”

The next day, the boy met a girl for lunch. He liked her right away, so he told his parents, and they started a romantic relationship. After a while, he told his family, “I am not so sure of this relationship. I might not be in love with her.”

When the boy was 14, he met a 14-year-old girl. He told her, “There is someone in my family,” in his dream or day-dream. “I am not sure about her. I only like you.” They became friends. The boy’s parents were not happy. They confronted him. He answered, “I just like you.” They had to take steps and stop the relationship.

The next day, a 14-year-old boy went to the mall with his girlfriend. When she was ready, he asked her to marry him. She refused. He asked her again, and she said no.

His family was angry. But after a while, he told them again, “I like you. I don’t want to marry you. I want to be independent and live with someone for a while.”

The boy’s mother decided not to let the girl go with him. She said to him, “Son, I have a plan. I have decided to go to a psychiatrist. I will get your girlfriend married to my sister. She is also a good friend of mine.”

The boy’s father said, “I don’t care. I had no idea that my son would fall for an 8th grade girl! My daughter is a beautiful woman who is also a good friend of my granddaughter. I want to marry her.”

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