The Super-Yacht Market

Amid global crises, superyachts are selling more than ever. Here’s why they’re worth a look…

There’s no question that superyacht lifestyles and design are in vogue; it’s just that the market for superyachts – the largest category of all built and inhabited ocean-going vessels – has never been stronger.

The luxury-yacht market is a diverse one, with different models catering to all budgets. There are those with ultra-light, ‘ultraluxe’ designs that can seat up to 20 and offer a good deal of luxury but relatively little space.

There are those with super-sized models in the superyacht category that can seat up to 110 and offer space and luxury while still retaining the comfort and luxury that those with smaller vessels enjoy.

There are the ‘traditional’ superyachts, the’modular’ superyachts and those of the ‘luxury’ variety.

And then there are the’mega-yachts’. These are the vessels that can carry up to 200 guests and offer space, luxury and style with the comfort of a smaller vessel.

The market has never been stronger and is expected to grow even more as the global economy takes a downturn, following the credit crunch and the fall of the American dollar. According to the most recent Euromoney estimate, the global luxury-yacht market will grow by 40% from $28 billion last year to $39 billion this year. The numbers for superyachts alone are expected to increase by between 10% and 46% from $12.5 billion last year to $14.6 billion this year, according to a research note prepared for the luxury-yacht market by research agency Lloyd’s Register in February.

‘Luxury’ – the key, according to some – is the ability to combine luxury living with comfort and the ability to sleep away from home on many nights.

The super-yachts offer many benefits for owners and operators. They are more stable than a yacht, which can capsize if a strong wind blows up; they can accommodate large numbers of guests while still

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