Bernie Sanders’s campaign is announcing it will campaign in Arizona

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With just three days until the general election, the campaign of Bernie Sanders has seen a significant uptick.

It started with online donations, but as the candidate has traveled the country over the past week — with a big rally in Louisville on Wednesday night — it’s become increasingly apparent that many people are turning out to vote for the Democratic socialist senator from Vermont.

Sanders’s campaign has had a small staff on the ground in key states over the past few days, but with a couple of days left before it’s declared a winner, volunteers are still flocking to get out and vote.

A look at all the states that will be voting on November 8:


In a sign of things to come in the primary race, Sanders’s campaign announced Friday that he will spend the next five days in Arizona, a state that has long been a Democratic stronghold.

At a press event in Phoenix, Sanders unveiled a plan to fight income inequality, which would include a national paid family leave law and child care spending and tax cuts for childcare.

He also will campaign in the state for Hillary Clinton, who will be up for re-election, and will be looking to hold onto the Arizona primary this week.

But Sanders’s rally comes at an interesting time in the race.

Two-thirds of registered voters in Arizona have yet to cast their ballots, which is a big discrepancy from the 2012 election when Barack Obama won a primary victory in the state.

In his Arizona speech, Sanders called on his supporters to get out and vote and said that he will make sure to be on the side of “the 99 percent” during the general election.

“We have a decision to make,” Sanders said at a Friday press conference in Phoenix. “The fate of the Democratic Party and our country is in our hands…If we make a decision to stick with the politics of greed, hatred and fear and to support the politicians who will continue to make that life harder for millions of working people, then we will continue to lose votes from people of all races, people across the ideological spectrum and people who just plain don’t care about our party or what we believe.”


On Friday, Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway told the conservative

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