15 Times Sea Animals Messed with the Wrong Opponent

Land mammals can find themselves in some pretty intense fights. Sometimes, the fights start over a love interest, while other times, they are fighting for their lives or food. If you thought the ocean was any different, you’d be wrong. From an eel-on-eel battle to a polar bear taking on a walrus wall, here are 15 sea animals that messed with the wrong opponent.

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  1. Guy Incognito

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    seaman + seapeople = seacioty

  2. Job Martinez

    Job Martinez

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    Sharks don’t have bones. All the sharks attacked are babies. Don’t waste your time here

  3. Sho'Nuff


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    This dude is WAY, WAY off on his Octopus specs. They don't have 30 foot arm spans, and do NOT weigh 600 pounds. Maybe 150 pounds and 10 or 15 feet arm span at the most. And that's the largest species, Pacific Octopus.

  4. ItsRay YaKnow

    ItsRay YaKnow

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    Not enough footage of the fights..

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  6. António Medeiros

    António Medeiros

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    at 4;19 he says that "the octopus is devoured by the powerful pacific predator" which animals is he talking about when he refers to the powerful pacific predator?

  7. Socal Cancerian

    Socal Cancerian

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    #10!?!? You just made up a interesting story didn't ya because half of what you said over the few mins wasn't shown in the 13 seconds of clips you kept replaying. #cheated

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    Sorry , can’t stand his voice, I’m off.

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      yeah me too, put me right off.

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    Jason Dixon

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    Climate change? Let me guess. If we gave some elitist Climate Change Morons money, all will be forgiven? GTFO here with that shit.

  10. youtmeme


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    Feel bad for the hammerhead. It had to struggle with the fisherman, then get attacked while on the line.

  11. Who Cares

    Who Cares

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    Good lord I hope nobody actually comes to this video for any actual true information.

  12. John d

    John d

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    I like how they say blue shark vs giant octopus then show a baby shark getting attacked by octopus

  13. LukeShuey1Fan!


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    This is awful seeing beautiful creatures rip each other apart.

  14. RJ Spinello

    RJ Spinello

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    It is now believed that orcas kill sharks and eat its liver

  15. LeftWingKiller. HaterOfTheLeft

    LeftWingKiller. HaterOfTheLeft

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    Animal fiiiiiiiiiight,Place your bets.

  16. Ian J

    Ian J

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    By the way the GREAT WHITE is NOT at the top of the food chain, The ORCA "Killer whale" is

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    I amcarbonandotherbits.

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    I had to mute you bcos you sound like an 80s intro guy to a cheap video. Pretty off putting.

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    Zach Rodriguez

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    I'm a simple man. I see orcas, I like.

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    Ross Potter

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    Editing makes this video unwatchable

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    full with Photoshop shitclips....

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    madhav joshi

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    If you will say that the insect will cloll, our faces again you will you will have a enaconda, eating your house when you are sleep ing.

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    jon wilcox

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    Mute the narrator.

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    Finishes video with an Orca smashing a Sea Lion... What a clown!

  24. The Other Side

    The Other Side

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    *This contains more of you talking than actual footages of the incidents.*

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    Robert Mulligan

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    What is with the fake carnival voice?? Most annoying

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    This video has incorrect information in it so I can't like or subscribe.

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    Much respect to the shrimp I've eaten you was delicious

  28. Reynaldo Flores

    Reynaldo Flores

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    1:30 A Tiger shark is much smaller than an orca. And they are solitary hunters. Killer whales hunt in packs, and are much bigger. Of course an encounter between a lone shark and a pack of killer whales will always end badly for the poor shark! Even a Great White shark would have a hard time against a pack of these orca assassins. However, encounters between orcas and sharks in nature are very uncommon. Sharks usually live in warmer tropical or subtropical waters. While killer whales roam the frigid polar seas.

  29. chet chet

    chet chet

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    "Dragon killed by shrimp" Wha- wha. Wha- What!!

    • Lee Shorrock

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      Free t weed o i

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    FKN FINEST Always Shit, I dont know how I got myself here again.

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    kaden *******

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    My uncle and his dad caught a 12 foot polar bear before

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  34. yoe maofe

    yoe maofe

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  36. Scott Smeaton

    Scott Smeaton

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    Blue sharks? But pictures of white sharks!

  37. classified information

    classified information

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    orcas are giant black rubbery creatures of death. Anyone who thinks otherwise is crazy, jump in a pool with an orca for a couple hours.

  38. icecold canela

    icecold canela

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    Orcas are the apex predator in the ocean

  39. FervenC


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    It must suck to be a Walrus 😔

  40. Xion


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    4:14 the 🐙 was devoured? No the shark was eaten you mean?

  41. All Mina

    All Mina

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    انا حصلت على كلمة السر لكل شبكات الواى فاى المجاورة 📶👌🏻 خلال ثواني بدون تحميل أي برنامج 💯✅, الأن يمكنك معرفة باسورد أى WIFI قريب منك 🔑 👍 اكتب فى جوجل 🔎 70mbc 🔍 وادخل اول موقع

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    Ka Fai Lau

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    The 15th is killer whale right? I don't think it is tiger shark

  43. Léon Gebhardt

    Léon Gebhardt

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    Bullsharks are attacking people a lot more often that any other shark. In fact HE's able to swim in rivers and attacking the people there

  44. Catarinaa.c.c. Moreira

    Catarinaa.c.c. Moreira

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    Like pitbulls in land

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    It would've been nice to actually see a continuous video

  46. Aldwin Longos

    Aldwin Longos

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    For the sake of subscriptions a small shark become a giant shark..

  47. Lokendra Annamunthodo

    Lokendra Annamunthodo

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    Caught by click-bait again. Ain't seen the battle of Orca vs Tiger Shark. WTF is going on?

  48. Van Niyo

    Van Niyo

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    Pretty sure that was a bonnethead shark. They only get 4 ft.

  49. Dinoeel


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    Poor tiger shark…

  50. Terry Wombat

    Terry Wombat

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    Hey dumb nuts sharks DO NOT have bones

    • Monchichi


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      Healthy yummy sharks cartilage. 😋

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    Damn i really hate ut voice😣 Number foourteeen

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    Vids are low quality, adds are amazing! Waw!

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  54. The Duckling Homestead and Gardens

    The Duckling Homestead and Gardens

    8 өдрийн өмнө

    There is also a difference between a seal and a sea lion!!!!!!!! In many of these cases the "winner" is determined by the size of the winner verses the prey, and or IF venom is involved or not!!!!!!

  55. Kevin Smith

    Kevin Smith

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    The bull shark is the leading man eater in Planet

  56. alexharrice 1

    alexharrice 1

    8 өдрийн өмнө

    The orca would obviously win with 4 inch pointy teeth and a bite force of 19,000 PSI and the tiger has a bite force of 3,300 PSI

  57. Shokar Ramia

    Shokar Ramia

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    This video has more filling than naruto.

  58. mike johnson

    mike johnson

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    Killer Whale: Hold on..there he is, Break yo-self fool Tiger Shark: Oh shoot it's Wayne Orca, son!

  59. Lordwacu


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    Please use the metric system

  60. Argumemnon


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    Why do you show Great Whites for tigers and blues? How do you get 5.5 million subscribers with such poor fact-checking? And stop trying to lower your voice to sound cool.

  61. Addyson Bierly

    Addyson Bierly

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    FACTS ABOUT GREAT WHITE SHARKS! Great white shark in adult age they weigh 6,600 pounds. Great white sharks only have 300 teeth. Did you know that some sharks cannot regrow teeth. The great white shark doesn't have the most powerful teeth, if you're wondering why the cookie cutter shark has teeth as sharp as the great whites. they do not have bones it's made out of cartilage it's made from your ears and some parts of your nose. Sharks cannot stop if they stop they can't breathe. Most people think all sharks can't stop moving. But yes some sharks can like the nurse shark the angel shark and many more. Lots of people say that the great white sharks are scared of dolphins. Because of the herd of the dolphins if a great white shark attacks there could be a chance of dolphins could attack it, but the shark doesn't know so it stays away. Edit: I really hope you learned new stuff. Have an awesome day!

  62. Addyson Bierly

    Addyson Bierly

    8 өдрийн өмнө

    I know alot about sharks, yes sharks DONT have bones it's made out of cartage that's made out of your ears. And most of the animals shark go against might win. Have you ever dived? If you did so you would know. Many people make it up. Some people do not dive but they say they do.

  63. deneb charitakis

    deneb charitakis

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  64. Dragon Of desteny

    Dragon Of desteny

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    Okay... so the first example is wrong... the orcas where attacking and they were coming out on top... so they did mess with the right opponent...

  65. Jetaime Ku'ulei'auli'i Coloma-Nakano

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    I’ve watched so many of these videos, I liked and subscribed straight off the bat bc there’s always some threat lol

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    jay coutcher

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    Absolutely PATHETIC amount of WRONG information in this video, it's like a 3rd grader just made up a report without reading the book! You literally should be ashamed of yourself...seriously

  68. lIzone OnelI

    lIzone OnelI

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    That shrimp prolly ended up on a platter in a expensive restaurant

  69. Sides How

    Sides How

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    Every time I see a polar bear I feel like I'm looking at a homeless person. I just feel so bad for them

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    Bantu2 subscribe channel aku bang...

  71. Out Of Time

    Out Of Time

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    You only showed us one fight, that had a winner at the end and that was the 2 eels. Well maybe the orcas and the tiger shark too. But that wasn't a fair fight..

  72. Garrett Butron

    Garrett Butron

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    I've made it 89 seconds into your video and the farcical fallicious phony facts forced into your frustratingly slow presentation are a flat out embarrassment. Try again when you can get accurate demonstration footage and aren't spreading fear mongering propaganda, misinformation, and can speak at a normal pace instead of 0.75X speed.

  73. Tristian Lefebvre

    Tristian Lefebvre

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    Just wanted to point out that during the shark vs octopus you said the shark was no match for the shark

  74. DJ Xhakaza

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    Vs Giant O CTO PU S 😂😂😂 @3;32

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    So... Who won between the octopus and shark??

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    The polar bear looks big until it is with the walrus am I right?

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    those shitty channels get millions of subs and have terrible content full of errors, the dude thinks he can become a biologist by jumping out of school and starting a channel or something smh

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    9:33 the what

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    Guy with with red blood cells

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    Some videos are misleading

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    What kind of giant tiger shark those orcas messing with? No need to check further right?

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    Man, he talks to damn much and his voice is very irritating to listen to, but the sea animals are great to watch. They are not doing anything we don't do to feed ourselves, though I like most of my food cooked,; and as far as eating green vegetation I stop at lettuce!

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    I fInd IT really REALLY diFFicUlt to LisTEN to YOU consTANTLY changING yOUr VOICE and INtonATION every TWO secondS.

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    Me and my mom like your videos

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    Okay only watched 2 minutes in and had to pause so i could note to yall, if that tiger shark was fighting 1 Orca, it would have probably won. JUST SAYING

    • Argumemnon


      8 өдрийн өмнө

      He keeps showing images of Great Whites instead. But no, even great whites are too small to take on an Orca.

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    Poorly put together video.

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      Lol this funny

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    Beautiful People

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    The Terror. Giant Squid Attacking Human Diver...,,,, mnmore.info/bin/video/d4PQ28umnpuXmpc

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    Researchers encounter Half-Male Half-Female rare Bird. The bilateral gynandromorph.....mnmore.info/bin/video/f5fe2MinZ2yooZc

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    i was once attacked by crabs for a whole month, the experience was unreal!

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      I had a pet crab

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    Hai semua, Penutup weekdaynya nih semoga pada terhibur... mnmore.info/bin/video/maGdvaR7ioO7g8Y Terimakasih

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    how do these always end up having the most obnoxious narrators that always think the audience is composed of total idiots?

  100. Yael Dragwyla

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    PLEASE remember that animals are venomous, while plants and fungi are poisonous. Please don't mix them up.

    • Argumemnon


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      @Amy Skribble That's not how it works.

    • Amy Skribble

      Amy Skribble

      8 өдрийн өмнө

      If you eat something, it becomes poisonous. If it injects you, runs on you, etc. It can be venomous.