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33 Useful Life Hacks For Smart PARENTS

If your kids have been giving you a hard time lately, we sympathize with you. Being a parent is not an easy task, but it’s so rewarding! So, today we have some hacks we want to share with you to give you a helping hand. You’ll learn a few quick fixes for everyday problems, DIY versions of necessary devices, and cute ideas for outfits. Toddlers can be sneaky and quick, so we have a DIY playpen you can use to keep them in one place while during playtime.
Not knowing what to wear can be a huge time-drainer. So we’ll show you an awesome hack to help you save time when getting your little ones ready. No baby monitor? No problem! You can use your tablet and your phone to set up a monitoring system to keep an eye on your kiddos. Ironing mishaps can happen you anyone, but that burned shirt might make a great kiddie apron!
1:10 - DIY playpen
4:43 - Outfit organizer
7:34 - Tablet and phone baby monitor
10:36 - DIY apron
11:53 - DIY tutu
We advise adult supervision and care at all times.
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