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4 True Scary Stories Animated

This is a True Creepy &Scary Story
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Animation by Lim Sohyeon
Music by CO.AG Music
Ending K-pop Music (Double GJ) :
This story was narrated by mnmore.info
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- Christian Edwards
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    Ending Music (Double GJ) : mnmore.info/bin/video/nZuX0sRrqnypgtY

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      Omg the last one at 6:08 is terrifying😨😨😨

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    This is so creepy and I love it?

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    The first one was just an edgy cringey kid from school don't worry

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    Last one: Its ur instincts lol

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    Jesus Christ!!.

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    I like this voice and i can understand the stories nicely

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    * nervously laughs on toilet *

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    so no one going to point out that the girl had an iphone 11 pro max

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    0:39 OMG!!! A mamarazzi

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    I love how Kpop goes to major at the bridge and throughout the rest of the song...kpop, just don’t 🛑!

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    I subscribe because you seem real👍👏🙂❤

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    bru i have to go upstairs to watch your videos cause im to scared to watch them in my room down stairs like dang the quality of the videos is crazy cool

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    How many people did you watched in this story amazing and this stories all told four types and each of a story told each of a different different types must watch in the night because i felt is so good and I felt it is caused in your life

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    Part 1: this girl took a pic of me with a iphone 11 pro Part 2: she wrote on a cardboard box to get my attention to see what she wrote

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    The “watch out “ at 5:26 made me LAUGH sounded like peppa pig family 🐷

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    1:41 sangwoo vibes

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    Iphone 11

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    God Bless 🙏🏾💜, have an Blessed one everyone 🙏🏾💜, may God protect over you all Amen 🙏🏾 💜

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    The man in the second story is crazy, I hope I don’t contact or meet after I break up!

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    1: wtf...😧 2: 😰 I feel like I don’t wanna date a boy now..... 3: 😱 that’s crazy! 4: 😮

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    Some stories make me cry

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    Wtf thats wierd lol

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    Scariest thing that ever happened to me was when my mum called me by my full name-

  30. Roxi Mendoza

    Roxi Mendoza

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    O my ### I used to have a classmate that didn't like to socialize

  31. Roxi Mendoza

    Roxi Mendoza

    4 өдрийн өмнө

    O my ### I used to have a classmate that didn't like to socialize

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    Who is here from tik tok?

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    Yes Listen to Kpop

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    The first story has an iphone11 my broke ass was terrified

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    OKAY thats enough scary storys today 😅

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    And she got enough time to check how many pictures the classmate secretly took of her :)

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    1:38 sangwoo that you?

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    Cat abuse is bad cats in streets getting abused

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    1:41 Sangwoo 😳

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    Coffins actually flood all the time. Especially if not closed properly

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    Really like he had loop at the end to stop he vibe

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    I have one story a real story At night i was sleeping when i heard a person who call me i was scared but i got down stairs and I saw was to scary it was black and it has red eyes

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    Emmanuel Guillano

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    Honestly I'm scary to think about make more

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    Excellent videos!🙂

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    Actually this girl is a kind insane because she always take pictures of her classmates and even although without any reason

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      🍪here enjoy

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    =first girl was a school threat 💯

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    The 3rd story reminds me of final destination

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    dislike for kpop

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    some of ur vids happend to me aswell ikept dreaming about something and when iwoke up thats the same thing happend in my dream.....it sound abit weired an igot scared at that time thou;-;

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    Terrible voice

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    This spooky and awesome!

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    These fake asss stories

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    the real horror starts at 6:06

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    The thing with yall is that yalls stories isnt even a tiny bit believable.

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    What 😳

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    0:42 the only thing i noticed then is that she had the same phone as me, is that bad that i only noticed that?

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    Uhh this is random but I like to eat oranges while watching these is that normal? ;-;

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    I can't stop watching wanesse entertainment even if it is a little creepy

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    Wow she has a iPhone 11



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    This story isn't scary Once I almost died

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    who got paralysis dream i did it really scary i had it before in my old house i moved to a new house

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    holy shit that k pop at the end was awful.

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    Is it just me or does the first story remind me of the movie friend request?? If u want to watch it it’s on Netflix 😊



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    I was about 8 and I was taking the trash outside after the sun went down, when a hand reached from the side of our back deck and grabbed my leg trying to yank me. I screamed very loud and they let go and I ran inside

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    The second story was funny! He killed her with a piece of asphalt! Hahahahahaha

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    i love listening to these while i’m in the shower .... maybe i’m crazy 😂😂

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    Nothing scary actually happened in the first one really

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    In the first story it's like why would you look at someone's phone without their permission that's practically like going into someone's house without their permission

  94. You'll never know me because this is the internet

    You'll never know me because this is the internet

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    Wtf parents of the guy in second story,he freaking killed her and you telling them to join their souls through marriage TF?! the guy is a killer a freaking criminal plus where is the consent she wouldn't want to

  95. ツ?Angel is a qt

    ツ?Angel is a qt

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