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  1. Shammi Cooking Studio

    Shammi Cooking Studio

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  2. Vijendra Kumar v.k

    Vijendra Kumar v.k

    13 өдрийн өмнө

    2:30 Best Datting Click 🔽 hotgirls.to 在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙(如山核桃,山核桃和豆科灌木 來調味食物煮的時候 1619438051

  3. S'slike


    19 өдрийн өмнө

    This should be named" rope hacks"

  4. prasad amali

    prasad amali

    25 өдрийн өмнө

    My father knows every knot in this video caus he was a scout and now he is a scout master

  5. silverysparkles


    29 өдрийн өмнө

    Do NOT go into an underground subway during a hurricane!

  6. Jozhabel Divianne Raval

    Jozhabel Divianne Raval

    Сарын өмнө

    The fire escape can break so don’t use that one

  7. Tyler Christensen88

    Tyler Christensen88

    Сарын өмнө

    2:16 Thought she was tying a noose, pretty close to one too Edit: never mind, she tied a noose...

  8. Tyler Christensen88

    Tyler Christensen88

    Сарын өмнө

    Summed up: how to kidnap someone and dispose of the body

  9. JADE HE


    2 сарын өмнө

    how do you escape with the "fire escape"rope method

  10. Griselda Magana

    Griselda Magana

    2 сарын өмнө

    This is not a life hack you need to buy all this stuff

  11. bv


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  12. n y o o m

    n y o o m

    2 сарын өмнө

    2:22 y'all literally just taught us how to tie a noose ._. COPPA: I'm about to end this mans whole career

  13. Olivia Mugridge

    Olivia Mugridge

    3 сарын өмнө

    What is it with the yarn and ropes? They got a thing for ropes and yarn

  14. borgar loli

    borgar loli

    3 сарын өмнө

    2:11 ;-; suicidal ppl taking notes rn

  15. Beng Keng Ng

    Beng Keng Ng

    3 сарын өмнө

    The filthy bobcat comparably fix because structure initially bless regarding a powerful fifth. many, disillusioned plow

  16. Aria Hawking

    Aria Hawking

    3 сарын өмнө

    7:54 this poor man just got a b u s e d

  17. Aaradhya parashar

    Aaradhya parashar

    3 сарын өмнө

    4:26 it shows bright side

  18. AKROZ


    3 сарын өмнө

    how i can die first yeeyyyy

  19. Abby Oliva-Schneider

    Abby Oliva-Schneider

    3 сарын өмнө

    9:07 was very overreacted

  20. Cookie Cat

    Cookie Cat

    3 сарын өмнө

    Yah I did

  21. Missy Elle

    Missy Elle

    4 сарын өмнө

    What is the thumbnail

  22. tilly moore

    tilly moore

    4 сарын өмнө

    can i just say, this made me so triggered YOU CAN NOT BE BITTEN BY A BEE YOU CAN ONLY BE STUNG thank you that made me feel better :)

  23. Emily Waldhutter

    Emily Waldhutter

    4 сарын өмнө

    anyone watching this in 2020???

  24. Stephen White

    Stephen White

    4 сарын өмнө

    WARNING: He uses the wrong knots and you could get injured using his.

  25. seeRa


    4 сарын өмнө

    0:55 fire escape imangine someon tries this hack during an actual fire and get burned

  26. Nevaeh Centeno

    Nevaeh Centeno

    4 сарын өмнө

    So Im watching this 2020. 2:13 I thought it was for suicide hahaha👈💯😂🤤

  27. Cody Ellis

    Cody Ellis

    4 сарын өмнө

    Life hacks that will save me or get me killed lol

  28. Jenna Leigh's Beauty Slam

    Jenna Leigh's Beauty Slam

    5 сарын өмнө

    0:30 rope fetishists incoming

  29. ㄚ卂尺ㄖҜ丨ㄒ卂


    5 сарын өмнө

    This video is such bad quality,Even Roblox during the Junkbot Raid can't beat this!

  30. Taryn Wallace

    Taryn Wallace

    5 сарын өмнө

    Not gonna lie I didn't have high hopes but this has ACTUAL useful information....shocking!!!

  31. Georgie Yeoman

    Georgie Yeoman

    5 сарын өмнө

    I just want death

  32. The True Flake Fire

    The True Flake Fire

    5 сарын өмнө

    Add for the comment below (mine) 2:21 day 2 week 40 it’s been 40 weeks 2 days and 23 hours since the virus broke out *sigh* wait how do I know the exsact time and day and week and hour Sence the virus?!?! Nvm thanks 5minute for teaching me how to hang myself 👍

  33. The True Flake Fire

    The True Flake Fire

    5 сарын өмнө

    1:18 thanks for letting me know how to tie my hostage in my garage he has been without water for a wile thanks for reminding me! (Edit): 1:29 thanks I’m robbing the bank I forgot the cash tie whoops the money flew a bit thanks!👍

  34. Mamaco Supremo

    Mamaco Supremo

    5 сарын өмнө

    2:22 não foi MT bom esse não em isso me lembro uma coisa ruim

  35. Bedazzle Berry

    Bedazzle Berry

    5 сарын өмнө

    in the self defence you should hit them not in the crouch but, look at your foot, below your big tow there is the side of your foot. when someone is trying to atckk you hit them there and THEN all the other places

  36. Olive Wilcox

    Olive Wilcox

    5 сарын өмнө

    there's a difference did anyone notice that 5-minutes crafts at the bottom it says "BRIGHT SIDE" any one?

  37. Autumn Creek

    Autumn Creek

    5 сарын өмнө

    5:57 - anyone else notice that this video was made in 2018 and this is a survival hack needed for 2020? Bless you 5-minute crafts, you can predict the future

  38. Zosia Hyszko

    Zosia Hyszko

    5 сарын өмнө

    👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻Love fave min craft

  39. mohamed abdul hadi

    mohamed abdul hadi

    5 сарын өмнө

    afourse all are correct

  40. Bhavana Dhak

    Bhavana Dhak

    5 сарын өмнө

    12:53 yuk 🤮



    6 сарын өмнө

    in my opinion this a little boring bye

  42. Rebecca Richardson

    Rebecca Richardson

    6 сарын өмнө

    why would you need to tie someones HANDS

  43. Qin Lv

    Qin Lv

    6 сарын өмнө

    'Hdhd is the new year for the new update and great 👍



    6 сарын өмнө


  45. zico zico

    zico zico

    6 сарын өмнө

    16:22 Just close the window

  46. Freakazoid


    6 сарын өмнө

    C'mon i only came for thumbnail and ways to save my life im not lookin for ways to die or do some robber stuff

  47. Stacy Hicks

    Stacy Hicks

    6 сарын өмнө

    1:44 my face about that: •-•

  48. Rosie’s Digital Art Channel

    Rosie’s Digital Art Channel

    6 сарын өмнө

    Ah yes cause bees and wasps bite you

  49. Oma Chris

    Oma Chris

    6 сарын өмнө


  50. Oma Chris

    Oma Chris

    6 сарын өмнө


  51. Aria


    6 сарын өмнө

    Photo:Spider bite and anothers. First hacks:about how to save your life when you get kidnapped. Me:

  52. Y/N


    6 сарын өмнө

    May pilipino ba dito?

  53. •Anime Gurl•

    •Anime Gurl•

    6 сарын өмнө

    0:26 How is it supposed to save my life XD

  54. D COLE

    D COLE

    6 сарын өмнө

    I don't know what a thumb nail is

  55. Emely B Ortega

    Emely B Ortega

    6 сарын өмнө

    Esto es un feik

  56. Beata Niziołek

    Beata Niziołek

    6 сарын өмнө




    6 сарын өмнө

    5 minute crafts teaching us in the beginning:: kidnapping life hacks

  58. Sierra Butcher

    Sierra Butcher

    6 сарын өмнө

    bruh i just saw how to kidnap my own brother

  59. Palak Gangani

    Palak Gangani

    6 сарын өмнө

    Thank you for this hacks Love u 😘

  60. Lefty


    6 сарын өмнө

    Some of these are uselesss

  61. • crumbyxclouds •

    • crumbyxclouds •

    6 сарын өмнө

    At 9:18 u can see the bright side logo xD

  62. Nafiza Nowshin

    Nafiza Nowshin

    6 сарын өмнө

    I am following your intagram

  63. Daisy Mae Sims

    Daisy Mae Sims

    6 сарын өмнө

    "Save our life" This is clickbait is just not tying

  64. Valeria


    6 сарын өмнө

    Bish when the fu## did u get that bee sting

  65. Vasanthi Neepali

    Vasanthi Neepali

    6 сарын өмнө

    Really usefull. I appreciate this channel. Brilliant.👍👍

  66. Holly Jackson

    Holly Jackson

    6 сарын өмнө

    How u gonna do that prep without hurting it even more

  67. Hazel E

    Hazel E

    7 сарын өмнө

    13:03 how do you fall and start to bleed that easily I love you guys tho

  68. Emma Johnson

    Emma Johnson

    7 сарын өмнө

    Who else is watching this in 2020

  69. Gitali Saikia

    Gitali Saikia

    7 сарын өмнө

    4:54 what if we don't know how to climb a tree and ofcourse we don't know how long it will take for us to climb a hill or a tree

  70. honeymilks


    7 сарын өмнө

    The bug o the thumb nail 😱

  71. Drishti Gupta 5c roll no-02

    Drishti Gupta 5c roll no-02

    7 сарын өмнө

    16:27 Best to close the window of car..

  72. Drishti Gupta 5c roll no-02

    Drishti Gupta 5c roll no-02

    7 сарын өмнө

    14:40 Best for face sheild mask..

  73. Drishti Gupta 5c roll no-02

    Drishti Gupta 5c roll no-02

    7 сарын өмнө

    12:18 If the pant will down😝

  74. Pig Dragon

    Pig Dragon

    7 сарын өмнө

    Nooo never tie a tourniquet in a wound with venom, that will make it so much worse. Here’s a website on what you should actually do. www.health.qld.gov.au/news-events/news/what-to-do-if-you-get-bitten-by-a-snake

  75. Alifgamer132 • 55 years ago

    Alifgamer132 • 55 years ago

    7 сарын өмнө

    Is it just me or the second song sound a little like hardbass?

  76. Sunset Wølfie

    Sunset Wølfie

    7 сарын өмнө

    Cati doesn't need water to live

  77. Noob Builder Productions

    Noob Builder Productions

    7 сарын өмнө

    19:07 a bee physically cannot bite a human being but can to other insects that are too small to sting

  78. Noob Builder Productions

    Noob Builder Productions

    7 сарын өмнө

    18:51 is not how you are supposed to remove a tick man

  79. Noob Builder Productions

    Noob Builder Productions

    7 сарын өмнө

    I still don't see anything on how to hang a house intruder though

  80. GRAPE :3

    GRAPE :3

    7 сарын өмнө

    ...... is.. is one of those nots a uh... n-noose? It- looks like it... >~

  81. ziggy jones

    ziggy jones

    7 сарын өмнө


  82. ziggy jones

    ziggy jones

    7 сарын өмнө


  83. Naseera Sultana

    Naseera Sultana

    7 сарын өмнө

    Why it is saying may why not will it means it's fake hahahah make a real permanent solution

  84. Feather Dream

    Feather Dream

    7 сарын өмнө

    2:19 isn't a fancy bottle holder, it's a noose :) I advise heavy duty rope and more loops along with a sturdy anchor if you're gonna put it around your own neck and not the bottle's Yes, it's just a tiny hangman's knot and is in a "hack" video that will "save" your life.

    • Feather Dream

      Feather Dream

      7 сарын өмнө

      Ah yes, t e a c h i n g.

    • Noob Builder Productions

      Noob Builder Productions

      7 сарын өмнө

      LOL learned more from you just now than what I was before when I was whacking their's which killed a solid 20 minutes of my life that I will never be able to get back

  85. Ava Hodge

    Ava Hodge

    7 сарын өмнө

    like if here in 2020 #5minutecrafts

  86. Krishna murti E

    Krishna murti E

    7 сарын өмнө

    Very helpful videos👷

  87. Allison Hunt

    Allison Hunt

    7 сарын өмнө

    Plot twist: u just came here for the thumbnail

  88. your local toaster

    your local toaster

    8 сарын өмнө

    They stole content from bright side

  89. Olivia Gabriel

    Olivia Gabriel

    8 сарын өмнө

    1:17 Uhm. Good knot, wrong scenario.

  90. L W

    L W

    8 сарын өмнө

    Good to know...

  91. Gaone kefilwe Matshaba

    Gaone kefilwe Matshaba

    8 сарын өмнө

    I want to know why we should not invade a kangaroo's territory

  92. Lossie


    8 сарын өмнө

    7:47 f in the chat for this guy.

  93. ziggy jones

    ziggy jones

    8 сарын өмнө


  94. daisy gamer

    daisy gamer

    8 сарын өмнө

    I got one! If the tide at the beach is usually car from the usual shore, a tsunami is coming. RUN.

  95. Carrie and Nikos Fan

    Carrie and Nikos Fan

    8 сарын өмнө

    Je tady 6tis com takže nevím jestli je tu někdo Čech aleeeee tyhle "life hecky" jsou úplně stupidní

  96. Rajan Prasad

    Rajan Prasad

    8 сарын өмнө

    Triggered insaan can't roast it🤣🤣

  97. Itzblossomint


    8 сарын өмнө

    How will any of this save my life? Again 5 minute crafts

  98. Its Karli-ana!!! wit out a dash

    Its Karli-ana!!! wit out a dash

    9 сарын өмнө

    Anyone come here because of the picture?

  99. Purple Ramen

    Purple Ramen

    9 сарын өмнө

    If you've been BiTtEn by a bee

  100. Purple Ramen

    Purple Ramen

    9 сарын өмнө

    2:12 DiY nOoSe!