Among Us but IN REAL LIFE 3 (Imposter IQ 9,999,999%)

Today I played Among Us but In Real Life for the third time. And this time, I'm the Imposter. This is going to be so much fun. Watch till the end to see if I win. Trust me you don't want to miss out.
I'm Roi aka Guava Juice, and on this third episode of Among Us but in Real Life, I got to be the imposter along with my friend Chris from Our Fire. It was so fun strategizing how we can win the game. Things started easy for us when one player glitched out of the game right in the beginning. Then we decided to use the sabotage ability to eliminate another player. Who are we going to go after next? Watch till the end to find out. One thing for sure is things always get crazier the less people there are left in the game. Btw, thank you again for supporting the Guava Juice MNmore Channel and for watching my funny and entertaining adventures on MNmore in 2020. I love comedy, making you laugh, and seeing a smile on your face. This is Roi saying Stay Juicy!
Red: @OurFire Plays - Roblox
Yellow: @Marlin
Pink: @OurFire
Green: @Guava Juice Games
Blue: monettee
Black: hotrosay
Purple: russelljohnn
Orange: reym0und
White: leodizonmendoza
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    This has Chris and Sharla from OUR 🔥 FIRE

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    0:42 you had me dieing also it sounds like marv from home alone when the spinder is on his face

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    Finally revenge from the first among us in real life 0:39

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    3:34 marlin said blackpink which is a kpop group

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    gian rocket royale gameplay gian isaiah oledan

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    1:36 So that's how you sabotage and the part after

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    Haha i saw red shake and look at the door

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    1:19 no one was ejected

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    4:20 When You Got Shot In Piggy As a Traitor

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    Red's Status 1. Murdered by Blue. 2. Murdered by Yellow. 3. Was an impostor along with Green. Was voted out.

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    Hayley Williams

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    Red's Status 1: Murdered by Blue. 2: Murdered by Yellow. 3: Was an Impostor along with Green. Was voted out.

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