AMONG US Betrayal against my WHOLE FAMILY! + 3D Gameplay (FGTeeV #4 w/ Skit)

Welcome to AMONG US with the whole FGTeeV family (part 2of2)! THIS TIME, we edited in some 3D animation to help make the vid already cooler than it is. :) Thumbs up if u you enjoyed this vid.
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FGTeeV is a Gaming Channel that plays hilariously fun and scary games! Duddz is the main gamer and sometimes he brings his family in for a more dynamic gameplay! His family includes his wife "Moomy", Chase, Mike, Lex & Shawn! Thanks for checking us out.


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      Higher City video because Moon GT v z I hope you guys lyrics to every Aaron but I hope you guys also move to New Brighton so I can see you guys

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      Fgteev u are my favorite

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      @ARDA 2011 uckun and I are coming to see if you can get together

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      @MarkMina Milad shut up

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      I am the biggest fan I watch all your videos

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    I love your videos

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    Shawn sounds like the character Gaspard from Simon the tv show

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    Think he say admin

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    This is a great video bro

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    Who's green?



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    This guy is crazy

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    Fgteev can play among us

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    Is that thinknoodles

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    When daddy kill mike I would guess because u can vent to electrical to security and I will guess it him and he was the nearest and chase

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    I'm a big fan

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    Hey fgteev can you do a livestream plzzz in among us and ken a join plzzzz

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    mik is so sus

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    What da heck whats wrong with youtube

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    think + trash _ think trash

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    In your other video u just make sentence so I think u should make a sentence named “yo mama is yo dog”



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    If you die get revenge

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    That funny

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    Just Evan Estepp.

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    It’s funny how whenever the camera is looking at Shawn he just talks to himself and everyone else is trying to find out who is imposter



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    Nobody subscribe to Thinknoodles if Mike gives you permission

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    I love this game I play this game

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    I love it when duddy says oh your gonna blame it on the 4 year old thing again its hilarious

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    mommy: *helping shawn* shawn: im gonna vote mommy cause she help me

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    Oh so funny😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    I love how when most of them died in the beginning of the game they say “I knew it”

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    Desbox the GLaDOS from portal

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