Among Us BUT In Real Life 2!! (Impostor IQ 9,999,999)

We played Among Us but in real life AGAIN!! This time we played at my old house and the tasks were even crazier... SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE!!
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    300,000 LIKES FOR PART 3 !!!

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      Use a kill cool down next time cause it be to easy and it gets annoying

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      yess already liked on both my electronics : )

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      Part 3

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      Mama rug 🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥🤥

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    there are hackers in imposter!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    "To TikTok, or not to TikTok? That is the question."

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      I see this comment after 2 minutes

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    make it 250k likes 300k takes to lang

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    PART 3!!!!!

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    I sub to your from 8 different account:)

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    Who else laughed at how papa rug was flipping the water bottle 😂😂🤣😂

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    It is normal for you to translate it into Arabic. There are many fans from the Middle East

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    Thisssss was awesomeeee

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    I can’t imagine laying down for a such a long time

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    Notice how Clint has a huge camera and stuff but they got gopros

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    Can we please have a hide and seek amoug us in real life

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    Make a part 3 faze rug

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    You should add security cameras that would be cool

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    I think it’s red-Blue Like if you get this reference

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    7:14 Simp

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    Illuminati aqi

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    Gringe over 9k

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    Now I just noticed that in part three you should add maps!!!!!!!

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    My brother plays among us

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    So funny I susribe you

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    Junior is so different

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    Support me~ㅜㅜ

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    Rug is so smart with this 👊

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    This would be better if infinite was in the game

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    Come to facts faze said pink was it then faze dies idk why they didn’t vote pink

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    More this among us

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    It was kaolin

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    Faze rug real name is Brian I know because I saw cocain prank his mom called him Brian

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    Part 3 please

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    100 subscribers To prove my mum and dad wrong

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    Part 2 even better lol ( btw read my name

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    Back in elementary school I would play roblox murder mystery irl in recces

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    i do not have a phone when i watch one of your videos please comment if i can be in one of your videos or not. please let me be in one of them. My name is Mohammad Afzal and i love you and your videos!

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    it’s interesting but too many ads

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    Honestly ur really close to 300k just do part 3 is so entertaining

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    I miss Bosley🥺

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    Faze good.....😜😝

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    @Ippantellas its best video of among US!

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    I'm new to his channel, and i literally confused with his house.

  46. Logan


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    You played it wrong there as to be one last crewmate then the imposters win

  47. kawizx10r4


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    Rug when somebody gets voted out can you put their face in space

  48. Selene Hernandez

    Selene Hernandez

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    For a security room put a zoom and put your devices in whatever room you want to put it at and that can be security

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    Hello this was a really good video

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    please make a part 3 ur episoides are so good

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    I love faze rug

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    where did paparug go

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    Davishka Mathews

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    why was faze rugs face in crewmate and imposter In the second round

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    100 percent BTW

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    I couldn’t watch after 0:44

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    ok boy bruh

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    Please do a part three. I can’t get enough of this😩

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    Perform a double kill hahaha

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    you srsly copied guava juice...

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    14:46 Ooh sorry Mama Rug tough luck, I ❤️ how Anthony put on the whole story then rejects it 😂! 15:35 If Junior didn’t get Bradwais then they would’ve lost, such a lucky call 😯 16:10 WOOHOOO! 🥳 16:51 Anthony: WHERE WERE YOU!? Me: 😂😂😂😂😂😂😵

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    I hate your videos yes videos zero like you are you seem like your face stupid

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    Question how you do sabatoges???

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    Flare Alt

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    3 things I want to say about this video. 1 - They sound like they're making ASMR whenever they're not in a meeting 2 - Damn, I miss the days when Raccooneggs roasted this freak's Human Mail Challenge 3 - I love to realize that it's clear that the people who made the papers didn't make the title, because the papers spell Impostor wrong while the title spells it correctly.

  74. MG’s Garage

    MG’s Garage

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    You nead to make a whole series called make it real ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°) 𝕡𝕝𝕖𝕒𝕤e For those of you who think im a bot with the weird font chill its just an app called F͟o͟n͟t͟

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    copied amp

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    nice! i loved it hahahaah, this was the second AMong Us in Real Life i encountered hehe first was Sam Golbach's ;)

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    There are 10 players in the game

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    This is the one I saw on tik tok and I just had to watch the full video

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    7:02 JR was finna rip the paper but realized he needs it for the next round😂

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    you gotta do it at night with all the lights off. use the flashlight on your phone so that's how far of a vision you have.

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    Delete among us if you have it its made buy hackers

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    ive been wanting to play it with my siblings and i got everything ready i even color printed the sighn that says imposter or crew mate member and got all the tasks ready and in the end no one wanted to play with me.? :(

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    No disrespect but you guys look like the wiggels

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