Beating Minecraft the Way Mojang Intended It

Is there a right way to beat Minecraft? Throughout the game's lifetime, players have developed and refined many different strategies. In this video, I beat Minecraft using official Mojang guides. Do the creators of the game know something we don't? I'm sure we're going to find out!
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    He’s actually pretty funny



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    Stop swearing!

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    Pretty cool video u got here bud

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    What keyboard is that?

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    Using a diamond axe as a weapon when a diamond sword is cheaper and does more damage

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      @GTMAG :D Just it.

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      No you idiot axe does a lot more damage in java but sword does a lot less, axe just has more cooldown

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    ur so annoying you kept saying moyang it is mojang

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    "I got 3 ender pearls! Well thats 3 more than what i originally had!" r/TechnicallyTheTruth

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    No the wither is the scariest mob. Or should I saw boss. Or ender dragon.

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    If you are having trouble with looking at enderman, you can wear a carved pumpkin in place of a helmet. Even if you look directly at them, the pumpkin will protect you.

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    0:19 this is nice

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    The only reason why he won was because of the dirt pillar at spawn. If he didn't have that dirt pillar at spawn he would have been screwed.

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    Just got a Minecraft ad when i started watching this

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    Why do you tubers use axes instead of swords?

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    Why does he keep on saying mojang like moyang

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    i did not know usinf axe as a sworld is better then using sworldlike a sword

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    how’s this man get 200k with 3 vids within a few months

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    I ready now how to play minecraft

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    Its like a Hollywood movie👉😂👈

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    Do I need to put looting on my snowballs? - MysteryOre 2020

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    Teacher: okay Jerry can you please answer the question? Jerry (the quiet kid) : *can’t, I’m built different*

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    He used bad words



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    im a big fan :)

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    0:19 Pewdiepie fans be like Pewdiepie fans: S I M P ALERT

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    MysteryOre: wither skeletons are the most scary mobs Me: enderman, creeper, wither, skeleton, ZOMBIES.... Maybe Im too scared to play minecraft.

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    Minecraft speedrun is actually 11 mins

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    Mojang Guide: exists Speedrunners: Wow... This is worthless

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    Who doesn't like the sound of enderman dieng huh?

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    “Mo Yang”

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    You know what they say: Never Dig Straight Down

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    "There's a decent chance of the Ender Dragon defeating you" "Not me Im built different" *Proceeds to spam snowballs at the end pillars

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    I have dos books

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    0:03 MOYANG

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    I just watched this like 2 weeks ago when this video had a few thousand views (close to 100k views) and maybe this dude had like 4k-7k subs. Now he has 200k subs and 12 million views in this video. wtf.

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    me: writing a math test peacefully The kids in the hall way: 4:01

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    “Mo yang” hey noob it’s Mojang

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    I’m sorry....are people calling it Moyang?-

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    6:12 major optical illusion

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    some dude the memer lol kill me

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    u sound like skip

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    At 2:40 in the vid he seid Moyang

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    get gold armor so the pigvillager wont kill you idk

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    can we just congratulate him for getting 12 mil views in 2 weeks?

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    With them 3 ads ur definitely not in crippling dept:0

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    Anyone pros feel dumb for not using snowballs to take out those cool ball blowing things?

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    ive been calling moyang mojang this entire time

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    Dislocated both your *Hips*

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    Title: Beating Minecraft the way Mojang intended Video: hey guys let’s make a nether portal with 50 blocks

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    si necesitan algo sobre pulloveres de mascotas que mas se puede pedir? la mascota no debe andar en pija mnmore.info/bin/video/ZJvHucaXiKbVZbg&ab_channel=ElBuenPupilo

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    4:02 the sound of them dying 🤣

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    I'll do you one better: I use 200 blocks of obsidian for my portal

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    3:02 he says moyag

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    This was such a well produced video

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    3:22 i have the original guides from 2010

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    Dream is punching the air right now

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    Dont you no netherite is stronger dan daymons

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    no one talking about the 50 block portal ok

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    I do ten Obsidian blocks then go to the nether get 4 glow stone blocks and make it 14

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    The way he said Mojang is actually the correct way to say it “Moyang”

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    Speedrunners : "how about no"

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    the creeper sound, in the beginning, can easily be interpreted as a man's voice about to curse

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    That sounds like music 5:02

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    This is really funny I enjoyed you only have three vids make more plz!!!

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    i learned that snowballs are the *immaculate* weapon

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    Mojang be watching this like “he is better than dream!!!”

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    "turn mama sheep into a twin-sized mattres"

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    Keyboard at start?