Class 1-B +Shinsou reacts to TikToks and a theory (MY AU) //read pinned comment\\

I have been watching MHA for years and I’ve always wanted to do a video about a theory that isn’t really popular and I found one!
Theory video:


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    • Adiety Khatiwada

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      @Xeyna 1987 same

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      I didn't notice-

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      Ohhhh I thought it was a nickname of sorts

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      *_T O G_*

    • illumi was not the imposter

      illumi was not the imposter

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      I thought he just called her a nickname T^T

  2. Trinitee Howard

    Trinitee Howard

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    what about bakugo doesnt he have blond hair

  3. Eri Chan

    Eri Chan

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    1B is a bunch of crayons 🖍

  4. Toga Himiko

    Toga Himiko

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    I cannot confirm nor deny that theory Bus yes

  5. Maddisyn P

    Maddisyn P

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    My brain: 👁👄👁 Me: 👁👄👁 Me:🤩 these theory’s are the stuff

  6. Emese Stiebi

    Emese Stiebi

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    When you ship monoma and shinsou : 👁💧👄💧👁

  7. Martin Sliacky

    Martin Sliacky

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    Make another part

  8. Juliette Tulai

    Juliette Tulai

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    Todoroki is sitting in the back like only 3 years I haven’t seen my brother is 11 years

  9. YashiroHanako


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    My brain:" uhh...well-" My heart:"shut up brain the owner of this body is going to faint let me fix this situation first!" My brain:"ugh fine...ಠ_ʖಠ" I'm too surprised that why I fainted

  10. ღ QUEEN PEPPER ღ


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    Tog is a good name actually MMMMMMMM HOT KIRISHIMA ;)

  11. •Naoki•


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    Monoma at the ending: My life has been a lie

  12. Skyler Rose

    Skyler Rose

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    Can class 1-a react to the theory

  13. Livia Liebman

    Livia Liebman

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    no one: absolutely no one: Kirishima: HARDER! GET HARDER!

  14. Kaylen Williams

    Kaylen Williams

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    after i saw that pineapple my head was just like pineapple apple pen don’t know it then your new to tiktok

  15. Denki Kaminari

    Denki Kaminari

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    That makes prefect sense

  16. Ms. Fandom Head

    Ms. Fandom Head

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    I’m happy that they reacted to a Toga theory she’s absolutely my fav. Also this is very Orignal for class 1-B 10/10 *Chef kiss*

  17. Izuku Midoriya

    Izuku Midoriya

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    . . .

    • Izuku Midoriya

      Izuku Midoriya

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      Toga.........has a brother......?

  18. Galaxy gamer

    Galaxy gamer

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    me creating a caracher like manoma: yuss so origininal sees manomas quirk: GOD DAMMIT

  19. Dani GachaAnnoying

    Dani GachaAnnoying

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    My theory: Monoma is toga’s twin-brother And bakugou is the little brother for Toga & Monoma

  20. Wolfy YEET

    Wolfy YEET

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    wew i thought monoma gonna break the TV -,-

  21. Jonathan joestar

    Jonathan joestar

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    Wait toga said that she was in class one a but in the theory it said she stabbed her crush in middle school graduation so she would have ran away after middle school graduation right?

  22. The-weeb_ key

    The-weeb_ key

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    I need a part 2

  23. Łîttłė Cöōkè Śmoll Cöokié

    Łîttłė Cöōkè Śmoll Cöokié

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    Go KiRiShImA

  24. Tori Hamm

    Tori Hamm

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    Okay the red riot/Kirishima is kinda scary.I'm so scared

  25. Angry Chicken nuggies

    Angry Chicken nuggies

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    I watched this during class, And My face was like:👁👄👁 My teachers:👀👄👀💧

  26. QueenCookieGachaGirl


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    Can I say that I was thinking that Monoma was Denki?😅

  27. IZmittens


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    I- since the type of hair toga has is actually platinum blonde which is not dominant and eye colour is tricky like it's rare for green eyes to show up unless both parents have green eyes so it doesn't make sense to have different eyes for both and her eyes are yellow and genetics don't work like that and also in this world quirks are specifically to the parents unless the parents had some genes that were non dominant on and off but as I see it just not possible since like the todoroki family has all correct genes and nothing out of balance lol but uh.. oh yeah hm probably just coincidence but if it's real then oh shit but I don't think the author would go so deep into the background of this character since down to the name the hair :,0 that's just crazy I'm too dumb to go that far but if that's true then 👀there might be other characters with hidden lore so deep

  28. Smol . Lemonade シ

    Smol . Lemonade シ

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    I think im inlove in this part ;w; ( 1:22 )

  29. Lavander Meadow

    Lavander Meadow

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    This was a good video keep up the good work! 🥖

  30. Livia Anertha

    Livia Anertha

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    Do you know monoma's eyes supposed to be purple 💜 like whatttttt

  31. Divya Patel

    Divya Patel

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    Me: *looks at monoma* don't do don't do it... DDRACO MALFOY!

  32. Jezz Games

    Jezz Games

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    Me when Monoma started cryin: bby nuuuuuuuy!

  33. K'mila Ramirez

    K'mila Ramirez

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    My mind be like 👁👄👁

  34. Tomura Shigaraki

    Tomura Shigaraki

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    Kirishima is scary like fuck that I’m gonna start saving people 🤠✨

  35. Trinity Luthy

    Trinity Luthy

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    My brain yufyd3ggfk c kdi67777777gxgdyeudhsjyx

  36. Nugget Lilbunbun

    Nugget Lilbunbun

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    Kiribaku tododeku uratsu shindenk

    • • MazuKun •

      • MazuKun •

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      Those are my ships U3U

  37. Gilbert Potts

    Gilbert Potts

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    Does that mean kirishima has titan harden

  38. Kaliya Nelson

    Kaliya Nelson

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    First we have Dabi is a Todorki, then Shigaraki as Deku's cousin. Now Toga has some family ties to our characters too?

  39. Tea Fam

    Tea Fam

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    Ok so I watched this show on hulu but then I would not let me watch season 2 or 3 I forget does anyone know an app or something to get all the episodes

  40. KNSY_Danish


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    the girls that did the denki and shinsou cosplay is a very cute couple

  41. K e n o n e

    K e n o n e

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    Monoma: My sister would never become a villain Todoroki: I thought so too ➖💧👄💧➖

  42. x X Anime_bnhaX x

    x X Anime_bnhaX x

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    I had this suspicion but never had gone this far

  43. A human uwu

    A human uwu

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    Didn't Redd Clover make something like this?

  44. Redd Clover

    Redd Clover

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    Nice video. People usually don't make videos with 1B, so this is cool!

  45. Cinnamon roll Chibi

    Cinnamon roll Chibi

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    Ahem... Nice!

  46. Sama_ The_Gamer_Girl UwU

    Sama_ The_Gamer_Girl UwU

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    At first i thought monoma was a scary and insane character Then i relized that both him and toga kind of have the same quirks mono's quirk is copying quirks toga's quirk is copying other people's looks if she drinks their blood And now i kinda feel bad for him bc he lost his sister like todoroki lost his brother

  47. Sara Perez-Duarte

    Sara Perez-Duarte

    4 өдрийн өмнө

    KIRI: *. Looks like a freaking monster. * Monoma: I- Me: *. Stomps on my copy child. * Me: I RAISED THAT SHARK CHILD THATS MY SON REEEEE *. Hugs my big fist child and my metal child and my tired child * Shio: what about me Me: I’m still working on adopting all the anime characters of all the animes



    4 өдрийн өмнө

    omg wait what im lost so toga is monammos sister wha?

  49. Blûëbėrrÿ Møcâ

    Blûëbėrrÿ Møcâ

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    Me when I saw kirishima in the second video: 👁👄👁......O👄O

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    Ballon—baboon Fan

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    Please pin me

  51. Moon The Umbreon

    Moon The Umbreon

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    Bakugou:Is a blonde Kaminari:Is also a blonde *Bakugou would like to know your location*

  52. Mina


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    poor toga

  53. killer guy

    killer guy

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    I haven't watched the series yet and the whole time I was like Who the fuck is momona?

  54. Charlie _coffee bean

    Charlie _coffee bean

    5 өдрийн өмнө

    I do have proof that toga isn't his sis bc she was the oodest and she is only 14 while monoma is 15-16 which makes it impossible for toga to be related to him and still be older (sorry if i ruined it for you guys i thought i wouod just put that out there)

  55. Fanny Lim

    Fanny Lim

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    First, Dabi is Touya Todoroki theory, now Toga is Monoma's sister theory. My brain be like: I am ✨SPEECHLESS✨ They're so smart!

  56. Xenon Hollow

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  57. Elizabeth Valle

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    That makes perfect sense omg-

  59. Harm_Playz


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    This is so new I never see class 1-B Gacha

  60. Sakura_Blossom Htk

    Sakura_Blossom Htk

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    Can you make them react to more like todoroki and dabi being brother's and deku and shigiraki being brother's and all for one theory aswell?

  61. Mina Jobe

    Mina Jobe

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    Toga straight up pulled a Dabi basically

  62. Lovaeh Meyer

    Lovaeh Meyer

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    When I saw the pineapple my brain shut down and I thought how a pineapple talking man then my brain turned back on and I was like oh...... I'm stupid

  63. ShadowReme


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  64. foxy gamezYT

    foxy gamezYT

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    shinsou is part of 1-B

  65. Rahmah Alrawi

    Rahmah Alrawi

    5 өдрийн өмнө

    Btw I think the reason that Monoma is so mean isn’t because he’s from a rich family because he lost his sister and he’s blaming it on everyone because of what happens at home making him a really rude person home his parents expect him to be the best and he hasn’t seen his sister in years.

  66. Rahmah Alrawi

    Rahmah Alrawi

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    Omg I have seen the truth

  67. •Honey Macaron•

    •Honey Macaron•

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    Awe don’t cry Monoma baby 🥺🥺

  68. ayanna chambers

    ayanna chambers

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    Bruh where's the silver sharks eyelashes, they r on fleek

  69. serphie tenny

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  70. Bella Amariah- falanai

    Bella Amariah- falanai

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    Wdym- +shinsou isn’t shinsou in 1-B or am I just stupid?

    • Bella Amariah- falanai

      Bella Amariah- falanai

      5 өдрийн өмнө

      @• MazuKun • ohh ok

    • • MazuKun •

      • MazuKun •

      5 өдрийн өмнө

      No, he’s in 1-C

  71. The Fallen Human Child

    The Fallen Human Child

    5 өдрийн өмнө

    It's not Tetsutetsu. It's Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu. Say it twice or pay the price. I spent a few minutes or something trying to think of that-

  72. Cherry lavender

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    👁👄👁me)amazing 👁👄👁

  73. Seamermade 21

    Seamermade 21

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    It's just a theory it's not true okay?! U just can't assume that they are bc of the theory

  74. grape


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    Kirishima makes me 😳

  75. Zariah foxx

    Zariah foxx

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    I’m confused there’s all pinned :/ me is confusion EXPLAIN MAZUKUN (I just replaced it from that meme where she says I am confusion explain amarica (I can’t spell today -w-) also 2:37 FACTS

  76. Delaney Watson

    Delaney Watson

    6 өдрийн өмнө

    When toga appeared I was just screaming: HUG HER HUG HER GIVE HER A HUG NOOOOOOW JUST HUG HER. I was screaming that cause I love Toga!💞💞

  77. Peyton Place

    Peyton Place

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  78. Key Xia

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    like shouto and dabi

  79. x løve BOBA x

    x løve BOBA x

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    I’m literally crying cause Shinsou is staying back a year_

  80. Itz _alexdang

    Itz _alexdang

    6 өдрийн өмнө

    Deku watching this vid being like: wew another fellow fren who hasn’t seen his/her family member, I feel you dood 😟 my father has been gone for my whole entire life 😅 it also turns out my cousin tenko is shigiraki and my dad being all for one (this is my au/ random au so don’t hate)

  81. ֆքѧԀє քȏҡєяシ

    ֆքѧԀє քȏҡєяシ

    6 өдрийн өмнө

    If monoma copys all for one and steals all for one using all for one while stealing the quirks all for one stole and he would be able to keep all for one forever.

  82. ֆքѧԀє քȏҡєяシ

    ֆքѧԀє քȏҡєяシ

    6 өдрийн өмнө

    Denki x shinsou is complicated shinsou keeps regretting denki but denki keeps asking and then shinsou said yes for pity he didn’t think it would be fun and denki would be funny so then they dated for a while break up and then get back together.

  83. Destiny Hill

    Destiny Hill

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    Why do the videos always abruptly end? Loved it btw

  84. XxBnha_ FAMxX

    XxBnha_ FAMxX

    6 өдрийн өмнө

    OMG FINALLY THIS THEORY GETS NOTICED! The Toga and Monoma being siblings theory is one of my favorite theories in MHA so it getting noticed is heaven! Keep up the amazing work! ^^

  85. Its_Just _Me

    Its_Just _Me

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    My brain when I was hearing about the theorie of monoma and toga being siblings: 👁👄👁👀👀👁➖👁

  86. MistrxssStupid ._.

    MistrxssStupid ._.

    6 өдрийн өмнө

    Monoma seems more similar to All for One then toga if you think about it...afo can steal quirks and keep them forever- while Monoma can BORROW quirks, but for only a limited amount of time...

  87. MistrxssStupid ._.

    MistrxssStupid ._.

    6 өдрийн өмнө

    kiri: GET HARDER!...MORE Me: *on the verge of dying and crying with laughter*

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  89. leeann Leal

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    How are they siblings if toga and bakugou are siblings..-

  90. Himiko Toga

    Himiko Toga

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  91. 左利き


    7 өдрийн өмнө

    It’s funny cause I know this is an au cause what the mans said in his theory is just a theory so it can be completely off

  92. LunaStars Gacha

    LunaStars Gacha

    7 өдрийн өмнө

    Now i look at it- Toga and Monoma might be brother and sister! *Me brainstorming and while panicking*



    7 өдрийн өмнө

    am in togas side for this one

  94. Rena Thomas

    Rena Thomas

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    Poor Monoma...

  95. Random User

    Random User

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    Can you please make bnha react to Killing Stalking 😌

  96. SpooxbrryLunar


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    *Shinsou x Denki reminds me of prinxiety-*

  97. Misa Moon

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    monoma be givin of toga vibes!!!

  98. 3ndle5s


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    My theory is that Monoma could be the traitor cause if you think about it class 1B was also at the camp place and his quirk is quite similar to All for Ones as All for One takes quirks and he can copy them. Just my theory not sure if anyone else will agree with me but oh well.

  99. Lailani Moore

    Lailani Moore

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    omg my life is a lie

  100. Makayla Kobin

    Makayla Kobin

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    1:57 omg, how did he know? :0