Dough-Boy ft. Ginjin - So Cold (Official Music Video)

Listen now: open.spotify.com/track/7io5zbljlLmj93RDU5Y04C?si=Dza6Ip6_TwqTLWRdg9_Otg

Hong Kong
Shot and Edited: Mart Sarmiento
Gaffer: Samson DeGuzman
Drone Operator: Anthony Asis
Driver: Terence Lai
Special Thanks: Jimmy Illest, Nicholas Cheung, Seanie P, Kristine Sage
Shot by: Abrahams Creative Division
Special Thanks: B Boldbaatar, Mongol Stunt Crew
Music Produced by: Dough-Boy
Written by: Dough-Boy, Ginjin


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    say SO !!!!

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    puu bur urjee hodolmorch hamtarsan manai taliin video heseg zugeer aimar2 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    Mutiara Tanjung

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    Mantap. I love this song.

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    Ginjin USA-д төрсөн бол одоо Rockstar цаашаа шааж яваа.

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    ginjin 🔥

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    manai video johon juldchihjee

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    kinda sounds like Thotiana by Blueface.

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    so cold

  13. Tseke Tsek

    Tseke Tsek

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    Mr Ginjin . proud of you. Horse eagle ger... Looks perfect. HK guy is cool too. Good luck both of you guys.

  14. Svld Baigal

    Svld Baigal

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    ginjin zail bi goy

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    Dough boy&GINJIN On fire🔥☄🌊⚡

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    Why do 9 yr olds think they can relate to these songs 😭

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    Chinbeis Zoloo

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    This man dough boy raps like his month is in dough.

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    ham ster

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    我姓成吉,叫做思汗和 你條女唔誠實,成日黐漢和 任意俾我懲罰,當佢隻駱駝 騎完佢十次,一腳將佢踢落河

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    This song is fcking underrated

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    Mongol rap ig Ginjin l hj bndo

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    goy bnashdee hairtsagnaasaa garch setgeh heregtei bolj bna. hachin Rap nertei garuudiin duunuud dandaa chi barku bi irlee bos sogd ntr tiim ymnaasaa salsah tsag blson

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    baysaa otgoo

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    Americt duu hiigeeech

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    baysaa otgoo

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    Dough-Boy ene zuguur Dahltnii huhed bn tehuu🔥

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    haha no mongolia

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    220k duuchn sonsov

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    Wonder why the world got so cold They don't wanna see you make it (make it) Wonder why the world got so cold Nah but fuck it, I'ma take it (take it) Wonder why the world got so cold They don't wanna see you make it (make it) Wonder why the world got so cold, oh No oh oh oh Duck down (duck down), lay low (lay low) Pow pow, stay close (stay close) Duck down (duck down), lay low (lay low) Squad up (squad up), stay close Duck down and lay low Don't move till I say so Fuck that, buss it down Choppas make the noise of a hundred rounds The world got so cold like my iced outs Me and Dough-Boy gonna shoot tucking dice now Like Travis Scott in the room, I'm the highest now Fuck a bad bitch, I'm finished so bye now I'm the hottest on stage but my chain game frozen Popping champagne, Dom Perignon Rose Dropped a kilo in Manila by my migo Jose Reppin' Mongolia, I'm the chosen Loichihson corporation, I'm the CEO I'm selfish about my money, I got EGO I'm self-made and I'm self-paid Монголоор мэндэлье алив Та сайн байна уу? Ayy Wonder why the world got so cold They don't wanna see you make it (make it) Wonder why the world got so cold Nah but fuck it, I'ma take it (take it) Wonder why the world got so cold They don't wanna see you make it (make it) Wonder why the world got so cold, oh No oh oh oh Duck down (duck down), lay low (lay low) Pow pow, stay close (stay close) Duck down (duck down), lay low (lay low) Squad up (squad up), stay close I don't ever snitch, I am a man of pride (work) Living that lifestyle you fantasize (ah) Your boy stays grounded but his money fly (uh) When the sun set, all my shooters come alive 你话我唔屌唔捻松化 我冇心装载着到成身 Chrome Hearts (uh) 点解仲咁串咁多gee gut (what?) 我冇试过串我只系讲紧事实 Connected to the streets, learn it, never teach The world is a feast, all my brothers gotta eat Swore I never preach, why you begging on your knees? I drop a couple G's I can make you rest in peace Ginjin taught me how to hold this fuckin' gun 呢个时候讲嘢先至知道边句真 明明个个自己人点解仲要分 Piang piang, when you see us better run (better run) Wonder why the world got so cold They don't wanna see you make it (make it) Wonder why the world got so cold Nah but fuck it, I'ma take it (take it) Wonder why the world got so cold They don't wanna see you make it (make it) Wonder why the world got so cold Oh-oh, oh oh oh

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    Swesh official

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    delhiid gar mongold bagdna delhiin tal GINJIN

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    Ginjin on fire 🔥

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    On fire 🤑🤑🤑

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    真的好听的呀,加油 Dough Boy ft Ginjin

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    202 А.Төгөлдөр

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    respect HK from mongolia

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    Ginjin on fire🔥🔥🔥🔥



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    we need cc dude

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    ginjin bs channeleere tsatssan bl

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    Nyamgerel Batdelger

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    Гинжин Өмнөд Азид гарах гээд л үзээд байдаг. Орк фенүүдийнхээ comment-г уншаад яаж байгаа бол оо

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    Ginjin next higherbrothers?

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    Saw this video as an ad, now I’m hooked

  48. Joseph Ganbat

    Joseph Ganbat

    27 өдрийн өмнө

    It’s so cool how a Mongolian and Hong Kong artist can work together despite bad blood between the Chinese and Mongolian. Amazing song. Also I only heard one line of Mongolian in this song. Nice, Ginjin. (When I say Chinese, I mean that both Hong Kongers and Chinese speak Mandarin, and it’s unusual to hear both languages in the same song.)

    • Joseph Ganbat

      Joseph Ganbat

      12 өдрийн өмнө

      @kemi min don’t worry about it, i would have said the same

    • kemi min

      kemi min

      12 өдрийн өмнө

      @Joseph Ganbat i'm sorry for being a prude, didn't mean it in a bad way at all, your comment is nice and i agree :) by the way you can hear a line in cantonese from dough-boy as well ^ ^

    • Joseph Ganbat

      Joseph Ganbat

      13 өдрийн өмнө

      @kemi min Facts, I misworded my comment. go ahead and read my edit :)

    • kemi min

      kemi min

      13 өдрийн өмнө

      many hongkongers don't consider themselves chinese (even now, the 2020 protests in speak quite loud about that), from 1841-1997 hk was a british colony, so they got nothing to do with what was going on between china and mongolia during the last century :)

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    wow ginjin

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    Дэлхийн тавцанд гарах дуу байна. Гинжин ахын түвшин монголыг давсан Монгол трап үнэртэж байна.

  52. Or file nothaha Haoho

    Or file nothaha Haoho

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    Yaltachguu oor towshind hiigeed bndaa ginjin👑💪

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    fire Ginjin

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    Ginjin ice gang Dough boy bladder of lamb

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    Dough-Boy Nice

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    orinho yt channeler bairshuulj boloogui yum uu daa ter n deer baisan yumsan

    • Erdek Kage

      Erdek Kage

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      @Amar Sanaa Medej bna shde ymrc t1 hun oilgono hun huni comm deer bti heruul uusgeed bai!

    • Amar Sanaa

      Amar Sanaa

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      GADAADad garkad bhd

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    Яаая Хонконг ч том зах зээл дээ... амжилт

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    I'm so proud Ginjin

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    Ginjin ❤️

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    ginjin and dough boy on fire 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥

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    Nice ginjin comeback fire 🔥

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    Gxde ne xvn n China umu?

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    Is a crazy shitttt🔥🔥🔥

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    Are u crazy Ginjin??!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    Ouhhhh shit mannn🔥🔥🔥

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    FINALLY IT’S HERE!!!! 🔥 🔥 🔥

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    GUCCI BELT!!!!!!

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    ene moto thde ymr goy ym be, negiig olood avchval mongold bol goy l ed bn da

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    Ginjin ymar aimar shaachwaa🔥

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    Юун хүйтэн халуухан дуу байна. Тасархай

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    dough-boy-Зуурмаган бооё гшш хаххаха

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      гэхдээ ГОЁ залуу байна

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    你们真的让我们很精彩🥳👏👏👏祝你们加油, Ginjin i am your BIG FAN🔥 Dough boy you are awesome🔥🔥🔥

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    So cool

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    Goyo boljee.

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    Ginjin on fire🔥 Respect+

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    CLOT Kiss Of Death



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    T1 shss

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    he put up wit da sign lol

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    good job from turkey