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Fried Chicken KFC at Home

How To Make Fried Chicken KFC Recipe [ASMR]
フライドチキン の作り方 [Eating sound]
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●● Recipe (レシピ):
- 500g Chicken
- 1000ml Water
- 1,5Tbsp Salt
- 1Tbsp Sugar
- Shallot
- Refrigerate for 6 hours
- 240g All purpose flour
- 60g Corn starch
- 1Tsp Baking powder
- 1/2Tbsp Salt
- 1Tsp Garlic powder
- 1Tsp Chili powder
- 1Tsp Onion powder
- 1Tsp Black pepper
- 2 Eggs
- 100ml Water
- Cooking oil
- Medium heat 15 minutes
(中火 15分)
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1. 치킨 역대급 레시피쉽고 간단
2. Làm Gà Rán tại nhà cực dễ, siêu ngon siêu giòn tannn
4. ไก่ทอดKFCC เทคนิคทอดไก่ให้สวย กรอบ ไม่อมน้ำมัน
5. कैसे बनाना है फ्रायड चिकन
6. 这就是史上最棒的炸鸡
7. الدجاج المقلي الأمريكي 🇺🇸 في بيتكم


  1. Life without Stress

    Life without Stress

    5 сарын өмнө

    I actually tried the recipe today because I was looking for a homemade fried chicken recipe. It was awesome and delicious. Everything held together and it wasn’t greasy at all. Thanks Nino!!! You always nail it with your recipes. 😊

    • Earthcan'tHoldme M5K

      Earthcan'tHoldme M5K

      3 цагийн өмнө

      @Nino's Home hehehe boii

    • Farjana Chowdhury

      Farjana Chowdhury

      Өдрийн өмнө

      @Nino's Home as if I dont try your recipes. This 12 yr old needs some appreciation c'mon.

    • maksss


      2 өдрийн өмнө

      @Nino's Home he writed that he enjoyed and he it helped him you idiot

    • Leo Moon

      Leo Moon

      3 өдрийн өмнө

      @Yajnesh K S this is actually like a form of ASMR. Whether the ASMR is intentional or not, background music would kill the silent/peaceful vibe.

    • Lor lor Lor lor

      Lor lor Lor lor

      5 өдрийн өмнө


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  3. Satee Ma

    Satee Ma

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    neu de y phat hien trai ca chua vietnam

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    Accidental Genius

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    Favorite channel 😍

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    the subtitle...

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    Lam Tuan

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    7:00 cat

  12. Brahim Belckacem

    Brahim Belckacem

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    Tbsp= TeraByte spoon??????

  13. Phúc Khang Bùi

    Phúc Khang Bùi

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    Nếu bạn đọc đc comment này thì Xin chúc mừng bạn đã đọc đc một comment bằng tiếng Việt

  14. new comer

    new comer

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    This is Maybe the world's most famous cooking video

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    Amina Mo

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    Natalie C. Williams

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    Chef Nino, I love your cats, I love your relationship with them AND I love this recipe!! Looks absolutely deliciously perfect!! 😀👍🏼🇹🇹

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    Hanako Nakamura

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    baby Yapa

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    nobita nobi

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    If I don't have onion and garlic powder .. can I use minced Garlic and onion ? Can someone tell me pls

    • A


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  42. Truth seeker

    Truth seeker

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  46. faith N

    faith N

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    i actually made this my family liked it at least i know im not a disappointment but marinating it in sugar and salt and scallions make the inside juicy af thx officially my favorite channel 😌🙌✨

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    Eniq's Gaming

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    some oomph

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    unrealistic this is far more professional than a KFC kitchen

  60. Maryam Akber

    Maryam Akber

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    i love the fried chicken it looks so good, and I love how your cat is so well-behaved and he is just sitting there nicely :D

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    • Nino's Home

      Nino's Home

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