Giant REWIND Musical in REAL LIFE w/ Sofie Dossi, Merrell Twins, Piper Rockelle, Brianna and Rebecca

Rebecca Zamolo performs a musical with her best friends to save MNmore channels.
Rebecca Zamolo spent 24 hours tricking Maddie's ex crush for 24 Hours Challenge! Matt and Rebecca then uploaded Matt found texting his Crush in 24 Hour Song Challenge. The Game Master network realized that we can't stop RZ twin when searching for missing gem battle royale. Rebecca and her best friends must put on a giant MNmore rewind musical to stop Kingpin from hacking the super computer. Kingpin wants to hypnotize other youtube channels including Sofie Dossi, Merrell Twins, Piper rockelle, and Brianna. The girl MNmorers team up in a zoom call to deactivate phase 1. Rebecca and Maddie perform the Among us in real life music video while Matt uses the red reactivator on RZ Twin. It turns into a battle royale and he must escape the RHS hospital. When Rebecca returns to rescue her twin she is helped by other youtubers to deactivate the first step of the firewall. Daniel and Maddie along with Matt’s best friend are able to distract kingpin in this good vs evil battle. Before they perform the last and final song, Daniel has the worst time so RZ twin helps out by hacking from inside the house. Can they stop Kingpin in time or will everyone get hypnotized? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
Thanks to my friends for being in this!
Sofie Dossi mnmore.info
Merrell Twins mnmore.info
Piper Rockelle mnmore.info/cd/Yfbq37VGb-07tDS0FGtsPw
Brianna mnmore.info/cd/Xg4rJUbDP1IP3TmZ9KDpJg
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  1. Rebecca Zamolo

    Rebecca Zamolo

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    Subscribe for a good 2021! Be sure to thank all my MNmore friends (Sofie, Merrell Twins, Piper, and Briana) for helping us!

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      🌌❤YAY I am so excited ❤🌌

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      Omg hi I'm a huge fan I Ben watching you ever you started MNmore🥰

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      Hi rebeacca

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    SAFIAXO Astan

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    Matt and Rebecca are a big fan my name is called Aaliyah my mum is called and he’s not really gonna let me watch it but I want you at work or we try watching but I have a big coat power rangers that my big fan I always watch them but sometimes I watch your channel like right now you know your musical I watch all the musical I watch all your channels I watch all your videos

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    SAFIAXO Astan

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    Sarah Lee

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    u know its not over yet rebecca and get ready

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    Dhruv Patel

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    Mat yes you are awesome

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    Kelly Aspinall

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    must destrour game master network

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    Super. computer

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    Haniszahra 1408

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    Rick noah took mr x cane

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    Haniszahra 1408

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    King pi took the gem

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    I love your much and you look great and diautifil rebecca and Maddie maybe oven matt

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    5 zamfam

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    Haniszahra 1408

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    Game master was behind the otherment

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    Matt and rebecca are the best

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    Jordan Nguyen

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    The game master was watching you

  16. Maddie Davy

    Maddie Davy

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    Me rewatching this after we found out that King pin is Mr xs sister and realised he was flirting with her. I'm vomiting in my mouth

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    Celmarie Olivero Cruz

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    omg i love yalls vids

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    I love the game master he is my fav

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    Wait isn't Brianna and roblox gamer

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    matt is amers

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    Matt is awesome PS: I only said that because Matt told me to……

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    Hi Rebecca I just

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    Make your game much easier I download it and now I can’t play it because I’m doing less my spikes and the game master network game

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    Mat is Awsome

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    10:33 the game Master is under the rainbow

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    Rebecca friend said she had school tomorrow and I think she is up to something cause I saw the evil smile

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    matt is awsome!!!!

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    The game master was in the background

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    i wish i could get some murch but we are low on money

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    I got hypnotized

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    Rebecca let's get to 100 million subscribers

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    Karen DiYanni

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    OMG! When everybody was frozen Rick Noah wasn't and HE TOOK MR.X'S CANE! RICK NOAH IS EVIL!

  35. Cherif Djalo

    Cherif Djalo

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    I think Maddie has a crush on Halloween hacker by Rebecca

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    Aishath Aashaal Hussain

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    your singing is so beautiful

  37. Annie Andigan

    Annie Andigan

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    Rebecca i have to tell you matt love,s teddy bear shes going to be mad end she love you end sofe dose has a crush on brents best frend👋😙😍❤😗😗 be safe

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    Shbresha Billingsley

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    Where is sofie,merrel twins,piper and more

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    My name is zoie

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    Matt is talking with his girlfriend

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    Carla Khayata

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    Who won game master or mr.x

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    Watching Movies tu uno son números más luego cuando crees tú que me mande otra voz mandarte ningún dmodo

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    Rebecca Paige is working for the re Jess hospital that's why she needed to leave

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    Rebecca how about you left all of us watching MNmore be hypnotized forever

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    Rick Nao tuck Mrs. X'es cane!!!!!!

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    I think Paige is Ava maybe

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    Jemm Jones

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    I love your vid’s they are so cool

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    Matt is awesome

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    Shawn Mendes poster

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    rebecca i saw the game master in the back off when matt and mir x love you so much love you stared youtube

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    King pin hypnotized my sister already

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      Wait what

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    Team pain weakness is water teen teen teen teen pain weakness is water if you can't find water look it up on Google download it.....

  62. Courtney Carter

    Courtney Carter

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    Go to let this thing go right to State k.😂 so Kingpin Ashley actually did this so..........

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    Alex the adventurer

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    Matt is awsome

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    You are I'm so you I know that you were

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    🥰🥰🥰 I love

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    Did any body see game master when it was a dramatic performance, he was behind the rainbow balloons go and see

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    Rebecca I’ll be your biggest fan I love you I love your videos when I say I love you are mean I love the videos

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    Shade On YT

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    Love ur vids Love it a lot😀

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    I am Sofie Dessie i’m just in disguise don’t tell anyone I know about this shhhhhhhhhh

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    is maddie's name maddison?

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    you can rap i give it a 100000000000000000

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    PBI it's MattyB sister

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    gamer girl ahmadi

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    Maddie a person with all red is your sister

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    Minna and Stuffs Official

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    Go Rebecca go Daniel go Matt go rick nou go Maddie go everybody!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    3 өдрийн өмнө

    Are we gonna ignore the fact that Matt thought Rick Noah was Rebecca? We are. Mk

  80. Uni Sparks

    Uni Sparks

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    @Rebecca Zamolo , I am new ZamFam, I've been watching your channel for about a month, I want merch. I am a small girl, do you have small Merch? I am 6 and am going to get it when my Daddy get's taxes! :)

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    Orange guy wants madie

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    Not Matt is cool Rebecca is cool

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    Ricknoah has ms,x cane

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    i love this vid it's one of my favs

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    My favorite one was Matt and Maddie I love you are the best😍🤩🥳

    • Mateo Perez

      Mateo Perez

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      My favorite one was Matt and Maddie I love you you are the best💖🤩🌈🥳

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