Greatest Sports Moments

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Relive the most iconic, unbelievable, funny, notorious, and inspiring moments in sports history.
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    • John Stewart

      John Stewart

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      Suggestion: New Zealand's qualification for the 1982 - they set a record (at the time) for the most miles travelled, and longest period without conceding a goal, and football has never been close to the most popular sport in a country of (at the time) 3m people.

    • brumadinho


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      more racing stuff from F1

    • Ryan Leishman

      Ryan Leishman

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      You need to have Hibs vs Rangers 2016 in the Scottish cup final in it 2-1 down 10 to go hibs end up winning in the last minute sparking pitch invasions after 114 years

    • Roko B

      Roko B

      2 жилийн өмнө

      Croatia vs England WC 2018 semifinal

    • Caique Santos

      Caique Santos

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      add fifa world final 2012 Corinthians x Chelsea

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    This earns the title of "Best MNmore video ever created".

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    Hell of a way to end the video with Jimmy V

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    Definitely one of the best videos I have seen in my entire life. Damn, congratulations.

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    Frank Smith

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    This has genuinely got to be one of the best edited videos I have seen on MNmore. I have no idea what’s happening in a lot of these clips (since I’m not American) but we can all appreciate the beauty of every single one no matter what sports we love or what countries we’re from. Thank you for this video bro

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    its cp1

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    What an outstanding video. Well done.

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    The passion here is just extraordinary

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    probably one of the best videos ive seen

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    thats one of the greatest videos i have ever seen. so much work is in there. very nice

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    One of the best if not The best compilations I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching.

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    I cried a little. Don’t judge me

  14. Best highlight Football

    Best highlight Football

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    so well done

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    Love it

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    literal chills.

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    These tears are for all you greats, thank you for the memories!

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    What a beautiful ending to the video

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    I have no idea how 5k people could dislike this video. Seriously great work on the edits. This was a fantastic video to watch! Please keep more coming

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    Darth Cyclone

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    Where was Tim Cahill's goal in the 2014 world cup?

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    Gary Gray

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    Good video overall but I didn't see any tennis in there. That's always been a big sport with some superb athletes in my opinion

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    Probably the best video ever to be honest

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    muy bueno

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    Amazing video from start to finish, you a great job. Man I love sports

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    Thierry Henry's winning goal against Real Madrid at the Bernabéu Stadium was not included!!??? Whaaaaat!!!???.... Still a great video though.

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    When the music from the space jump came i got goosebumps Great video!

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    Barry Bonds Cheated so that’s not really a great moment, just saying.

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    Secretariat - greatest athlete ever

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    Owen Bradley

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    F1? Apart from a small podium ceremony that was it and there's plenty great overtakes

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    *In the USA

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    Greece Euro 2004

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    so chelsea?? wow

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    The man city goal still gives me goosebumps and am an Arsenal fan

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    Rogue Route

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    When zlatan come to your house he give you the WiFi password

  42. Dax Russell

    Dax Russell

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    2011 world series could've had more coverage. Cards down to final strike twice in game 6 and go on to win in 7...but still great vid

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    12:05 simply unbelievable

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    the best 4:46

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    Such a shame the minneapolis miracle went to waste in the game just afterwards

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    THE greatest video!

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  56. DarckObelix


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    Ben Ridder

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    Pascal MacKenzie

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    Really enjoyed the vid but there was NOTHING Australian and thats kinda sad tbh so yeah kinda dissapointed

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    Darren Jones

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  60. Anthony Ajube

    Anthony Ajube

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    2 great moments I remember is when Bacary Sagna made an incredible save against Aston Villa when he played with Arsenal. And the second one when Mario Balotelli scored against Germany in Euro 2012.

  61. Evan White

    Evan White

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    I remember being so mad watching 0:55 live as a bruins fan

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    mince E

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    The person who made this defiantly not American I mean where was jonny Wilkinson drop goal ?

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    Oliver (Reid) Smith

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    No BAMA v Georgia 2nd and 26?

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    Patrick Johnson

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    Fantastic 1

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    Žiga Karun

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    I hate the part on 3:30. Because of this goal, Slovenia did not qualify in the round of 16 in whe world cup 2010 for the first time in history

  79. Rusa


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    Hm, I think you should've added Piazza's homer after 9/11. Now that was an amazing feeling after that.

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    Colby Kelly

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    *Well done, Editor.*

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    Gaurav poudel

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  82. NSS Productions.

    NSS Productions.

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    14:28 what in the actual fuck, how can someone do this



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    This is that moment when one knows, its not about my own success, its about being worldwide significant. super significant over million people watching for that win to celebrate. this is living the GLORY to its BEST!

  84. Ross Ursino

    Ross Ursino

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    Please add Australian Rules Football greatest moments in your updated video. There are some truly great and iconic moments in Australia's greatest code of football!!

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    Fluffy _MrSheep

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    Watford vs Leicester in my opinion the best football moment ever. Goosebumps every time I see it.

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