Greatest World Records in Sport History

Greatest World Records in Sport History video with you.
Naim Süleymanoğlu 190 kilograms
Yelena Isinbayeva 5.06
Usain Bolt 9.58
Florence Griffith Joyner 10.49
Mike Powell 8.95
Klay Thompson 14 3-Pointers
Aries Merritt 12.80
Armand Duplantis 6.17
Jonathan Edwards 18.29
Inessa Kravets 15.50
Robert Lewandowski 5 goals in 9 minutes
Stefan Kraft 253.5
Anita Włodarczyk 82.98
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    🏋️World Record

    • There is none Good but God John 3:16, Rev 3:16

      There is none Good but God John 3:16, Rev 3:16

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    • Yadwinder singh

      Yadwinder singh

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      Most legendary not here

    • Zain Hassan

      Zain Hassan

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      Jahangir Khan, the king Khan from Pakistan, won a 555 Guinness world record consecutive games in professional sports of Squash ..

    • Stealex


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      World record

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      Abdulkadir Gibreal

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      Your the clown 🤡 because you don't have to be in to something to appreciate excellence

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    2.45 m

    • audley mclean

      audley mclean

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      Sotomayor High Jump WR of 2.45M =8+Feet is one of the greatest WR of all time, you can ignore it, but you cannot erase it.

  3. Lothar Matthäus

    Lothar Matthäus

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    Levandovsky - shit. Ciro Immobile - god.

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    First one is the mosy impressive feat of them all, 23 years later and nobody has even come close to tie that record

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    Wot blitz Replays

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    Jest Polska jest like

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    Albert Kelly

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    4:43 white men cant jump

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    That goalkeeper should be a world record holder too for: Conceding 5 goals in 9 minutes in one match

  8. Jiji Biji

    Jiji Biji

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    Bulgaria created Naim Syuleymanuglu,00:08, born Naum Suleymanov. With the Bulgarian national weightlifting team, he became world champion. He then surrendered his homeland and accepted Turkish citizenship.

  9. Robert Montgomery

    Robert Montgomery

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    Flo Jo died young and had been using steroids, her husband, a hammer thrower was banned from competition for steroids.

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    that red card for the fastest red in football was ridiculous though. never a red

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    Suleymanoglu rip legend 🙏

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    I literally got goosebumps

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    Greatest is Don Bradman 99.94 avg

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    Seriously, was that a red card?

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    Where is mahamed farah,

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    The guy from Turkey supehuman

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    Alternative Title: "Random Olympic WR's and a bunch from Football"

  25. Zeeshan Durrani

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    555 games of unbeaten squash. A world record that hasn't been broken by anyone for the past few decades The greatest sportsman Jehangir Khan. Worth an honorable mention at least

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    Usain Bolt> Flash🙃

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    Wyatt Pike

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    Can i find this instrumental or send me the info to find this video somewhere? The video was phenomenal but as a musician I'd like to buy this beat!!

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    The ski jump one is hardly skillful, you go down a set track and then hope for the best that a cross wind doesn't shift you, I mean the guys are locked into a set of rails that they can't deviate from so the skill here is how to spread your body out? Rubbish.

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    2 miles in under 8 mins Daniel Komen.

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    No Jan Zelezny Javelin??? Over 98m and will not be broken for years?

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    Music name pls pls pls

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      Darude - Sandstorm

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    Flojo died young for a reason can you guess why and why so many records from that era took forever to be touched if they even have yet.

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    süleyman naimoğlu

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    Great video! Only lacks Eddie Hall's 500kg deadlift!

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    3pointers broken

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    That was not a good red card call

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    this episode is brought to you by the US pharma industry

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    I think you need to include the 2008 Beijing Olympics when Jazon Lezak chased down (from a deficit) the world record holder in the 100m final freestyle leg of the 4x100 relay and KICKED HIS ASS - FASTEST RELAY SPLIT IN HISTORY : mnmore.info/bin/video/q6ja4LWrm5_Jeco

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    My wife has the world record for ‘Fastest time to turn down sex’ held this record since 2009

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    Where’s the women’s high jump record by Stefka Kostadinova that’s stood for 34 years?

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    No matter how many times i see Edwards jump that 18.29m it drops my jaw every single time.

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    I feel like the pole vaulting one can easily be broken if anyone actually did pole vaulting in real life? Like how do you even get into something like that? Literally nobody knows a pole vaulter or anyone whos ever thought about pole vaulting ever.

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    Did FloJo lose her Olympic record& medals for cheating?

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    That hammer throw was kinda insane wut

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    This video is rubbish! Where is the oldest record in women's athletics???

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    In short time, all records will be held by biological males competing as males or by posing as women.

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    Olm namık ekinide koysaydınız

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    I just broke the world record for skillfully skipping the most MNmore ads to watch this video

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    That hammer throw was amazing😅

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    the women pole vault record was not at the same level than man compare to the others events for this he must be around 5.25

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    4:31 that lady who was giving bouquet to the athelete 🤣

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    Keep your flowers

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    Naim Süleymanoğlu’nun rekoru yıllardır kırılamamış bravo süper Turk 👍🏻 power

    • ZeqHD


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      @rashkov82 Which flag did he compete for under his own free will? :)

    • rashkov82


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      @Yüce Yılmazoglu Which coaching school trained him.....Bulgarian one or Turkish trainer ?????

    • Yüce Yılmazoglu

      Yüce Yılmazoglu

      2 өдрийн өмнө

      @Roger Dodger He was born in Bulgaria but he is of Turkish origin. his name is Naim. Naim is the Turkish name.In his life story, the results of the Bulgarianization campaign, which was put into effect under the rule of the Bulgarian Communist Party under the leadership of Todor Jivkov at the end of 1984, where the names of the Bulgarian Turks were changed by state force and called the "Resurrection Process" by the official authorities, and Naim's attempts to leave Bulgaria to announce this situation to the world. takes a large place.

    • Roger Dodger

      Roger Dodger

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      Imported Muslim from Bulgaria! Not Turk!

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    8:54 so innocent she is...

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    6:51 million dollar smile..

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    Raghu nandan

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    6:19 flying like bird.. Imagine a minor mistake.. Sports respects only perfection and discipline...

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    Greatest works records in sports history? All world records are the greatest - that’s why they are world records.

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    I counted 9 records using PEDs

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