How KFC Was Made from a Gas Station Chicken Recipe

Making the perfect fried chicken as we know it - juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside - used to be a luxury. But a man named Harland Sanders changed that after mastering his own recipe - inside a gas station.
[Harland Sanders]


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      Just imagine he couldn't enjoy his money.. but USA enjoying it..

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      Colonel Sanders biopic

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    So chicken Made with oil gas

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    cant imagine how ppl back then worked harder than ppl now and had like no money unless born into wealth

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    It was just the first fried seasoned chicken in history. And was patented and franchised. Irony! Why not make Gordon Ramsay fry chicken the best ever.. why why there are so much Indian and African people fry chicken better than KFC. USA will suffer for this one day

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    And now kids nowdays are complaining about social media and internet. Technology ruined many of our childhoods because it spoiled us and robbed us of productivity.

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    I do like how they keep his memories and stuff alive with his face as there logo and what not

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    We can clearly see how people will become succes in their life. They never stop to try something new even he is failed in first, second even third's try. They are a real hardworking. I had a friend like this too and he is a succesfull now. No doubt.

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    Lol I used to work at KFC as a teen it takes 20 plus minutes to cook the chicken😂

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    Ah yes my favorite food kentucky fried avian dinosaurs

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    I heard he stole the recipe

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    The old man in the KFC brand is old Batman



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    KFC chicken turned into convertible 😂 0:15

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    And some black people dnt like white men hahhaha the irony

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    The reason why I like america is this: Good cluckin chicken!

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    When he died, the quality went way down!

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    legend!! KFC for dinner tonight!

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    Colonel Sanders biopic



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    69 thousand views

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    I will eat the chicken with respect next time 🍗👉👈

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    Not sure how this Chanel was recommended but I LOVE IT! This should be shown in all high schools, so kids know how this American companies were born!

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    0:18 Id be dead laughing to see the chicken bucket fall.

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    KFC is not a problem for me because in South East Asia because here we use palm oil instead of the dangerous process so call vegetable oil.

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    I got a MCD add LOL

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    I'm forever thankful for KFC. ☺

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    I'm currently eating my Sunday Dinner and it's finger lickin good

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    Actually many Food around the world better than KFC. it is just they are not as enterprises as white.

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    if you keep eating it you will end up in cancer...they are full of msg...

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    When he spoke he sounded EXACTLY like I thought he would.

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    This man struggles do much and still was a racist! Wow!

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    Put respect on that mans name. I will never look at KFC the same again . His mom his 1st wife the 10000 rejections. The man was the definition of persistence.

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    After all the failed and elderly become successful.i wouldn't not convinced by anyone.if it's me I would leave it up to my family.period.

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    we just gonna ignore the fact that this man dropped out in 7th grade and was able to become a lawyer??

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    Now Colonel Sanders has no role in KFC.. The firm belongs to Yum. And MNC restuarant chain.. They're actually selling the brand with Sanders name tag

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    Jesus loves you

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    50 years ago, in 1971, KFC made one of the best decisions: open in South Africa. Today, KFC South Africa is a huge success

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    Respect for this is now sky rocketed.

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    Idk know about yall but to me the chicken is to to greasy to me

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    I got a t series ad BUT WHY

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    You can’t gust get mad at a little kid for playing with chickens he is a little kid and say he is worthless I know that was a long time ago but still

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    I got here because of brew

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    Heard he stole the recipe

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    remember Barry Manilow (1972 I think)...Before Barry Manilow was famous, he wrote TV jingles for McDonalds, State Farm, Stridex, Dr. Pepper, ... Get a bucket of chicken. Finger licking good. Say goodbye to the Ho Hums, Hello everyone At Kentucky Fried Chicken, have a barrel of fun. - B. Manilow

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    Many people do not realize that Rex David Thomas is "the reason" for the success of KFC. Dave Thomas also told Mr. Sanders (NOT a real Colonel) that the fast food establishment needed a MASCOT. Due to bidget, Harland Sanders decided he will be his OWN MASCOT...born COLONEL Sanders When he save his first one million dollars, he purchased HIS first location, and Wendy's was born. Thomas remained a KFC employee as an Advisor.

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    Hard worker never lost.

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    He ran so I could walk

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    2:29 in short, he was a hairy Johnny Sins.



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    Man this boy has good luck and bad

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    ഒരിയ്ക്കൽ നല്ലത്തായിരുന്നു.. 😔😔

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    🤣my new house is close to shel

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    From his own recipe? Or the recipe he stole?

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    It wouldn’t be hard to guess his recipe

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    Kids today have zero work ethic. Generations of children were babied because their parents had a rough life. Now we have an almost useless generation of kids.

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    That's a tough 6 year old kid, I got to have my kids watch this, they think they have a hard and unfair life helping a bit doing the dishes, even at 8 and 11

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    I can’t believe he isn’t an illustration 😂😂

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    Best Chicken KFC Best fries McDonalds Best Burger Burgerking 'cause well Burgerking

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    I love kfc

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    This is the First Time I'm hearing his voice :)

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    how tf you peel a tomato?

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    This is like KFC's finest secret. KFC 11 Spices - Mix with 2 cups white flour, 2/3 tablespoon salt, 1/2 tablespoon thyme, 1/2 tablespoon basil, 1/3 tablespoon oregano, 1 tablespoon celery salt, 1 tablespoon black pepper, 1 tablespoon dry mustard, 4 tablespoon paprika, 2 tablespoon garlic salt and 3 tablespoon white pepper.

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    Who else want Harland Sanders vs Gordon Ramsay Cook-off Fried Chicken 😂😂

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    All these successful individuals have suffered a lot in life. Don’t worry everything will be great keep working hard, keep following your dreams.

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    K4c is not good anymore its oily and the skin isnt even crispy

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    He is so lucky that he got 6 years with his dad my dad... nvm

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    People of today, not all, often do not know how hard life was and how much work was needed just to keep going. :-( Humility and courage, we need more of both today, no empty talking about imaginary problems.

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    I used to remember saying kfc means "Krispy fried chicken" but my mom told me it was "no, it's kentucky fried chicken". I got confused whether it's krispy or kentucky, but mom's words are always true lol so I chosed kentucky fried chicken:D

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      But crispy is spelled with a c

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    Who feels the Colonel should be on one of our dollar bills.

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    POV: you were gonna get kfc yesterday but your mom got mad at the line so you just went home

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    U too quiet

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    Parents really be downing your spirit every chance they get.. at 10 she expected him to hold a job

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      Didn't realise how easy we have it?

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    this is a case of gas station food gone right.

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    Col Sanders was AWESOME.

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    I wish it was still good. I’m convinced they changed the recipe. It’s unfortunate because when I was a kid it was great.

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    Now how much famous is KFC

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    Kentucky fried Chicken is garbage.

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    I remember my mom and I used to eat here for dinner a lot when I was a kid.

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    This man is inspirational we loveeeeee your chicken mr. Halland all the way from Jamaica!!!!!.

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    It was a fun time playing Mr. Stouffer ;)

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    0:10 Dakfc Letz go!!

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    He found algebra hard

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    Septagon Channel - BFB and More!

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    I love KFC

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    What is 1000 - 7

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    wait aminute they did not teach alegra in the seventh grade back then

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    Hooks voice is so satisfying

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    By looking at this video, i swear tomorrow I'll buy 3 KFC chickens!

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    Even though i am a vegetarian i respect this dude the most

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    Not everyman becomes a billionaire - a wise person

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    ?x Z?s?z?s

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    Kentucky Fried Cruelty

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    If he dropped school then how did he became a lawyer doesn’t make any sense?

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    They should make a movie about his story

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      Fast and delicious

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    talk about the epitome of black slavery just like a Colonel Sanders but nobody does anything about that but they wanted to take away all of our monuments what a joke