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How To Make a Zombie Shark In a Swimming pool Diorama / Polymer Clay / Epoxy resin

I made a zombie shark in a pool Diorama
I hope you guys enjoy!

Tools: Polymer clay, Epoxy Resin, UV Resin
Thanks for watching!
I hope see you next video!


  1. dokter shandy

    dokter shandy

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    Buatannya bagus

  2. Полина Заб

    Полина Заб

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    I saw this in tik tok 😌

  3. oscar san

    oscar san

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    where can buy this type statues???

  4. Richard Nongbet

    Richard Nongbet

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    Damn it looks good

  5. KooKie JK ARMY

    KooKie JK ARMY

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    This shark look SOOO LoL 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. Nathaniel Bruff

    Nathaniel Bruff

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    This is really cool! Nice work!

  7. Great - DIY Projects

    Great - DIY Projects

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    I like it ^^

  8. Hazem Moutaz

    Hazem Moutaz

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  9. Nameless Nameless

    Nameless Nameless

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    Hey i saw someone reposting this on fb, i dont know if they had your permission but im just here to let you know

  10. Carrot


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    :0 great art!!!!!

  11. Magfelicia


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    your are sooooo talented! Amazing videos! Subscribed!

  12. Ashi 97

    Ashi 97

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    What to make a huge whale under a ship ⛴that looks bigger than it, despite its size, I like huge whales🐳

  13. Bryan Escobar

    Bryan Escobar

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    0:13 what kind of material is it ? Name, please

  14. Manish Deokate

    Manish Deokate

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  15. jose Pascua

    jose Pascua

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    No hay tienda para comprar eso

  16. camochito Toys

    camochito Toys

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  17. emily payne

    emily payne

    7 цагийн өмнө

    But sharks don’t have bones. Your ‘zombie shark’ hae exposed ribs. It still looks cool but i suggest learning the basic anatomy of whatever creature you are going to make to give more realism to future projects.

  18. Emeraldninja


    7 цагийн өмнө

    What did you use for the water if you don’t mind me asking?

  19. anuar Merino

    anuar Merino

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    Es una obra maestra, amigo eres un gran artista, te admiro por que perfeccionas cada detalle de tus trabajos, saludos desde Mexico 🙌😀😃👍👏

  20. Hannia NGP

    Hannia NGP

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    Tank you , y love you

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    Adrian Pacheco

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    It should be a crime not to subscribe to your channel

  22. I M

    I M

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    This looks horrific in all the right ways! Amazing!

  23. Teresita Delgado

    Teresita Delgado

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    Li que me encantan de estos vídeos es que las esculturas se ven muy reales

  24. Rosa Ana Osteicochea

    Rosa Ana Osteicochea

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    me gusto el video

  25. Jayla Birch

    Jayla Birch

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    How did you do that😲🧐

  26. Michael Deguzman

    Michael Deguzman

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    Q to

  27. Yenie Meilia

    Yenie Meilia

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    Very creative...

  28. mike miller

    mike miller

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    it was cool!!!! Nice JOB!!!!

  29. Laura SMETTE

    Laura SMETTE

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    The zombies are us. We arrive, we multiply, exhaust the natural reserves then we leave !!!

  30. Tyler Massey

    Tyler Massey

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    How the hell can anyone dislike this, you're EXTREMELY talented.

  31. Steve Smith

    Steve Smith

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  32. The Animrex

    The Animrex

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    This is beyond perfect 🔥

  33. Ale fuentes

    Ale fuentes

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    Your zombie shark is so cool !!!

  34. Ramess Gungaram

    Ramess Gungaram

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    😮😮😮😮👍😁😁😁this was the most creative thing I had ever seen

  35. Ramess Gungaram

    Ramess Gungaram

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    I did it at home and it was very difficult

  36. lilac


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    It's been very good 👍

  37. Espaldero TL Ank

    Espaldero TL Ank

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    Pov: le pides que te ayude a tu papa con el trabajo de arte Mi papa

  38. ALIVNY Bonecarving

    ALIVNY Bonecarving

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    Нормально так, светодиодов добавить, чтоб функциональность.

  39. Мемная Секта

    Мемная Секта

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    Diorama - rama = DIO

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  42. M I T S A R U

    M I T S A R U

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    The mmusic at the end I dont see why ppl would want to make this 🤷‍♂️ but it's amazing art

  43. 蒙S么MUR么Iメ


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    Салам Алейкум

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    Lisa Seames

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    great job your really good

  46. Patricia


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    why do you put te silicone on its side

  47. Gassa Chamsou

    Gassa Chamsou

    19 цагийн өмнө

    and by "Zombie Shark" he means "Rosie the shark" after being abandoned Lol.

  48. dark shadow

    dark shadow

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    I only know how to make a ball with clay

  49. The Twilight Zone

    The Twilight Zone

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    U are a fucked GENIUS, and a real ARTIST!

  50. Florence Ledoux

    Florence Ledoux

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    Ses très réaliste tu pe man faire un

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    Tariq Hayat

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    Amazing man

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    Gold Hands 🥰

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    Andrea Caroline bernardes

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    Nicole Hernandez Unger

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    This is amazing!!

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    You can be my psv teacher😀

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    It like rial

  60. Lorrie Rabbit

    Lorrie Rabbit

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    My EMT son loves your channel so here it is, 2:56AM in the middle of the night and I am totally blown away by your art, your skill and your talent... I subscribed and I am so glad I couldn't sleep... thank you, thank you and thank you some more... you are magic... God bless you sir and be safe out there...

  61. Robert Mancini

    Robert Mancini

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    👀... WOW

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    여기서한국인찾고있는사람 손?!

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    That sucks. Not an art. Pfft

    • NoDripJstHip


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  65. RR 67 GAMING

    RR 67 GAMING

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    1000/1000 detai is so cool and the desinth is undistructable no one can beat you at desining

  66. The Glowing Viper

    The Glowing Viper

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    I think the dislikes are from people with Galeophobia (fear of sharks)

  67. Rahmat Devantos

    Rahmat Devantos

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    Gak bisa bahasa Inggris 😭

  68. Mike KELLY

    Mike KELLY

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    This looks like something out of resident evil

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    Zoey Perez

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    Such talent this is amazing 🥰

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    Great job. That being said, I need to get to sleep. Why am I watching this? My eyes are going to sting in the morning.🤤

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    Putri Rahayu

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    one thing about this video i dont like the holes on the shark because idk how to spell my fear thing but over all its very good

  74. no one

    no one

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    How much would this cost..just curious...

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    super comando YT

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    fire my bro🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    Hoàng Nguyễn Tiến

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    maybe this zombie shark scares me

  78. ismeil anwer

    ismeil anwer

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    good job

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    Nossa parabéns pelo trabalho ficou lindo 😍

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    quaretine day 2343 year 9807 : i learned how to make a zombie shark!..

  82. Ivanildo Laurentino

    Ivanildo Laurentino

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    But this is incrible

  83. Pavel Zoula

    Pavel Zoula

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    Change the word "make" to "watch".

  84. Ivanildo Laurentino

    Ivanildo Laurentino

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    Sharks do have not a bows

  85. Srinivas Tatachar

    Srinivas Tatachar

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    How do you come up with these ideas and designs? You are amazingly creative, inventive and possess an extraordinary eye for detail! Not to mention your prowess at executing the entire thing! ===========================================================================================================================================================



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    very useful and entertaining for all of us to go forward and make changes to changes in artwork in the future, always success. Amen

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    Surreal Studios

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    Today is my day off and done watching some of your videos. All i can say man’ is you’re a one mf Beast! Love all your works and you just earned my subbed.. Please make a Mammoth one buried in Ice age.. Man that would be so dope!

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    wow awsome

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    What was in the jug the blue liquid was it Gelatine?

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    • Sebastian Velandia

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      Langa: Reki *smiles*

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