I Convinced Philza His Wife Isn’t Real...

Today TommyInnit and Wilbur Soot speak to the Real Life Wife of Philza Minecraft on Dream's Mineraft Server. This was insane.
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Today I played Vanilla Minecraft 1.15 / 1.16 but it was me convincng Philza (friend of Dream I think) and Wilbur Soot (from the hit video I met Wilbur Soot in real life... ) that his Wife is not real!. I Spoke To Philza's Wife (similarly to the time I Spoke To Dream's Sister and) it was so much fun and we had lots of laughs, I love being me POG CHAMP!!! Awesome
Not Minecraft, But Water Rises or Minecraft, But Lava Rises, or any other but challenge like that. This is a speed run / speed runner of Minecraft against a killer / assassin but it is me convincing Philza his WIFE isn't REAL! LOL!!!! POGCHAMP!!!!


  1. hello.


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    tommy when you said you wanted to be a speedrunner i never could have anticipated marriage

  2. Septimus Heikler

    Septimus Heikler

    4 цагийн өмнө

    I just realized I am the same age as Tommy.

  3. TotallyNotRailey


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    10:02 save this part and show it to tommy's future wife

  4. Luke Sarte

    Luke Sarte

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    Tommy : you’re my girlfriend Girl :🤮

  5. yeah i need help

    yeah i need help

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    you're not married tommy. you'll never be married. cause you'll be with me. you're my bitch boy. now gimme my huggies

  6. Zepicre


    12 цагийн өмнө

    did wilbur lose his voice?

  7. Cloud Wall

    Cloud Wall

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    9:58 imma just keep this here for when it all went downhill XD

  8. Senorita Orange

    Senorita Orange

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    “Nice one wife-haver” hits different now

  9. Weredog Haddock

    Weredog Haddock

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    My man be speedrunning marriage

  10. Adrian Galindo

    Adrian Galindo

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  11. Nugget Inc

    Nugget Inc

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    When mom finds the poop sock: 1:22

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    dino time

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  13. lemon lover

    lemon lover

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    futures video: i speed ran marriage

  14. Random Goose

    Random Goose

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    Philza Minecraft, professional crime fighter man

  15. MaxDaDwarf


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    Love your videos ❤️❤️❤️

  16. Trevor L.

    Trevor L.

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    Was that thief Ted?

  17. VeyrGamePlays Official

    VeyrGamePlays Official

    18 цагийн өмнө

    Man, I feel old, Tommy's barely 2 years older than I am

  18. Ya like Jazz? -Atsumu

    Ya like Jazz? -Atsumu

    19 цагийн өмнө

    No one: ... Phill: HuNny? WhErES mY sUpERsUiT?!

  19. Andrei The alien

    Andrei The alien

    19 цагийн өмнө

    that one time

  20. Macaroni & Cheese

    Macaroni & Cheese

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    Next video is going to be called I spoke to Patches, I am calling it

  21. Amore Gaynor

    Amore Gaynor

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    no i know what wap means

  22. Coli2603


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    I think you’re annoying, but I still subbed

  23. Danmer 00

    Danmer 00

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    Bruh Tommy is only 3 year’s older than me

  24. Double Team

    Double Team

    22 цагийн өмнө

    How is it that when Tommy is playing with someone and he mentioned any one of their family members they just go “Oh YoU wAnnA mEeT TheM!”

  25. Oof the golden fox

    Oof the golden fox

    23 цагийн өмнө

    I’m tired and that title actually made me laugh I want to step on a lego brick 38 times

  26. cibu fam

    cibu fam

    23 цагийн өмнө

    00:00 I thought it was going to be a king crimson or queen song

  27. IHopPerson


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    I love how he cut out the part where he looks up what gaslighting means lol

  28. A Zelda Legend

    A Zelda Legend

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    Not gonna lie I would be Tommys wife if I had the chance. we females need more males like Tommy

  29. Manky Lina

    Manky Lina

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    U can meet ppl on roblox like i did :>

  31. Ryan Johnston 36

    Ryan Johnston 36

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    no wife happy life

  32. Monokuma


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    The butcher was technoblade

  33. Riley Dunn

    Riley Dunn

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    Anyone else notice that Wilbur sounded sick?

  34. Nieta mucunabitu

    Nieta mucunabitu

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    So about 15

  35. DeenMachine29


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    milk nice

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    Sad Smart Fridge Noises

  37. Mika Jansen

    Mika Jansen

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    oh well the preist wont aprove me ever if i go get married rip

  38. Fandom Trash

    Fandom Trash

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    If only I wasnt american. Id be Tommys wife.

  39. Riley June

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  40. Riley June

    Riley June

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  41. Bibi Drawz

    Bibi Drawz

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    Wait why did I find Wilbur giving Phillza pebbles so cute and wholesome, if there is a video of that, please send the link

  42. Bibi Drawz

    Bibi Drawz

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    Excuse me, you're my girlfriend

  43. Disky


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    Tommy : How do I get a wife Me : TOMMY IM HEREEEEE (This is a JOKEEEE)

  44. Lilly Huntress

    Lilly Huntress

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    at the very beginning, when she said "divorce" TOMMY I LITERALLY SPIT OUT MA TEA THE FUUU-

  45. izzy1794


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    I met my girlfriend on DeviantArt

  46. Logan Fick

    Logan Fick

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    just use fuckin tinder

  47. Team 11 Vloging

    Team 11 Vloging

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    wilbur: cant talk well cuz he has covid 19 lol

  48. Plural WeEvil

    Plural WeEvil

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    you got wilbur going and he just couldn’t stop HAHAH

  49. Uige


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    I ABSOLUTELY DIED WHEN IT FLASHED TO "Excuse me, You're my girlfriend."

  50. Maxplays 76

    Maxplays 76

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    Tommy it’s ok I think your videos are hilarious 😂

  51. peachy


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    I love how tommy refers to philza as “philza minecraft” kinda like how people say “sans undertale”

  52. Jobless Kitty

    Jobless Kitty

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    I'm half a stack old🤣

  53. Aubry Matthews

    Aubry Matthews

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    Speed run marrige

  54. Sophia Jones

    Sophia Jones

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    I've firmly decided to become lesbian so I don't have a husband to do this to me

  55. Hanxy


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    the quotes from this are something special. But i disagree that people should eat their wedding rings and cut down their wives with a lawnmower.

  56. mezza army

    mezza army

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    Does Tommy live Coventry

  57. Exit paige

    Exit paige

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    Worship and prayer

  58. Asees Chhabra

    Asees Chhabra

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    take a note everyone, if you ever see tommy irl *don’t make eye contact*

  59. Lukis Crowell

    Lukis Crowell

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    This entire conversation canon it’s gotta be

  60. toxic tyler

    toxic tyler

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    tommy when he has a wife and she sees this

  61. Chosef Ion Reyes

    Chosef Ion Reyes

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  62. Star Star

    Star Star

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    ah the wife haver before his glory days

  63. Dogedive


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    Yo my mans anti tick tock

  64. 4pky


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    hold on... how does tommy have tipped arrows? those take dragon’s breath

    • MISSION101


      Өдрийн өмнө

      Master level fletchers have a 2/3 chance to sell tipped arrows

  65. Husky s

    Husky s

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    I subbed :) thx tommy!

  66. Saiachu


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    Phil seems like such a good father figure lmao

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    bunny love

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    Wait philza is married?!?!??! He's THAT old?!?!?!?

  70. 「Zen」


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    Dude I didn’t realize Phil is twice Tommy’s age

  71. Fairy.


    2 өдрийн өмнө

    “I’m in the mood for a *W I F E* right now”

  72. bakedbeans arecool

    bakedbeans arecool

    2 өдрийн өмнө

    when did he turn 16?

  73. Ethan Velho

    Ethan Velho

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    ghostbur is high

  74. King Laston

    King Laston

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  75. King Laston

    King Laston

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    Slimy Adventure

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    Huh your 16 in 15

  77. StarShips 2448

    StarShips 2448

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    Are we not gonna talk about George beating up Tommy in the beginning? No? Ok.

  78. i am ur left toes cuxzin

    i am ur left toes cuxzin

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    3 months later tommyinnits name changes to wifehaver so strange

  79. PeanutError


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    Tommyinnit: I hate Tiktok Also Tommyinnit: I'm going on Tiktok

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  81. Tamsin Grindlwald

    Tamsin Grindlwald

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    Muuuuuum am I adopted “ yaaaaaaaaa “ oh

  82. Chazz Mitaz

    Chazz Mitaz

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    Tommy could marry Charli dmelio

  83. JImim jiasdjfid

    JImim jiasdjfid

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    The fresh view optically wave because tray fittingly continue after a private beautician. squeamish, zealous fine



    2 өдрийн өмнө

    I already sub

  85. McKenna is a person

    McKenna is a person

    3 өдрийн өмнө

    Tommy is really radiating Micheal energy from the way he’s jumping straight to marriage

  86. Javian Girard

    Javian Girard

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    What's happened with wilber voice

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    Whats stopping me ur personally

  88. Roblox Cheese

    Roblox Cheese

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    Tommy:'I just stare at people to intimate them' No one: Edward in Twilight:'i watch u sleep'

  89. FaZe_venom690


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    this is funnier than the mod videos

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    Kiera Thompson-Burke

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    not me watching this on a Tuesday

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    Pavas Malviya

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    you really are annoying------tommy

  92. Skyxe73


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    Tommy: I intimidate them until they love me People who read enemies to lovers fan fics: Seems about right

  93. King Nooby

    King Nooby

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    Hey Tommy I know how it feels but you and drista has a strong bond so why not drista

  94. Faith's Eden

    Faith's Eden

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    I like that he removed the part where he looked up what “gaslight” means. That made me cackle

  95. ZeddSND


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  96. Connor Barnes

    Connor Barnes

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    • Moonie Kitty

      Moonie Kitty

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      No, shes 13 and hes 16

  97. 《 Just Bry 》

    《 Just Bry 》

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    11:11 at least he doesn't see women as objects o-o

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    Rye Nathan Virtucio

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    Shit the one time oh go-

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    All round Survival videos

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    why does tommyinnit always laugh hysterically at everything