if you ever see this while driving, do not try to pass them! Lock your doors and drive away FAST!!

if you ever see this while driving, do not try to pass them! Lock your doors and drive away FAST!!
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    If you see these clowns do NOT try to pass them!!

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      Ok got it.

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      ok 👌

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      that is the best Video from you.@ Stromedy

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  2. Chloe Rodrezz

    Chloe Rodrezz

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    I was missing that girl , when I watched this video , I would love to know her name , by the way , I love your videos and I am supporting your channel . Love from india ❤️

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    If your watching this in March 1 2021 say happy bday

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    I’m a kid I’m 8 years old

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    Hello!!!!!!! I’m your biggest fan stomedy

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    Just describing for the whole time capital

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    Hi stromed Y

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    Up in the morning ☺️🌄☺️ I have to go to the gym and I will be there in a few minutes and I will be there in a few minutes and I will be there in about. 24hours. Challenge spying on clones

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    Mae Ann Mendoza

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    Wow you guys are super brave enough to face those clowns

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    I. Love. It

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    Cameron is a75 and Justin is a100 No Doubt

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    Kyle is the dumest

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    I subscribe to everybody subscribe to DK and

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    I am from india

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    JUSTIN!!!!!!!!! (dum)!!!!!!!!!!

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    I would have ran over the clowns 🤣

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    Why is stormed y tha boss

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    I ment apart not upset

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    Kids Lutes

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    In the thumbnail the clowns are far upset and in the circle they are close together

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    Don't let clowns Clowns come to your car

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    jesten btw i am on coputwr btw do u rebemur me from tiktok user smh.breanna? u replide wiuth hi back :0 [btw a kid]

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    Sony I sing you should I think you should make it have a clown video

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    Cameron Houghton

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    Kyle you are the dumbest and then Kameron, and then Justin he is the smartest out of all three of you not to lie if I am being honest

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    and my dad call the police

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    I saw a ice cream truck and the clown went to my door

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    Cameron is the dummest

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    I think, based on this video, we've found a new "Insane Clown Posse". Emphasis on "Insane".

  46. Randall Ulrich

    Randall Ulrich

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    I can't figure out if their problem is too many drugs, or not enough drugs.

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    Me when Kyle and Justin didn’t spot the clowns ArE yOu BlInD!!!!

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    Me when I saw a grave yard: imma leave now

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  53. Dandreb Baydid Sr.

    Dandreb Baydid Sr.

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    Yorr si the drone into the sky or the clown 😱

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    It Justin

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    I like that can you please do another clown video please Hollie

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    Canton Marshol

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    all off you are kinda dumb but mostly stromedy

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    kyle is the dumest

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    Ya he is the dumn one lol he went in the sower befor dumn

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    Ring cops

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    I was on that road it was very scary

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    considering he does theese videos kyle is the dumbest one

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    and my name is alexis

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    timestamp is 5:33 you can see a black thing that is shining down the road.

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    My FrIeNd HeRe JuStIn HeS aLReAdY TaKeN aNd HeS CrAcKeD aT fOrTnItE mY gUy

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    What is wrong with the zombies property 1000000000000000$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$_$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$_$_$_$_$_$$&$&$&+9'45_

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    Mj Romero

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    Yay you are the domist

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    Sorry strom but I have to agree with them

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    I love crazy clow🤩🤩😁😁😁😁🤪🤪🤪🤪

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    ok the I am being nice here not a signal squad members is dum

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    bro im like actuy terrified rn

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    You make the scariest videos but I love them.

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    I think it’s a dumb is this is Kyle goes basically every single video Chi was just being a dumb ass so I think I was a dumb ass cause Kyle is dumb

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    Nice work

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    i saw a clown in the woods but it was my brother

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    Cameron is the dumbest

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    Stromady:i dont know where they are taking them Me:they are taking them to heaven

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    i think kyle is the dumest

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