Juventus vs. Barcelona: Extended Highlights | UCL on CBS Sports

Heading into the match all of the talk was surrounding Juventus and the fact they would be missing their superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo for the second straight UEFA Champions League Group stage match. Barcelona though quickly turned the conversation to just how potent their attack can be surging out to a 1-0 lead in the first 15 minutes.
In the 14’, Ousmane Dembélé rifled a beautiful, and slightly lucky, shot off of a Juventus defender that found its way to the top left corner of the goal leaving the keeper no chance at making the save. Juventus though fired right back quickly creating a one on one chance with the Barcelona keeper, Álvaro Morata did put it home but the goal was called off for being offside which VAR confirmed. Juventus had another real threat this time by Morata in the 30’, however he timed his run a hair early and when the goal found the back of the net, the flag was up negating the chance.
To start the second half Juventus picked up right where they left off in the first half. In the 56’ they powered it into the back of the net, but after going to VAR it was ruled a no goal due to offside.
Barcelona iced the game in stoppage time with a Messi penalty goal to give them the 2-0 win.
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  1. Amy Kirk

    Amy Kirk

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    No one going to talk about Cuadrado diving the whole match?

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    juventus just seemed lifeless and no will to keep playing

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    I love the sound of the ball ngl

  7. Latonya Fisher

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    Name a better love story than Morata and offside goals I’ll wait🤷🏽‍♂️

  8. matti_ fire

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    cristia no jugo porque de nuevo le dio positivo al covid

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    If Ronaldo was it would be a different story

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    Barca and juvetus are trash af

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    What a touchdown pass!!

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    Morata: scores a hattrick Offside flag: I’m bout to end this man’s career

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  19. Dennis Dinnall

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    Dembele!! Great shot

  20. Sal Water

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    Good win by barca but they need to work on their finishing (poor morata)

  21. Abraham Joby John

    Abraham Joby John

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    Pjanic’s face when Dembele scored

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    Very happy with the performance and win except for the final finish was awful way toooo many wasted goal chances but the passing was the crispest I've seen from Barca in a very long time! Golden era level passing was beautiful, holding the ball like good old Barca like no one can. Pedri was impressive, man of the match for me, he made a joke of his marker, amazing young man. Barca really celebrated Bartos exile in beautiful fashion, improving our finish will make us unstoppable if we keep playing like this. This game made me happy. Viva Barca!

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    Like a wise man once said, "No Ronaldo, no party."

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  35. Logan Wheeler

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    what a bunch of pussies. 3/4 of the video is these pussies faking injuries and diving to bait a penalty. Joke sport.

    • black


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      LMFAO stay mad fucking long neck. i don’t know what sport you like but i do know that if you like any, this sport of football towers it in popularity and beauty.

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  40. Fredy Mendez

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    Sun South American players are annoying asf with their flops and diving antics. We are seeing this with James Rodriguez in the premier league when he exaggerates his fouls like a toddler and goes to the reff saying give someone a yellow gesture literally no one does that in premier league and it just had to be a South American. I remember England olayed Colombia in World Cup even English players started diving because the Colombian players did that constantly. I would do the same to give them a taste of their own medicine. Although Brazilians are know to be the real flops...Neymar cough cough cough

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  43. Fredy Mendez

    Fredy Mendez

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    Sweet addiction to awesomeness

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    So Juventus does need CR7... What a shocker 🙄

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    I vote for juventus lucky Ronaldo was there Or mess cud be sweating

  75. Rukundo Adoluphe

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    Messi once again proved that he is better than ronaldo

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