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Life Without Candies! How It Was

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Imagine that all the sweets have disappeared and now you have to live without them! What would your life be like?
Supplies and tools:
• Soap base
• Cocoa butter
• Cocoa powder
• Chocolate bar mold
• Lip balm
• Liquid soap
• Slime glue
• Baking soda
• Borax
• Jar
• Chickpeas
• Sesame seeds
• Blender
• Vegetable oil
• Salt
• Paprika
• Lemon
• Peanut butter jar
• Plastic cup
• Hair gel
• Foil
• Hot glue
• Wasabi powder
• Ice cream scoop
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    life without no Candy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    sKiTtLeS aRe SeAsOnS



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    i can say for the kids that the beginning of the video is a waiste of food!

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    Yu T

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    Qqq Q

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    Renee DeMoss

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    Oh my god

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    Yall Really just put candy in a bath

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    Dorie hskrhjwyyeiuyyeotekgkejmeoyqkeuiwyiojshkj

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    That breath

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    You are a bad Channel

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    That 😆 🤣

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    B Ggnhh

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    I do not like vegetables I like candy Candy candy Candy candy

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    I hate you you wasted all that candy in the first seen

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    🎉 yummy candy 🍬

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    Pizza is candy

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    Btw I love ur vids but I couldn't live without candy / sweets

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    Faye Copping

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    Love your show and I couldn’t believe the world without candy 🍭

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      I love candy

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      Yep exactly

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    I. Love. You. Troom😍😍😍

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    so Funny

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    i dont like this:(

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    I love candy if there was no candy I will cry

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      Welcome to my Chanel:)

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    Sunny Theory Of Life

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    Is this chocolate no it's a soap 🤔

  48. Unicorn-dog Game plays

    Unicorn-dog Game plays

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    When you press no candy but it’s no sweets but it’s no candy button

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    Them just eating the food plus she can't get fat

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    If there was no pop I would die drink water

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    The maniacal order laparoscopically glow because population immuhistochemically present throughout a bashful move. automatic, inconclusive office

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    I just started diet-

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    Thats a baloon I'm not stupid

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    The movie with supposed to be called Charlie in the chocolate factory

  63. mukhtar shah

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    omg they realy put candy in the bath

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    Thanks for all your help and support 😊🎉😎

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    And hi my name is Taijarah Victoria Clarke

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      I love this video can you come to my island it is north caicos

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    Taijarah Clarke

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    The wife say check out any where I work find a cheap hotel closing t attract the family over there asking for me and the wife will pass on the 3rd I know you looked very sexy in your workout

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    The new update is so great I just want to do it now I

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    Munther Abdulla

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    so funny 🤣 the candy 🍬 is goon it's too good 👍

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      Rushda Amathulala

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    • Rushda Amathulala

      Rushda Amathulala

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      Ghd😘 you ra aa ❤️ ummmma y 👍🏻 you are not fine with out dress 🥻🥻😘 you ra

    • Rushda Amathulala

      Rushda Amathulala

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      Je amar khub priyo reader has ma hb explain to you soon

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    Nope i need some suger

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    i can,t stay without candies

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    quang trung trần

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    Mlk.m m cm,k,.mm.xc.MCCLVXJljkljKmlVvkmlvkMlkm MkvmKM Dc jiliijpjidj Ip IkPDopkđfỊppjịIpjilkpooIpoIpoPjoPol.gfns NklmMklmlkcmklkmlm Kl kl. Kl.kl mlk m ck, kclc kl clkh dklmmlk dVd. Mk D K dDm KlmvcM Kk MLKK kMmvm,,m l . N C k.nj. K. L. K. L. K. L jn.kjn kcjn k chlk m. Lchm, kmnkl.

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    Yaz netaneta

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    Dalena Nguyen

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    the giant hobba bobba is fake and the who ate the bubble gum it was the ballon and pretend that they blow it bigger

  77. Teja Gacha Studio

    Teja Gacha Studio

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    It's fine for meh bc somedays I skip eating candy😅

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      Robin Zapanta

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  78. Teja Gacha Studio

    Teja Gacha Studio

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    I was eating mentos while watching this🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    Bart 10

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    Troom troom be like Oh my god my dress ripped now I’m a be Embarrass at the prom noo let’s cut are long pants and cut it up now we got new dress. Real life. But new one

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    Blossom Langton

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    Sooo boring 🥱🥱🥱

  81. Siena is cool and awesome

    Siena is cool and awesome

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    0:05 ew

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    Yall Americans need everything to be sweer

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    I know what the best way to get 1000000 subscribers you should quit your MNmore channel

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    I like this video

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    Liya 😂😂😂💑

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    I don't like your foolish video

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    Said expire right after this did

  92. Dakota Roper

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    Um my mum

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    Do this again



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    It's Yxzzy

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    Yanira Lopez (Student)

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    Candy!! Love candy!!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

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    Veri muchacha gut

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    Remya Bijukumar

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    It is a rescipe video and I think that's a living food now

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