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"On Me" Lyrics:
[Verse 1]
Fill the bando up with bands
Give the lil bro them a job
You can come get rich with us
You gone eat or you gone starve
Keep a certified hittas and I pay him not to rob
Hop out 2020 Cullinan and I’m riding in a star
Know some people hate that I’m on top I bulletproof the car
All the members made three bands our pack live like they cracking cards
Joe know for a fact I keep it real he still ain’t take the charge
Why she talkin’ crazy bout me like I don't do more than my part
I can’t play with my creation give the world to my lil boy
I been saving more than I been spending that’s what I be on
I’m a human I’m not perfect I know sometimes I be wrong
I’m like come and put that pussy on me Dont be running from me
If I like it I spend money on it
Get whatever from me
Put six figures in your business I do real shit
I drop cash at the dealership
They’ll mail you a pink slip
She make sure she keep her nails did and her wig fixed
Went to jail and that one held me down shea real bitch
Hundred rounds in this double drum It’s a kill tent Marco been in prison for a while but he still flexin’
[Verse 2]
I told bro and them to park the car but they still wreck
I don't think nobody around still but I still check
I don’t gota hundred million I can’t chill yet
But don’t get it misconstrued yeah I get real checks
baby fucking like a pornstar we have real sex
Have nobody in our business we take real jets
Say she like when I perform so I fuck her with my chains on
And she handle her part so I let her play the main role
Ain’t have to get rich for this partner stay with the same folks
And I cant beef with none of you niggas not in the same boat
Never gone get caught up about it know how the game go
10 chain bussin’ look like rainbows
I’m like come and put that pussy on me Don’t be running from me
If I like it I spend money on it
Get whatever from me
Put six figures in your business I do real shit
I drop cash at the dealershipThey’ll mail you a pink slip
She make sure she keep her nails did and her wig fixed
Went to jail and that one held me down she a real bitch
Hundred rounds in this double drum It’s a kill tent Marco been in prison for a while but he still flexin’
I’m like come and put that pussy on me Don't be running from me
If I like it I spend money on it
Get whatever from me
Music video by Lil Baby performing On Me. Quality Control Music/Motown Records; © 2020 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.


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    I’m not into this new generation of so call “Rappers “ but the kid got bars & he doesn’t repeat the same word 10x for 1 minute

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    Does this guy know how to make a new flow every song sounds the same and it’s all mumble rap

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    “10 chains on me look like rainbows” lil baby is god

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    put six figures in your businesss

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    I love your mix and the beat God Bless you all now and forever, family as one and all 😘💕

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    Its so obvious that lil baby hate being the feature. When he rap on a feature its obvious he is not trying but in his own songs he is god mode.

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      @Anonymous Anonymous yah😂😆

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      He saves his best verses for his own songs



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    DMX JUICE WRLD XXXTENTOIN Nipsey hussle King von Pop smoke 2 pac Bigge I could go on for every rip all of these rappers we can’t lose any more

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      @TheVloneDon bro, no one asked for your opinion. SHUT UP!

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    I love the 2000s music not really into the rap game..dont get me wrong there is talent with these new rappers but lil baby on sum different shii..favorite rapper out there for me

  89. Angela Gillespie

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    Also my friend is a big fan when I asked him his favorite rapper he said lil baby

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    For all those struggling God has a plan for us all. There is nothing He can't turn around, just call upon His Son Yeshua (Jesus Christ). You have a purpose and it will get better.

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