Lud Foe - Everywhere We Go (feat. SG Batman) ft. SG Batman

Get 'Boochie Gang' 😈


  1. Lovey Dovey

    Lovey Dovey

    Сарын өмнө

    “BBW bow legged...that b***h thick” 😩💯💯💯 I swear Lud Foe love big girls...he mention them in almost every song💕💕💕 I love it!

  2. Legalize Miami

    Legalize Miami

    4 сарын өмнө

    2021 wya

  3. Cityboy Dar

    Cityboy Dar

    5 сарын өмнө

    This underrated🌟🌟🌟🔥🔥🔥

  4. Ray Cash

    Ray Cash

    8 сарын өмнө

    Cutting up Killa season I'm da man Cooling with my shootas We need this lud foe 🔥🔥

    • Josh Canchola

      Josh Canchola

      4 сарын өмнө

      Nah we need 187 foe

  5. Sand Box

    Sand Box

    Жилийн өмнө


    • Bitxh Trapp

      Bitxh Trapp

      6 сарын өмнө

      Still bumpimg

  6. Lunar Luger

    Lunar Luger

    Жилийн өмнө

    This like Tony the tigers frosted flakes song 💪



    2 жилийн өмнө

    We want the street shit foe on foe nem

  8. sabryna richards

    sabryna richards

    2 жилийн өмнө

    AYOOOO THIS UNDERRATED❗💯⛽ hype dis up🔥

  9. 5 BlockMari

    5 BlockMari

    2 жилийн өмнө

    I miss the old foe 🤦🏽‍♂️

    • Glizzy vu

      Glizzy vu

      Жилийн өмнө


  10. Keith Graham

    Keith Graham

    2 жилийн өмнө

    Love this shit

  11. Moe Tingz

    Moe Tingz

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  12. Dre Loww

    Dre Loww

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  13. Frumptious goon

    Frumptious goon

    2 жилийн өмнө

    Let us get a ysn pt 3???

    • Frumptious goon

      Frumptious goon

      2 жилийн өмнө

      Bett boutta peep rn

  14. Daniel Mcneil

    Daniel Mcneil

    2 жилийн өмнө

    Old lud foe 👹🔥

  15. ShellStar93


    2 жилийн өмнө

    This song go hard foe. Great sound 🌊

  16. love the beat

    love the beat

    2 жилийн өмнө

    Lud Foe type beat m.mnmore.info/bin/video/qZKqqMalbpyWfJM#

  17. Your Moms Left Cheek

    Your Moms Left Cheek

    2 жилийн өмнө

    This song hot bruh but that song magic gotta go issa no go🤐💯

  18. Ur Mom

    Ur Mom

    2 жилийн өмнө

    Wya old lud foe ?

  19. Loner Status

    Loner Status

    2 жилийн өмнө


  20. Cesar Rodriguez

    Cesar Rodriguez

    2 жилийн өмнө


  21. J Jermo

    J Jermo

    2 жилийн өмнө

    We want the old foe 🤒😪 this fire tho 😤

    • [NMDS] Kuro_Bianco

      [NMDS] Kuro_Bianco

      2 жилийн өмнө

      Smh everyone say he keep the same flow and every time he switch up y’all say y’all want the old foe like the dude just can’t win

    • Anas Almuntaser

      Anas Almuntaser

      2 жилийн өмнө

      Fax bro we want old foe like in and out was a whole different song that shit was fire

  22. Ykn Sysy

    Ykn Sysy

    2 жилийн өмнө

    Foe is Baxkkk🚶‍♀️🤧

  23. RîchDåKiiđ74


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  24. Christopher Hale

    Christopher Hale

    2 жилийн өмнө

    I was here first im a real lud foe fan yo keep it up bro yo shit go crazy #bouchiegang💪

    • Chi-Beze Erickson

      Chi-Beze Erickson

      2 жилийн өмнө

      It's Boochie Gang "real lud foe fan"

    • FBI


      2 жилийн өмнө

      What makes you even more cringy is your fucking fortnite profile pic 12 year old

    • dominic3up on snap

      dominic3up on snap

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