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If you spend hours and hours of studying, without improving your grades, or information retention, then learn how to study smart by Marty Lobdell. Lobdell taught Psychology at Pierce College in Washington State for 40 years. During Lobdell's career, he has taught tens of thousands of students and he wants students to succeed. After watching students cram for eight hours or more for a test without any improvement, Lobdell has developed a studying technique that helps the brain retain the information that you are studying in this video "Study Less, Study Smart"


  1. Marty Lobdell

    Marty Lobdell

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    I had so many requests for my presentation "Study Less, Study Smart" that I wrote a book that covers all of the strategies on the video in greater depth and adds many more tips. Go to Amazon Books and search for Marty Lobdell, Study Less, Study Smart. Also available in Kindel format. Thanks, Marty Lobdell

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      vaniel godfrey

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      Thank you again so much. This would not could, help me in my Finals.

    • Jackson Girard

      Jackson Girard

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      I think I can represent any engineering students when I say I’m watching this at 1:30am in hopes to save my awful studying habits xD

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      @Perpetuant He didn't say that facts are usless but he said that by knowing well (by understanding) well the concept then it will be super easy to know the fact. He was trying to encourage you to value the concept most and get to understand it and therefore you'll be easily getting to know the fact. Thank you!

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      mans saving lives right now

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    I must be a genius haha , I actually Learnered all these tricks by myself through trial and error , and they do work.

  3. Sergey Voronezhskiy

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    Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny

  4. vipassana gautam

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    Applied the basic principles - stopped this video at 25min, took a break, did some activity for 5min, sat down to write notes, added my viewpoints as a student & teacher and now resuming the lecture :)

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    Hyder_ Khurshid

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    Lost my interest in the video after 22:10. Will go on a break and then continue later..

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    This was a great lecture!

  7. Azzam Hussein

    Azzam Hussein

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    I tried to summarize the whole lecture, and I'm really sorry if I made any mistake. I hope it helps you: 1. Break it up into small chunks and reinforce it. Find out what is funny to do during short breaks, and what is a great reward at the end of the consecutive studying hours. --------------------------------------------------------- 2. Create a study area. Turn your table and chair to make your bed behind you, so that you don't look at it and remember sleeping. Try studying at some study café. --------------------------------------------------------- 3. The more active you are in your learning, the more effective. The way to learn effectively is first you have to decide what you are learning: facts or concepts? Understanding the name of a bone is a fact, but understanding what it does in the body is a concept. If it's a fact use Google, references... etc. Concepts are more important. Learning only the facts is a waste of time, for example, I remember the lyrics of thousands of songs but do I know what are those songs about? I don't know what is 90% of the songs are about. Can you put the concept in your own words? If you can't; you don't really understand it. It's not meaningful to you, and to make it meaningful is a struggle that you need to do, or you're wasting your study time. Take the time to discover the meaning of it. What is the meaning of meaning? A meaningful piece is a piece that relates to something you already know. Ex: a file system, that you've already established, you add a new entry to it so it's all neatly organized, and it's very easy if you got a file system to add a new entry. A meaningless piece is a piece that does not relate to something you already know. So, how should you understand something brand new? You have to create a new entry. You should break it down. Tips of advice: A. Study groups are powerful & great. B. Read the whole thing (ex: 4 paragraphs) & then get back and read and understand the 1st paragraph again, one by one. C. Sleep well, have a good rest for your memory. D. Write notes during the class, and right after the class; sit down with your notes and expand on everything you wrote down, give it depth. If you want to do it after 2 hours you will have forgotten some of your own notes. E. Look for classmates and ask them for help. F. Active Recitation: The best way to learn is to teach somebody else. If there's no one, teach an empty chair, or write it out. --------------------------------------------------------- 4. How to use textbooks? Use "SQ3Rs": Survey, Question, Read, Recite, Review. Survey: a textbook is not a novel, so you can go through the entire chapter and survey it. Question: you raise questions as you go through the survey, ex: what is X here? , what is Y..?...etc. Read & Recite mentioned before. Review: give yourself enough time to review what you've studied. We usually make a mistake when we start studying shortly before the exams which leaves us with NO time to review what we've studied. --------------------------------------------------------- 5. Acronyms and interacting images. Acronyms help you remember and memorize facts, terms, and idioms. Interacting images help you understand and also connect things together and memorize facts. ---------------------------------------------------------

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    Thumbnail...He looked like narendra modi😂😂

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    Funny how 20 min in I'm thinking about random things. And then all of a sudden I realized to take a 5 min break, and it worked perfect.

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    Maria Gabriela

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    The best video I've ever saw about the topic. I'm a psychology student and I can really relate on those examples (and started to watch this vídeo with my computer at my dinner table haha) ❤️

  12. Gamebreaker08


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    I watched this video my freshman year of college. I left high school with 2.3 GPA and graduated college with a 3.8. I'm currently attending Medical School at the University of Mississippi.

    • Gamebreaker08


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      @Can Günen definitely!

    • Can Günen

      Can Günen

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      Do you think that the tips and advices in this video had any Role on your GPA?

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    miss those days when they teached using board chalk and it made that screeching sounds 😊

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    I love his lecture

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    my fav part 5:40

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    East europe teachers should follow these best practitioners from the west and maybe learn something from it.

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    I don't know if it is an exception, but if I am reading world history books, I tend to go on and on without hating it, 8 hours on average non-stop. Maybe I just really really like world history. Having said that, If you really like what you are studying, is it an exception to that 25-30 minute studying chunks?

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    Wish I actually found this video before graduating 3 months ago from college with a low GPA.

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    I only watched 25 minutes of this video

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    This guy reminded me of Santa 🎅 the whole time 😂😂😂

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    Rhis video opened my eyes thank you I love it.

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    wish i had this when i was in school. before i realized that i get depleted very quickly and need to hide from the world to recharge

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    Worlds best study video. I see many videos related study. It is the main video of those videos ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤. I am very thankful for this video . Many many thanks and regards to Marty Lobdell☺

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    When I was in class 9th I was studying continuously 4 hours without tooking any break.😊😊 Then I was very happy and going to attend exam. After 1 day I felt headache .🤕🤕 . Then I realise that while studing breaks is very important for us .Now I am in 10th grade ☻.After 1 months I will give board exam .oh my gosh it's so scary!!. Ok bye now I am going to go to study!!!

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    Instead of trying to remember it, think about it.

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    this just made me realise that uni lectures are actually not that hard and it is quite interesting

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    I am watching this video in April of 6 instead of studying. It will be taking my 1 hour. Should I take break in the middle of video.

    • Khojiakbar Turajonov

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      I liked when he suggested drinks beer 🍺

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    Marty rules since 2012 🚀

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    I'm really fed up with ur saying like "watch video of studying, instead of studying". It's too old and boring-.-

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    I think this is my 6th time watching this, since 4 yrs ago really helpful

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    Learning how to learn can teach how to teach.

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    At around 30min i started spacing out and reading the comments without realising is😂😂😂🤦🏼‍♀️

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    THANKS for sharing

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    The definitive guide to effective learning.

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    I had 1 lecturer that showed this sort of enthusiasm in my final year now. I think that makes a big difference to our motivation and engagement.

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    Does anyone know the study he refers to from the University of Hawaii, I would really like to read more about it.

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    Marty made interesting point about not how long you study but study smart

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    I study less , trying to be efficient . TY.

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    Great teacher.

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    I have an assignment due in 2 days that I haven't started

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    "its not gonna happen through osmosis"

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    Somehow creepy that from exactly minute 31 onwards I couldn't concentrate so well that I had to rewind more often. I think I should take a short break lol

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    could someone give me some link to the study he is mentionning cause i'd like to use to convince a teacher to let us 5 min of break instead of doin straght one hour thx

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    I just saw first 10 min and its completely bulllll shittttt 30 minute man the focus comes after 1 houre so as i said that was completely bullll shitttt

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    I think all of these are true not just for studying, but mostly for *working* as well.

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    Is that shaped by TV patterns being about 25 minutes? watching less TV would that help?

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    I was listening to this while writing notes and as soon as it started to get easy to get distracted I checked the time and the video was 25 minutes in.....

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    It’s probably something similar with work. Fortunately, I’ve worked most of my career at ad agencies. They often have diversionary games there, like Foosball etc. it so helps to take a break and then come back to a problem. Change of scenery helps too. I can’t tell you how many of my best ideas came to me on the way to or from the restroom.

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    I watched this video about 2 months ago, when i was just entering a very stressful time (had to study for 7 chemistry and physics exams basically at the same time) and i thought why not apply those tips and see what happens. Well, I did and i passed every single one of them, even better than i expected and now i have my bachelors degree. Thank you very very much mr. lobdell!

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    I reviewed Math when I was drunk, next day I topped my Math exam. I was thinking if my classmates who drank with me the other night had hungover when we got that exam!🤣

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      That is why you are here because you study inefficiently lol.

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    Here I am watching a video about studying, instead of studying.

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      Just an invesment for the long run, not an excuse at all..

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