Minecraft But Every Mob Is Hostile With Knockback 1,000...

Minecraft But Every Mob Is Hostile With Knockback 1,000 (Challenge)
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This is a Minecraft Challenge in which I try to beat the game with @Wisp​, but every mob is Hostile and has Knockback 1000! this idea was inspired by @TapL's "Minecraft, But Every Mob Has Knockback 1,000,000" video, except I put my own twist on it!
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  1. Henwy


    11 өдрийн өмнө

    Alternative Title: Pigs hunt down Wisp & Silver for 24 minutes straight



      10 цагийн өмнө

      Hi henwy

    • Corrupted Keith

      Corrupted Keith

      11 цагийн өмнө


    • Mjentatiger


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    • Travis Glassford

      Travis Glassford

      23 цагийн өмнө

      Very true

    • Siddharth Sebin

      Siddharth Sebin

      Өдрийн өмнө

      @The Wrightons hehe

  2. YaboiSolo Yt

    YaboiSolo Yt

    Цагийн өмнө

    So many MNmorers done this idea but i cant cuz i dont have the plugin

  3. Mateus Macedo

    Mateus Macedo

    Цагийн өмнө

    Nice vidio :) i like it alot

  4. Tyler Sim

    Tyler Sim

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    I watched every vid can I have a shoutout in chat?🐉🐉 dragon

  5. Matthias Vandewetering

    Matthias Vandewetering

    4 цагийн өмнө

    I love wisps videos

  6. Oskar Thörnvall

    Oskar Thörnvall

    4 цагийн өмнө

    You could have kept the spawner and get infinte food and live underground

  7. Hearts


    5 цагийн өмнө

    Im too far aways a guy hit me now im a milion miles away so no one found my coment

  8. Devy Bello

    Devy Bello

    5 цагийн өмнө

    fun fact: when wisp just got hit by the killer bunny and screaming AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  9. Shaun Els

    Shaun Els

    6 цагийн өмнө

    🤣So cool

  10. Andrew Toran

    Andrew Toran

    6 цагийн өмнө

    with hostie mobs comes nice mobs with swords of push power 1000 aka knockback 1000 a qote from spiderman. U_U

  11. Avatar Aang ؟

    Avatar Aang ؟

    6 цагийн өмнө

    You seem handsome by your voice

  12. Kia Rivers

    Kia Rivers

    6 цагийн өмнө

    Hes so chill by a turtle coming and when I pig comes there like oh no oh no no no no no

  13. Kalpana Sahoo

    Kalpana Sahoo

    7 цагийн өмнө

    It was so hard to survive silver

  14. vito inglese

    vito inglese

    7 цагийн өмнө

    why you do this?

  15. Blazeシ


    7 цагийн өмнө


  16. Riotboy


    8 цагийн өмнө

    Did anyone see the lunar client logo on the corner?

  17. La’ Michael

    La’ Michael

    8 цагийн өмнө

    oh the new generation of minecraft youtubers looks promising😌

  18. Epic_MathBoi


    8 цагийн өмнө

    "kill the baby"

  19. Epic_MathBoi


    8 цагийн өмнө

    Minecraft but you get sent to brazil from every mob

  20. Minebrothers 999

    Minebrothers 999

    8 цагийн өмнө

    I subbed at 80k

  21. fgujsbqhn edfml

    fgujsbqhn edfml

    10 цагийн өмнө

    VR 360 Minecraft

  22. PeytonPlayz


    10 цагийн өмнө




    10 цагийн өмнө

    Pov: Zelda Chickens

  24. kim hangsing

    kim hangsing

    10 цагийн өмнө

    What how

  25. Foamy Gamez

    Foamy Gamez

    11 цагийн өмнө

    Alternate title: Wisp screaming when he sees a turtle or pig for 24 mins

  26. ELB TV

    ELB TV

    11 цагийн өмнө

    He is going to be the new dream😂

  27. {귀여운} b̷lཽu̇ṙ ṡm͓̽i͓̽le̸͟͞

    {귀여운} b̷lཽu̇ṙ ṡm͓̽i͓̽le̸͟͞

    11 цагийн өмнө

    This is real life

  28. Ajamtroye


    11 цагийн өмнө

    If yoi are in à boat you dodn't take kb

  29. Lawson W

    Lawson W

    11 цагийн өмнө

    Telly montclairbear bamsi and bedlessnoob: i see no problem

  30. Osyaz the great

    Osyaz the great

    12 цагийн өмнө

    Silver is asian right? You can tell by the way he talks

  31. Yellowgaming69


    12 цагийн өмнө


  32. NehiNtoo


    12 цагийн өмнө

    your lvl

  33. Samiha Janakat

    Samiha Janakat

    13 цагийн өмнө

    cave sound 1)

  34. Seweryn Hoptasz

    Seweryn Hoptasz

    13 цагийн өмнө

    then bamboos are beaten with a sword and are a hit =)

  35. Edward fan 22 T

    Edward fan 22 T

    14 цагийн өмнө

    I have never heard anyone afraid of a chicken before

  36. Xxsebyy00xX_YT


    14 цагийн өмнө

    Its soo unfair if this guy is almost Famous and me More better and not Famous 😡😡😡😡😡

    • Burger King

      Burger King

      13 цагийн өмнө

      Who are you?



    14 цагийн өмнө

    sorry wisp



    14 цагийн өмнө

    you are acting like disk why?

  39. Shameiah Del Rosario

    Shameiah Del Rosario

    14 цагийн өмнө

    Hahahahahhahahahhahahahaahhahahahahahahaha it's very funny all mobs killing you

  40. Kozaczek Dawidoser

    Kozaczek Dawidoser

    15 цагийн өмнө

    pls give me a link to cape

  41. Ensar Sadiku

    Ensar Sadiku

    15 цагийн өмнө

    silver its ure name skot

  42. Lotachukwu Star

    Lotachukwu Star

    15 цагийн өмнө

    Thank you for not saying any f

  43. Ayşe Banu Şahin

    Ayşe Banu Şahin

    15 цагийн өмнө

    a chicken?

  44. Tilak Bhadana

    Tilak Bhadana

    16 цагийн өмнө

    Another title whole world vs 2 friends

  45. Tilak Bhadana

    Tilak Bhadana

    16 цагийн өмнө


  46. Christian 1234

    Christian 1234

    17 цагийн өмнө

    2:18. - 2:19. -R.I.P. RABBIT

  47. Lolzy349 Atgmail

    Lolzy349 Atgmail

    18 цагийн өмнө

    Me watching the intro with the 69 lvls: "Pure Class"

  48. Scientartography SS

    Scientartography SS

    18 цагийн өмнө

    trees are also living things hmmm..........

  49. Ian R

    Ian R

    19 цагийн өмнө

    I like wisp

  50. SonicHaXD


    20 цагийн өмнө

    Silver- omg so many diamonds Realty- 2 diamonds

  51. Catalina Salle

    Catalina Salle

    20 цагийн өмнө

    This is not scary

  52. Tjan Albert

    Tjan Albert

    21 цагийн өмнө

    this is like force push in hybrid animal 😂😂😂😂😂

  53. jaden xander almon

    jaden xander almon

    22 цагийн өмнө

    Me: just thinkin about tnt

  54. Tuan Nguyen

    Tuan Nguyen

    22 цагийн өмнө

    Animal manhunt be like

  55. kirk gantz

    kirk gantz

    23 цагийн өмнө

    Bruh it's oviest that your cheatin

  56. zxpcsdolunay


    Өдрийн өмнө

    Pig Wars New game

  57. Benji LOL

    Benji LOL

    Өдрийн өмнө

    LOL pass a water temple thingy

  58. JoeBlowGaming


    Өдрийн өмнө

    Killing it big dawwwgs

  59. XfireX waterX

    XfireX waterX

    Өдрийн өмнө

    You are very pro

  60. Panders Person

    Panders Person

    Өдрийн өмнө

    I been here since 37k

  61. Adam Khan

    Adam Khan

    Өдрийн өмнө

    Wait whisp is your friend I watch him

  62. SUS Among

    SUS Among

    Өдрийн өмнө




    Өдрийн өмнө

    He don't have shied 🤣🤣🤣

  64. Everest_Yt• _ •

    Everest_Yt• _ •

    Өдрийн өмнө

    Can you imagine missing a golden apple lol.

  65. N0tm1lkz


    Өдрийн өмнө

    Finally not a every time I breath I beat the ender dragon “challenge”

  66. Weslei N.Rossinsky

    Weslei N.Rossinsky

    Өдрийн өмнө




    Өдрийн өмнө

    Doesn't silver sound like adult stewie

  68. Gaming EzMode

    Gaming EzMode

    Өдрийн өмнө

    I love ur channel

  69. Gaming EzMode

    Gaming EzMode

    Өдрийн өмнө


  70. Pheonix_YT


    Өдрийн өмнө

    Wisp + Jago + Henwy + Sliver= alternative dream team

  71. Leo amongusFridaynightfunkinboy

    Leo amongusFridaynightfunkinboy

    Өдрийн өмнө

    Who was that guy at 23:02 min to 23:04 min the other guys was with u and there was another guy when u said “dude we can make infinite wooden swords with the like wood that we have over there though that’s defenetly enough” there was a guy standing over there right beside the things?

  72. Tariks 3.Account

    Tariks 3.Account

    Өдрийн өмнө

    13:15 the golden apple :(

  73. Lucas Eduardo

    Lucas Eduardo

    Өдрийн өмнө

    End be like:r/woooosh

  74. Jack Stuckey

    Jack Stuckey

    Өдрийн өмнө

    ooh yay wisp

  75. Mukta Sarkar

    Mukta Sarkar

    Өдрийн өмнө

    You are a noob and all your videos are fake and been done by editing .those who think this reply and like

  76. Althea Alcantara

    Althea Alcantara

    Өдрийн өмнө

    ꧁𝕍𝔼ℝ𝕐 𝔸𝕄𝔸ℤ𝕀ℕ𝔾 𝔻𝕆 𝕄𝕆ℝ𝔼 ℙ𝕃ℤʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ꧂

  77. OFC Noob

    OFC Noob

    Өдрийн өмнө

    Full netherite guy: I can't beat dragon with Full netherite They'll killed the dragon with only wooden sword?

  78. NaiceKid


    Өдрийн өмнө

    So funny how Silver’s level at the beginning is level 69! :D

  79. Kęstutis Samušis

    Kęstutis Samušis

    Өдрийн өмнө

    THE ANOTHER WSIP IN THE 23:03!!!!!

  80. Santino Delgado

    Santino Delgado

    Өдрийн өмнө

    5:34 Imagine his neighbours hear that.

  81. D4RKツ


    Өдрийн өмнө


  82. Zakir Nasseri

    Zakir Nasseri

    Өдрийн өмнө

    Walking on water not clickbait

  83. galang jupiter

    galang jupiter

    Өдрийн өмнө

    I laugh so hard when you knockbacked farly

  84. Shardul Gamer

    Shardul Gamer

    Өдрийн өмнө

    Which app do you use for recording

  85. Jesus San Jose

    Jesus San Jose

    Өдрийн өмнө

    allof you ate youtubers

  86. SnackyPig


    Өдрийн өмнө

    Silver Screaming Compilition

  87. Sparsh Aryan

    Sparsh Aryan

    Өдрийн өмнө

    Even the intro

  88. Sparsh Aryan

    Sparsh Aryan

    Өдрийн өмнө

    The whole channel is copy of TapL

  89. Palawal


    Өдрийн өмнө

    Do you know the name of this datapack?

  90. Snow Fox Gaming

    Snow Fox Gaming

    Өдрийн өмнө

    Silver why did you stop posting on your main channel (speed silver)?

  91. Anime Flavor TV

    Anime Flavor TV

    Өдрийн өмнө

    Wisp&silver: *laughing at the turtle* Turtle:*punch* Wisp&silver:ahhhh noooo! Me:lol

  92. Sunem Gonzalez

    Sunem Gonzalez

    Өдрийн өмнө

    Love this video made me laugh so hard please do part 2 please

  93. laavanya lola

    laavanya lola

    Өдрийн өмнө

    If you put your mic volume high you will reach 15 million subscribers

  94. Jana Oliva

    Jana Oliva

    Өдрийн өмнө

    new ways to travel: get flown by a pig

  95. zarend zuriel

    zarend zuriel

    Өдрийн өмнө

    me thinking hes a diffrent laugneuage cuz he said an da we go

  96. FutureCarrot 55

    FutureCarrot 55

    Өдрийн өмнө

    Can we appreciate that in the intro silver had 69 levels

  97. Ryder LaMacchia-Meeks

    Ryder LaMacchia-Meeks

    Өдрийн өмнө

    Kill the baby silver -2021

  98. mauly 's gameworld

    mauly 's gameworld

    Өдрийн өмнө

    Silver:Oh there's a turtle here Turtle:OMYWHA MYSHINDAIO Silver:NANI

  99. Broplayz0 I don’t know

    Broplayz0 I don’t know

    Өдрийн өмнө

    Kill the baby kill it smack it- silver

  100. Mr.Grimmy YT

    Mr.Grimmy YT

    Өдрийн өмнө

    Mobs apocalypse