MOM vs DAD - Funny Things Parents Do | Relatable Family Situations by La La Life Music

Mom and Dad always do funny things and so do siblings!🎼 How different can everything be when you do it with your Mommy or with your Daddy?😲
Watch in our NEW EPISODE of a relatable family comedy by La La Life!
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00:00 Mom vs Dad
00:28 New jeans
01:19 I’m not afraid!
01:44 Mom vs Dad talk
02:16 Wake up!
02:52 Hairstyle
03:48 Lunch
04:29 Can’t find anything
05:10 Fixing my laptop
05:49 First makeup
06:23 Playing with Mom vs Dad
07:30 Let’s not tell Daddy
08:03 Are you OK?
08:21 Not safe
08:46 I’m gonna eat it
09:24 Sue vs Dad
09:53 You can’t fool your Mom
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      Ariunaa Rentsennorov

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