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Monster School : Good Boy and Bad Girl Baby Skeleton - Sad Story - Minecraft Animation

Baby skeleton boy is not a natural child, so he is treated unfairly in the family. However, the boy had a kind heart. And of course good will come to good people.
Monster school : mnmore.info/top/PLu8FKcjqTVHykHj2fzpLN1sGZCpv5MCNr.html
Audio Credit :
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Blizzard Fx Anime 80S Cheesy 2.Wav by Bulbastre (freesound.org/people/Bulbastre/)
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Breathing by Ckvoiceover (freesound.org/people/Ckvoiceover/)
Scream Noooh! by Jorickhoofd (freesound.org/people/Jorickhoofd/)
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    China to other countries: You can't keep pandas as pets This Minecraft Animation: His/Her mom died.

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    No bad girl 😡😡😡😡😡yes good boy 😀😀😀😀😀

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    I like this becuase the floor is made of end stone

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    The girl is bad

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    Same its rlly sad How rude mother is that she should let her child do that she just love her daugther then her son How rude

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    Minecraft fans are watching this video very funny video

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    This is sad😥



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    This is sad story

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    No feo porque llevas toda la comida del panda ya sabía comí un pedazo de pan del que comida

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    • បទនមស្សការព្រះរតនត្រ័យBmc Vivo

      បទនមស្សការព្រះរតនត្រ័យBmc Vivo

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    man stupid mom skeleton and girl skeleton I will fight them

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    The mom is ugly

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    I love it but it reminds me of eww disgusting because.. rude is disgusting..... you know what I mean? Aww it’s so cuteee

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    Mom and girl Evil daddy And boy god

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    Heart touching story

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    what a bad mother

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    Why it's like the big school

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    well it looks like your good father is the best

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    😭😭😭 im sad

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    Why did baby skeleton's mother hit the panda with blaze rod?

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    Hello pls next baby enderman pls i want enderman

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    hey bad girls get die on lava and i will eat him blood :) T̸̝͂h̴̭̽ë̷͔́i̷̡͒r̸̛̮ ̷̻͋d̷̤͠ẹ̶͗ȁ̷̩t̷̮͘h̶̢̀ ̴̥̍h̷̹͗â̴͔s̶̙͆ ̴̱̍c̴̝̃ó̵̢m̷͙̋e̶̠̚.̸̝̓ ̷̣̃s̶̲̽o̶͝ͅ ̶̧͌ȋ̸͈ș̵̈́ ̷̦̇y̶͇͊ȯ̷̖u̸̮̐r̷͎̉s̷̭̅

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    Part 2

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