MOVING IN VLOG! studying in London 2020

Hey guys! Today's vlog is going to be my move into my uni room vlog. Hope you guys enjoy it!

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    i loooove watching these videos

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    your bathroom is my dorm room...

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    Urooj Raza

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    Shit please tell me more about your flat/dorm😵😍

  4. Adra Mahtu

    Adra Mahtu

    10 өдрийн өмнө

    Where did you get your tshirt?

  5. Ayoub Chouchen

    Ayoub Chouchen

    15 өдрийн өмнө

    Did she get a scholarship or she just paid

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    marcos Júnior

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    Study vlogs

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    jennifer Mercado

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    Muy buen vídeo me encanto además te puedo entender❤❤

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    Swati Sharma

    28 өдрийн өмнө

    Hey did you got all of the packages at 3.26 from the university or u got them yourself???

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    ShuhaNur Rahman Arian

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  10. ShuhaNur Rahman Arian

    ShuhaNur Rahman Arian

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    Nice bolg....

  11. DonnaBrava


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    Eres de España?' jaja curio

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    you are Kazakh. Yes

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    Ra Char

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    I love your vlog 👍🤫😃



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    I love you 💛😘

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    Naustudy 18

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    It's so interesting😍

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    Iseng iseng Jadi

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    I really wanna go to london, that's my dream. I hope u guys can go to london

  17. Nicole Gabanto

    Nicole Gabanto

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    Nuria? How old are you?

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    z gao

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    Klára Allyson

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    Love this video! :-)

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    guys,u can watch my video also😭🌚😁😂

  22. salsabila k

    salsabila k

    2 сарын өмнө

    May I know how much it cost for living as a uni student in London?? Is the dorm free or not? I'm still confused about the system, tysm!

  23. GirlsLIKEme


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    Omg you look like Lia from Itzy you so cute 🥺



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    Don't forget to stop by my channel, friends 😘🤗🤗🤗

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    Lily-Rose Cannon

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    this is.... gorgeous. i’m so jealous 😭😭

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    When you said you had the white company linen I gasped bc it’s so expensive afajdkwowmbd

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    Mink Charalai

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    Ana Lg

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    I love she accent 🥰🥰🥰

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    Do a dorm tour

  31. Dinara Romanova

    Dinara Romanova

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    your nails are weird

  32. Saania Asif

    Saania Asif

    3 сарын өмнө

    can you share the student accommodations name? looking for one so it'll help! thankyou Xx

  33. aaaiiieee


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    ur so cute😭

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    what university do u study in?

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    damn. the most beautiful vlogger/MNmorer yet. like omg. I'm starting a vlogging channel too :) but first I and my vlog mate are saving up for a vlogging camera and go pro, he is in charge of the GoPro and I'm in charge of buying the camera :D the camera is £700 and the GoPro is £380 sooooooo I have to save up for a year and 2 months, cause every month I get £50 as allowance :D

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    Dian Lee

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    Love thissss,,, take careee

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    Nitesh Deshmane {ND}

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    s t r a w b e r ry L e m o n a d e

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    at first I thought it was just her bedroom and I was like take all the stuff in someone’s gonna steal it!! But that’s so big

  46. Jay sokay

    Jay sokay

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    this is literally my dream, btw you look like a kind person and I already love u 💖✨

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    sweet bunny

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    Suvd Erdene

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    Oh Canada

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    Eeshhh 109

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    9:22 that speech 😂😂

  51. Eeshhh 109

    Eeshhh 109

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    Chandler Bing

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    • A K I R A S Y

      A K I R A S Y

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      @sania kuklaa really?

    • sania kuklaa

      sania kuklaa

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      @A K I R A S Y you to:)

    • A K I R A S Y

      A K I R A S Y

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      hi do you love me? :(

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    Nerdy Know-how

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    Loobhavni Dutta

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    Loobhavni Dutta

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    Grace LIU

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    Joe Deruccy

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    Stela MyLove

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    Porrapark Marayat

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    G C

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    I come back to ur channel after ages anD YOU MOVED TO LONDON AHHH WE R BREATHING THE SAME AIR

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    it's me

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    May i know what university is that?

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    Almas Kuanyshev

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    kaobie Jun

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    Naida Zulfa

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    Wonkyung Lee

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    Ольга Богданова

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    meggiggity xo

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    So happy for you°°

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    Tomi Olunuga

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    when you realise it rains every day maybe that excitement will go down lol

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    just a question for anyone. Do you still have time for makeup in college?

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    #Джумаевы /Дневник памяти

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    John Cowley

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    Sara New

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    hey loves! just made a youtube channel and posted my own moving vlog and would highly appreciate if yall checked it out! :)

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    Jacqueline johnson

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