My Covid Journey by Alex Gonzaga

Wala na po kami Covid promise!! Thank you Lord!!! Magaling na po ako... di na po ako PUI baka pwede pa pi hahaha
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  1. Alex Gonzaga Official

    Alex Gonzaga Official

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    To some people asking how are we sure that’s how we got the virus. Ito po e-explain ko. We did contact tracing po as a family. Daddy, Mikee, sofie and i were the last people who tested positive in the family. We tested all our household help and staff here too and they were all negative just like us. We are very surprised and sad ‘coz my mom was positive too because lagi nya kausap ang mga unang nagpositive. But luckily she was asymptomatic. We don’t wanna out and blame people that’s why i didn’t divulge all the details. The first time nag-negative kami ng mga daddy we already knew we might have the virus because we’ve been exposed sa mommy. After a couple of days mikee and i started showing symptoms na rin. The best thing was we did quarantine right away even if we were negative pa. After a week we did a retest and true enough we were positive already. The other staff and helpers with no direct contact sa mommy were negative pa rin. That’s why naisip namin sa mommy ko nakuha dahil mas nakasama namin 3 ang mommy ng walang masks. Si sofie ako naman nakasama nya wala mask. To be honest when i shoot outside sometimes i’m not really careful esp with my mask which is also a mistake on my part na ngayon ko lang narerealize. Mas gugustuhin ko na nga na ako nalang nagdala ng virus so kahit paano we know we got it from work and shoots. That week, I just came home from a lock-in shooting for 2 weeks and before going home, my staff and i tested negative pa. My parents never leave the house. My dad will leave for very impt matters only or if they will visit their apo. When Mikee visits us he made sure he is safe and tested. The problem is when you’re inside the house you actually think you’re in a safe place and you put your guards down. The main point of my vlog is to remind us that there is a pandemic. Kaya ko po sinabi ang reason is to remind us na ang mga ganitong bagay po ay iwasan na muna natin dahil marami po pwede maaapektuhan. I am guilty of being reckless too lalo na if im shooting outside. Sana maiwasan nalang po natin na makuha ang virus dahil ‘nag-get together’, ‘eat out’ or ‘inuman’ kasi tayo. Dahil maaari naman tayo gumaling sa sakit pero marami na tayo naaabala na plano at trabaho ng ibang tao. I just really wanted to reiterate na ang mga ganun ‘klaseng lakad’ ay pwede mapaliban muna ngayon may pandemic. I hope we can all learn from this. And if you saw me before being reckless with my mask and shoots, i am sorry. Natuto po ako dito 🙏🏼

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      Regina De Guiño

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      Pinagpala Official

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      Guys bka nmn

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      Kitty tp0

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      Keep safe ate alex😀😀😀

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      @JroseYT Requintel m

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    RenRen Gutierrez

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    God is good all the time😍

  3. Ma` Sol Arroyo

    Ma` Sol Arroyo

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    I Love ate Alex so much in behalf she experience Covid she never ❤blame God but instead she keep her faith strong because we know God has Purpose and we should never waste our pain💖

  4. Millineal Tita

    Millineal Tita

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    It's good that ok na, Ms. Alex. You are the reason why I started to watch youtube vlogs.. You always made my stressful day happy. And you are also the reason why I am trying my luck in this youtube journey. 💗

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    Jesica Myrrh Maraña

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    Ilang days po before bumalik yung lost of smell?

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    Emily5999 Buning

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    Thanks gOd ur okay now

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    Karla Rae

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    Watching the first 3 min of this video. It’s making me really pissed, because there’s so many people including me that are positive right now and my first problem is my life, like I’m very worried about my life, and how I’ll survive this because I can’t work, so I won’t have enough money for food, rent, etc. and Alex is worried that she can’t get married, and can’t do her show. Ugh

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    Loveu bhebhe😘♥️

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    mskit poba ung swabtest



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    Bat nuhay kp

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    Si Uncle Jojo niya ang nagdala ng CoVid kasi hindi siya minention ni Alex at pinalayas sa bahay ata nila.😂

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    Ok lang yan ako din think possitive paratti but we have to fight go go lang ms. Alex god is good

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    A Sweet Dose of Teddy

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    Hi Alex 🥳

  14. Amazing Joyce

    Amazing Joyce

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    God is so good! 🙏🏻☝🏻 Thank God for the complete healing. So inspiring! God bless your family more. Keep safe and be healthy always ate cath! 😘

  15. Realaine Torres

    Realaine Torres

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    Im from the US and we have the best testing in the world. This is the reason why our numbers are also the highest in regards to covid cases because anyone can get tested here for free. Unlike other countries, the tests are only provided to those who can afford it. I would say weve dealt with a regular flu as well and it killed more people than Covid. Yea covid is very serious but I agree that you cant blame others or be so sure where it came from. You can have the virus without knowing and still test negative. My husband tested positive but all of us tested negative and we all live in one house. We cant help it people get sick. I hope your family stays safe.

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    Miss Alex G. I did a story about your vlog or about this story thank you for sharing this. Because i have a topic on my performance task in school. -sorry wrong grammar

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    Hello po ate alex

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    It is good that you are talking about this. A lot of people still don't believe that there is really covid since none of their friends or families got it or died from it... I sound harsh, but some people are reckless because of this belief...

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    HotShot Master

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    GodBless you and your family.. always be safe

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    thank u

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    sam dee

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    Ate Alex kailan ka nagkalasa at nagkaamoy.

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    fiel marinel manglicmot

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    I also survived Covid😇😇😇 God heal us !

  24. Steph Pal

    Steph Pal

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    Hello Ms Alex. Pwede po ba malaman kung ano yung gamot na iniinum or vit bayon para makahelp na gumaling ka po? Waiting for your response. Sana mapansin nyo ko. Friend ko po kasi both parents is nag positive and sila pati mga bata naka quarantine. Baka lang pwede mo ma share para din ma share ko sa kanila. Salamat

  25. Connie Ramos

    Connie Ramos

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    i am at home now, kasi positive din ako! hopefully i can surpass this virus!

    • Kyne Primavera

      Kyne Primavera

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      @Joyce Chu hindi naman po covid to maam no? Hihi kase until now, nalalasahan ko pa yung pagkain kaso di masyado. Nalalasahan ko pa din yung tamis, asim, pait tska yung alat

    • Kyne Primavera

      Kyne Primavera

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      @Joyce Chu thank you po. Nagwoworry kase ako baka meron nako. Hays. Pero thank you po sa info. Akala ko kase ano na. Pero yung sayo po maam, okay na po ba kayo?

    • Joyce Chu

      Joyce Chu

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      @Kyne Primavera hello your sense of smell will come back after two weeks, start counting on the first day na nawala sya. clogged nose pero nakakahinga ka through your nose right? i feel you. dont panic. yung food nalalasahan pero not 100 percent that will improve as days goes by and also your sense of smell

    • Kyne Primavera

      Kyne Primavera

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      @Connie Ramos yung pang amoy ko wala na, natakpan na ni baradong ilong. Hahaha. Sana nga po hindi. Kinakabahan po ako 😣

    • Connie Ramos

      Connie Ramos

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      @Kyne Primavera kapag may panlasa at pang amoy kapa, hindi covid yan. Kasi sa covid wala kang panlasa at pang amoy.

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    Enjoy watching keep safe kayo lahat.

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    Jhaycel Magtoto

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    So verry verry thank you po lord because ate alex is fine na po thank you, ate alex we love you po mahal na mahal ka po namin ng mga fans nyo po stay safe,stay strong all the family nyo po and don't forget po na we love you💖💖💖

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    Around June nakaramdam kami ng symptoms ng Covid, me and my two kids.. 5yrs old and 3yrs old. Ginawa ko gumawa ako ng honey+lemon+water twice a day. After 7 days naging okay kaming lahat.

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    God bless Ate Alex!! STAY STRONG PO!!!

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    Be safe always Godbless 😍😍

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    Alex Gonzaga I hope you feel better now❤️ god bless po

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    Hiiii.. ate alex naniniwala na akong may curse ka pag october kasi dapat magpapakasal ka kaso nagka covid ka naman po . Keep safe po .

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    Get well so ate alex thank you for sharing

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    Ate stay strong po plsss love you po

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    Question ang isolation nag-start ng nag-kasymptomps or nung nag-positive pls answer.. thanks!...

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    Thanks GOD at safe na kayo #GonzagaFam & #Mikee 😍 GOD Blessed 🙏

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    Get over yourself. Most people are not as dramatic as you

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    Johnly Fuentes

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    I felt the pain endured by ate Alex, naawa ako, natutu, umiyak din at the same time THANKFUL sa iyo ate Alex dahil nakaya mo pang ibahagi Ang ganitong Mga bagay, I'm so proud of you cause your so strong, an image of a Positive person. Thanks God your better and kuya Mikey din God bless you Gonzaga Family.

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    Michelle Rose Huiso

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    godbless po Ms. Alex 😗❤️

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    Keep safe ate alex❤️

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    Kumain kayo ng vegetables ate keep safe and eat fruits too

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    It's the ✨22:00-22:10✨for me HAHAHAHA

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    Edmar Salvador

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    i watched this many times.. . this is really inspiring. ksi sa panahon ngayon madaming test si god..tini test ang faith natin... always remember god is always with us. with our ups and down. .. ❤️❤️❤️

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    Natutuwa po ako dahil nung nahihirapan po kayo di po kayo nag papabalot sa kalungkutan congrats po

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    Sa kabila po ng mga pinagdadaanan NYO nakuha NYO pa pong magpasaya ng tao thankyou ☺️ po sa pagehare sa amin🙏



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    Maam nawalan ka rin po ba panlasa at pang amoy? Thanks if you reply

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    Duel Studio

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    Nagka Kornbip90 ka den pala. Salamat sa Dios pinagaling ka Niya. Nakakalungkot pa den nangyare kay LC isa sa kaunaunahang ng pinoy MNmorer. Sana wala ng pinoy creator ang magkaroon marami pa kayo maiinspire na gaya ko.

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    God bless u ate alex and your family☺❤❤lab u❤❤❤

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    I got covid too right now kaya ako nandito ako... Para lumakas ang loob ko kahit pano makakuha ng tips from Alex. I have symptoms now aside from my medical Asthma, hypertension and auto immune disease..

  51. Melrose Cabral, RN

    Melrose Cabral, RN

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    Drink First Vita Plus Alex. My daughter and I are drinking it to boost our Immunity System..Godbless you and your family. Your ncov journey will lead you to help other people in distress. Sending virtual hugs!🌹 Pray harder and hold on to Jesus. Magpaaraw ka, lalo na ang likod mo sa umaga, kahit sa terrace ka lang. Eat tons of fruits and vegetables. Drink a lot of water, and First Vita Plus in a drink, complete na ang vitamins nyaan.

  52. Cris Chan Vlogs

    Cris Chan Vlogs

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    Sobra naintindihan po kita and lahat ng depression ang hirap though I am asymptomatic po ate sobrang nakakaiyak but with the prayer and faith with God pinagaling nya tayo😇❤️



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    Thanks GOD dahil ok na po kayo 😊😊 Boost immune system palagi ... mg ULTRA H2 na den po for your constipation at iba pang katamdaman.. samahan lng ng C24/7 😊

  54. Manny Ventanilla

    Manny Ventanilla

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    I hope this is not too late for Alex's fans. Here is a few steps to follow if you tested positive : 1. Inhale steam from a boiling water directly from a kettle. 2. Gargle hot water with salt. Make sure it's not hot enough as to scald yourself 3. Drink hot tea. Do each of these steps 4 times a day for 4 days and on the 5th day you're covid-free. Please share this information to your family, friends and relatives.

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    Go ate

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    Thank god that your ok alex im a real fan

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    7 өдрийн өмнө patamsak po guys ang premiere bukas 10:30 pm pinas time 4:30 pm naman po athens greece time yong mga manood ng video huwag po skip harang ty po

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    Thanks for sharing your Covid journey. Hope all of you will recover soon.

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    We ❤️ U ALEX G.

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    Get well soon sa lahat ng covid patients and thank God sa Lugar namin Hindi naka pasok ang covid kaya free Lang kami lumabas labas pero may suit paring mask

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    I feel what u said because two of our family memberd (separate house) was positive..parang nag stop na lahat but..prayers,faith, hope and strongwill to survive..thanks be to God..

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    Nakakainis mentality mo Alex. Stop blaming other people. Ok time to unsubscribe. I was an avid fan.

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    tested positive but still managed to give people positive vibes. Thank you ate Alex!🥰

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    Hi Alex. Just wanted to ask kung ano anong mga supplements/vitamins ang tinake nyo while you and your family were in quarantine and fighting covid19. Please, this would be a big help po if you reply.. Salamat.. ☺️

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    Napaka misleading naman ng video nato. May paiyak iyak pa tinatakot pa ang mga tao. Ako nag positive for Covid 19 through swab test pero nag isolate lang ako ng 2 weeks tapos gumaling nako. As in wala talaga akong nararamdaman throughout ng 2 weeks naun normal na normal. Wag takutin ang tao.

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    Ist Not true Sa Nakuha Nag CoVid Sure nahawa ka Sa Tao KC may mga Positive Sa CoVid na asymtomatisch......just like Me

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    God is Good all the time.Kmi din po nagka covid ung 5 kidz ko kasali din.Pinakabata 7months.Walng imposibli sa Panginoon.

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    thank you for sharing.. going covid survivor here..

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    Trangkaso yan dapat lng matulog ng maka pahinga k. Ang covid ay iba n lalason buong katawan. God blessed uu

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    Halos lahat ng symptoms ng covid meron ako,sakit lalamunan,ubo,nag susuka,nagtatae, nilagnat, after ng tae and suka mahihimatay na ako pero hindi ako nag pa hospital kasi alam ko once na pupunta akong hospital declare agad Covid!So ginawa namin hinilot ako kasi grabe din hangin sa katawan ko at yun bumalik malay ko grabe pawis ko at grabe dighay ko,lahat ng hangin lumabas. Kaya tip ko sa mga may symptoms wag na pumunta sa hospital not unless di kna makahinga. The next day nawala na lagnat ko pero nawalan ako ng pang lasa and pang amoy pero kahit ganun kumakain parin ako pra syempre my lakas,and always spicy na sawsawan para mabilis balik pang lasa. Tip:Sleep sleep is a Must and drink plenty of fluids. APPLE CIDER VINEGAR and VCO and Vitamins with Zinc!nNow i’m sooo much ok!By God’s help ofcourse,kasi lahat ng gamot herbal na iniinom ko sinasamahan yan ng Prayers.

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    Thanks God.. God bless us

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    No offense ah, kung may natutunan ka talaga sa covid journey mo dapat di ka na nagliligalig sa labas in terms of vlogging or what, kakapanood ko lang ng collaboration mo with zeinab nakakainis lang kasi binababa mo ung mask mo at tinanggal mo rin, ang ligalig mo (recklessness) paghawak hawak mo sa mukha mo, isa pa ung damit na hinawakan mo at pinampunas mo sa mata mo napakadelikado ng gawa mo, pag ikaw maging positive ulit magkakahawaan ulit kayo, wag naman sana, un lang sana wag ka ng masyadong maligalig sa labas, iba ang panahon ngayon

    • xeyn anne

      xeyn anne

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      True!reckless sya,sana di na sya nag pin point ng other people na kesho dun sila nahawa. Anyways happy at gumala g na sila.

  99. kristian viray

    kristian viray

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  100. Lorna Obispo

    Lorna Obispo

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    Thank you for sharing this Alex, hope you feel better now and the rest of your family! Keep safe and don't stop sharing 'cause you never know how you make each of us happy every time you share what happens to you.. We love you always your a real person and inspiring actress.