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New Rule: Nut Pick | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO)

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Bill argues that the Supreme Court bench is already "packed" with Catholics - and that Trump nominee Amy Coney Barrett is nuttier than most.
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  1. Mister X

    Mister X

    Цагийн өмнө

    Amy would be the lawyer you'd hire if you're guilty AF and you need representation that doesn't allow truth and justice to thwart a good defense. Because of that, she's *not* suitable for a seat on the SCOTUS. Just because she's knowledgeable and well-versed in law, doesn't mean she's a good fit to make decisions that outline the rules for American society.

  2. Steve lee

    Steve lee

    9 цагийн өмнө

    Maher is such an anti american communist...not surprisingly he's also a liberal atheist

  3. Jessie Joy

    Jessie Joy

    10 цагийн өмнө

    Bill Maher is right about everything except he’s fear mongering about roe v wade. Nobody is going to repeal it. They know the country would go apeshit.

  4. jay bro.

    jay bro.

    10 цагийн өмнө

    Your a communist and demon.

  5. Daniel C.Y.

    Daniel C.Y.

    11 цагийн өмнө

    Libertarians are 10% of the american people. Shouldn`t we be representated in the supreme court?

  6. Jeff Zabelski

    Jeff Zabelski

    19 цагийн өмнө

    Shit is nuts!

  7. Jeff Zabelski

    Jeff Zabelski

    19 цагийн өмнө

    Evengenital Kkkristian Republickkklan Deplorable Pride KKKultists.

  8. Jeff Zabelski

    Jeff Zabelski

    19 цагийн өмнө

    An authoritarian theological agenda… From the evengenital kkkristian Republickkklan kkklan.

  9. Jeff Zabelski

    Jeff Zabelski

    19 цагийн өмнө

    I’m very proud to say that I was never even baptized.

  10. Jeff Zabelski

    Jeff Zabelski

    19 цагийн өмнө

    We need on atheist on the High Court.

  11. Joe Smoe

    Joe Smoe

    20 цагийн өмнө

    Of course bill maher would come out and say this since he worships satan.

  12. Santa Kannadeniye

    Santa Kannadeniye

    23 цагийн өмнө

    thanks for shouting out for none, against those religious nuts

  13. caverley1zr


    Өдрийн өмнө

    Im an atheist. Im fine with ACB being a judge.

  14. Jeebus Hypocristos

    Jeebus Hypocristos

    Өдрийн өмнө

    Christianity has retarded civilized society for 2000 years.

  15. Metal Ram

    Metal Ram

    Өдрийн өмнө

    Fairy Tales lol...asinine

  16. M Kinsella

    M Kinsella

    Өдрийн өмнө

    Bill... longtime fan here. All I want to tell you is that while it is your right to not believe,... your attacks on Catholics is getting stale. Putting every Catholic into one is much like whites tried to make whites believe all black like watermelon and cannot swim. I am a center-left and a lifelong Catholic. I am also pro-choice. Remember how the Republicans tried to beat John F. Kennedy, they said he will run the USA anyway the pope chose's. YOU and all unbelievers have the right to disbelieve, however, this should not take away from any Americans right TO believe.

  17. Greg MacMillan

    Greg MacMillan

    Өдрийн өмнө

    .....Yet, the patron saints of the Liberal sect, the Kennedy's - Jack & Bobby were Roman Catholics (a big issue in the 1960 election by .... Republicans). they seemed to have avoided Maher's peculiar loathing and bigotry of Catholics and all sects of Christianity???

  18. Bullettube


    Өдрийн өмнө

    I call them Catholic-evangelists. They ignore Jesus who told them I am creating a new covenant, one not based on the old testament. Which was written by the Jews, see Lewis Black's take on this. They ignore basic common sense and rely on a bible they have re-written to suit their delusions. Religion is not an issue if religious people stay in their churches, and make their own rules. But when they try to force people outside their church to follow their rules, then we have to draw a very deep line. Line? No a moat!

  19. David Martin

    David Martin

    Өдрийн өмнө

    Bill maher has screwed so many whores it's ridiculous

  20. Stuart Petersen

    Stuart Petersen

    Өдрийн өмнө

    Bill is fake I was there when he was a Christian Republican and I KNOW why he's a democrat. Bill Clinton and monica

  21. James Griffin

    James Griffin

    Өдрийн өмнө

    Man I’m really having a hard time seeing and my feet are swollen I’m fading if I do it I did try to save everyone

  22. James Griffin

    James Griffin

    Өдрийн өмнө

    The birth of life should be the best thing in your not winning the lotto lol

  23. James Griffin

    James Griffin

    Өдрийн өмнө

    Mines indestructible but I still will not lose a lifecycle easy for any reason it’s a sinfight for yours fight theirs

  24. James Griffin

    James Griffin

    Өдрийн өмнө

    If you don’t fight hard in life you lose growth lifecycle is forever in existence but your risking damaging it by being week for not giving it your best try your hardest to fight for life

  25. James Griffin

    James Griffin

    Өдрийн өмнө

    You must fight as hard as you in life it’s a sin otherwise

  26. Julia Larsen

    Julia Larsen

    Өдрийн өмнө

    They’re all “nones” too

  27. Kali Durga

    Kali Durga

    Өдрийн өмнө

    Hitters base was made up of right wing, Catholic evangelicals.

  28. slug stucker

    slug stucker

    Өдрийн өмнө

    Bill, this is your best closing monologue in a very long time, perhaps the best ever. You nailed it like a Roman fixing a Jewish heretic to a cross.

  29. dilip dalal

    dilip dalal

    Өдрийн өмнө

    I agree with Maher 100 %.

  30. jack parsons

    jack parsons

    Өдрийн өмнө

    Now that the Evangelical community is getting what they've always wanted ,be prepared for the next Inquisition!!

  31. Maria Von Borstel

    Maria Von Borstel

    Өдрийн өмнө

    No religion, we don't need a ignorant in our White house anymore

  32. Doug Gardner

    Doug Gardner

    2 өдрийн өмнө

    The "tolerant" left, except for religion, and white people, and men. Oh, and sometimes for Latinos, but only if the Latinos understand they aren't as important as blacks, and only if blacks understand they aren't as important as black transvestites..... and they say Trump is racist. It looks like the definition of hypocrisy to me. 🤷🏻‍♂️ BTW, Joe Biden is Catholic. I bet Bill still votes for him.

  33. The Ethers

    The Ethers

    2 өдрийн өмнө

    The Grady, the caretaker in The Shining, corrected his wife AND the children, too.

  34. MrAllister9


    2 өдрийн өмнө

    Barrett said in a decisions a few years back about a black person being fired ... Calling him the "N" word on its own isnt enough to prove that he was racially profiled and fired for it ... OK so now i'll actually use the word and imagine her saying it like this .... Calling him a NIGGER on its own isnt enough to prove that this was racist ... just repeat that sentence and tell me that youd ever utter that shit she did .... everyone knows this is how racists talk ... next thing she'll tell you is that she hates Blacks because she had a road rage incident with one and now she hates them all ...

  35. James Puso

    James Puso

    2 өдрийн өмнө

    I remember years ago I was watching Cenk Uyger from The Young Turks debate David Duke on his "evidence" of a global Jewish conspiracy, that being that a lot of Jewish people run media and financial institutions. Cenk's argument against that was "yeah and there are a lot of Catholics on the supreme court, that doesn't mean there's some catholic conspiracy to run the supreme court". Then I got to thinking...we're going backwards on these things mighty fast in this country...Islamophobia wasn't enough, antisemitism is back too...and now that Cenk mentioned it if we go backwards a little more before the Jews it was the Catholics American religious bigots hated...so maybe we will be hearing shit like that next. Lo and behold here we are...fuck you Bill Maher, when the rhetoric against us graduates from a few really REALLY fringe people attributing economic and societal success to "protestant work ethic" to shit like this we'll know who to blame. Thanks for taking America back to the 1800s because other groups taking us back to the 40s wasn't enough.

  36. Frank P

    Frank P

    2 өдрийн өмнө

    Anti Catholicism is alive and well

  37. Ken Hoover

    Ken Hoover

    2 өдрийн өмнө

    All I can say is WOW!

  38. buzztrucker


    2 өдрийн өмнө

    The old book of Jewish fairy tales you say Maher? The rest of the non-Catholic justices are Jewish. That's also a religion. Are you going to criticize them for not separating church & state?

  39. 5cent27


    2 өдрийн өмнө

    Coming from the all tolerant left 🤣🤣. I love how the cool new edgy thing is to be anti religion. Well too bad you old washed up "comedian" our freedom of religion is protected as much as your right to complain about everyone who doesn't think like you.

  40. Donkeyoteous


    2 өдрийн өмнө

    Bill, you are ,,,,,,,,,,,, never mind....

  41. Jennifer Eisenberg

    Jennifer Eisenberg

    2 өдрийн өмнө

    Do it! Send Mel Gibson an atonement kit as a happy birthday to Jesus may the crown of thorns always be on your thigh gift.

  42. T Sullivan

    T Sullivan

    2 өдрийн өмнө

    "speaking in tongues" sounds like the baby-babble tRUMP🐷 spews to avoid self-igniting 🔥 while waddling past a church

  43. Cletus Ryan

    Cletus Ryan

    2 өдрийн өмнө

    Anti-papist equal to racism

  44. Deborah Moore

    Deborah Moore

    2 өдрийн өмнө

    Those Catholics r gonna have to rethink marriage Pope believe in same sex marriage

  45. kevin sullivan

    kevin sullivan

    2 өдрийн өмнө

    Amy's going t have a real problem writing babble into her judgments.

  46. Rob Thompson

    Rob Thompson

    2 өдрийн өмнө

    Thank gawd for Bill. I love his sarcastic smart ass. Did I say smart

  47. Provessor Kayoss

    Provessor Kayoss

    2 өдрийн өмнө

    Religion is an excercise in human ignorance.Religion exists as a construct for us to understand and explain what we didn't understand or know. What's insane is that we started to discover the answer about 300 years ago. And most of the world is like, nah I'm good. I'm going to keep believing that an invisible guy is doing all of this.

  48. Sunderlanding


    2 өдрийн өмнө

    I'm smart because I don't believe in God. I only believe in fact. Yet I can't prove any of the facts I believe in, and there is constant dispute in the science community. I'm so smart. God is dumb. #walkaway

  49. Ally Herrera

    Ally Herrera

    2 өдрийн өмнө

    I was raised Catholic too. What's interesting to me, as I grow older (even though I'm only 26 lol) is this realization that most Catholics are non-conforming Catholics. We're like the new Jews. I can honestly say, "Yeah, I'm Catholic. But I'm an atheist." :)

  50. Mr Beeg

    Mr Beeg

    2 өдрийн өмнө

    If you can't beat em might as well join them. Jesus founded the Church. the Catholic Church. Who wrote the Bible? Catholics...All aboard the Love Train

  51. jr104m


    2 өдрийн өмнө

    I guess he is talking about Sotomayor also....

  52. Flwrfan1


    2 өдрийн өмнө

    “Correcting their wives?”Well now.

  53. Brett B

    Brett B

    2 өдрийн өмнө

    ya do realize Biden & Son are Catholic do ya? the problem with atheists is not that they have no faith in God, it's that they transfer that over to faith in themselves... isn't that right Bill?

  54. The Shadow

    The Shadow

    2 өдрийн өмнө

    Based on the Republicans own criteria no Supreme Court justice should be approved during an election (ask Moscow Mitch and Leningrad Lindsey), so Barrett's appointment is illegitimate and the Democrats should recall her once they control the Senate.

  55. Dennis Bouma

    Dennis Bouma

    3 өдрийн өмнө

    As an atheïst i find your comments disqusting

  56. Big Red

    Big Red

    3 өдрийн өмнө

    Bill Maher, not only a greasy douche but also a huge religious bigot.

  57. Joe Malecki

    Joe Malecki

    3 өдрийн өмнө

    I'm Catholic, and I agree that the Supreme Court should NOT be packed with Catholic's. Americans like to talk in cliches: "equal opportunity for all", "one nation under God",.... But when it comes time to put those principles into action, we collectively show ourselves to be liars. We are better than that.

  58. Chris Holzapfel

    Chris Holzapfel

    3 өдрийн өмнө

    #Atheism is the cure...

  59. bach zoel spaatch

    bach zoel spaatch

    3 өдрийн өмнө

    I used to laught at his jokes , now I lost all respect for him. What a smug piece of deranged Liberal he became cheering for a crisis to hit the US to get rid of the guy he doesn't like

  60. Sue Zbell

    Sue Zbell

    3 өдрийн өмнө

    Thank you. "Being nuts is relevant." YES !

  61. Danuta Shayler

    Danuta Shayler

    3 өдрийн өмнө

    you are so real, Bill

  62. Phil J

    Phil J

    3 өдрийн өмнө

    Best episode segment ever

  63. Susan11600


    3 өдрийн өмнө

    Because we traced the call....LMFAO. Sad but true. Where did those references come from? Before the big rev there was also child abuse, spousal abuse, and many more icky things. What was the point of popes msg? Download to your tablet before flying?

  64. Jacob T. Pichette

    Jacob T. Pichette

    3 өдрийн өмнө

    "Punched the guy in 32-B." 😂

  65. Navywxman


    3 өдрийн өмнө

    The right-wing and all of their associated nut factories that permeate their insanity has brought utter ruin to the country. How to collapse an empire? Let your right-wing rise in power and influence, case in point the US.

  66. Jai Clary

    Jai Clary

    3 өдрийн өмнө

    Damnit. Now I find myself liking Bill Maher and I don't approve.

  67. Mary Jo

    Mary Jo

    3 өдрийн өмнө

    Well Bill we all know you have to behave yourself,if say something bad against the left they will come to your house ,maybe boycott your show! Sometimes you sound so stupid.

  68. Pat Wma

    Pat Wma

    3 өдрийн өмнө

    Nailed it.

  69. David Brandenburg

    David Brandenburg

    3 өдрийн өмнө

    sounds like baby talk

  70. Mary Smith

    Mary Smith

    3 өдрийн өмнө

    She said the job of lawyers is to return us to the Kingdom of God?

    • Salary Cap

      Salary Cap

      3 өдрийн өмнө

      Well I'd rather have that then whatever commie bullshit Democrats want....

  71. Gayla Chiriaco

    Gayla Chiriaco

    3 өдрийн өмнө

    Is it legal to impeach/remove a Supreme Court Justice?

    • Salary Cap

      Salary Cap

      3 өдрийн өмнө

      Are you idiots going to claim Russia killed RGB to have her appointed?

  72. Michael Ferris

    Michael Ferris

    3 өдрийн өмнө

    Stop looking at a person's religion, or lack there of (if that ever applies) and focus on whether they are qualified based the requirements for the job. A nominated justice can rule on constitutional law within the framework as designed. Their religious affiliation shouldn't be a defining factor. And no, if 7 out 9 were of some other religious affiliation, it would not matter. It's the Supreme Court of the United States, not some religious governing body. Justices can judge fairly on the law regardless of their religion. And doesn't the 1964 Civil Rights Act have something to say about hiring practices based on religious beliefs? Ironic.

  73. NorthsideRasta Rogers

    NorthsideRasta Rogers

    3 өдрийн өмнө

    You point out this jive accurately Bill!!!!!

  74. bg Studio

    bg Studio

    3 өдрийн өмнө

    We need diversity of Media CEOs, Hollywood executives and bankers, they are mostly having the same religion or race as well. Let's talk about the over representation of a certain population as well in all of these corridors of power. If you guess who I am suggesting without me saying it, then you know how true it really is. Its not white supremacy, its.....

  75. james nelson

    james nelson

    3 өдрийн өмнө

    How do you inform your target(s) ['business partners'] what you have? Why would H. Biden have such material on his laptop? How was the content *originally* received? Email? Why would H. Biden risk turning over such material to a computer repair shop? [contents unrestricted?] On purpose [years of being treated poorly by 'Pop'] or simple negligence? If such information existed on laptop why wouldn't contents be claimed? Several attempts made to contact to claim? Messages left? Why wouldn't H. Biden want to reclaim *knowing* the contents on the drive could bury *Pops* & family. A troubled life? A troubled family? Looks can be deceiving. qanon.pub/?

  76. Robert Downes

    Robert Downes

    3 өдрийн өмнө

    Pelosi and the Dems are fine with Barrett. She will protect big money and meanwhile Dems can cry wolf about abortion rights to the base and collect donations knowing full well that abortion laws will never signifigantly change. The GOP uses gun rights the same way. Maher is a dope. Years excessive weed and porn consumption have made him slow.

  77. Joey Indahl

    Joey Indahl

    3 өдрийн өмнө

    This guy is about as funny as colon cancer

  78. Lorenzo Manx

    Lorenzo Manx

    3 өдрийн өмнө

    If you must worship something for your peace of mind why not choose the thing that gives you air to breath, water to drink, food to eat, and a climate that supports the life that has evolved on it, Mother Earth? To believe a figure of man was around to create the Earth billions of years before he evolved from bacteria in the water it created from chemical reactions is not only insane but arrogant. Governing people through religion seems so 2016...

  79. Nathan Hankins

    Nathan Hankins

    3 өдрийн өмнө

    Oh Billy,there has never been a separation of church and state.And if Roe v Wade does get overturned (which it won't) you can still get your precious abortions in California ,NewYork ,and Illinois. Ect.

  80. Notha


    3 өдрийн өмнө

    this dude...pathetic

  81. M F

    M F

    3 өдрийн өмнө

    No matter the outcome of any elections or decisions made by government, Bill Maher and all the other Hollywood shit will be just fine. They just pretend to be political and act like they care. The 99% will continue to fight to the death with each other for the crumbs and shit they feed us.

  82. Scott Smith

    Scott Smith

    4 өдрийн өмнө

    Real Time isn't what it used to be. Just like the Stern show. Good but not great.

  83. Larry x

    Larry x

    4 өдрийн өмнө

    There are only 2 options that a religious person can be,a coward who refuses to face reality or an insanely ignorant human being cause believing in such nonsense only leaves these 2 options.as Sam harris has said beliefs have consequences.the sane rational people in this.country are in trouble folks.

  84. John Carista

    John Carista

    4 өдрийн өмнө

    Bill Maher is an angry man right you know when he gets up in the morning and looks in the mirror he goes you know what your a. Fcn A.Hole😟

  85. Bruce Graham

    Bruce Graham

    4 өдрийн өмнө

    Bill would rather see the supreme court packed with communist lefties.

  86. Laura McVay

    Laura McVay

    4 өдрийн өмнө

    God is in control, stop please. Love one another. Why so dark? All who say they are of a Christian denomination dosen't mean they have a relationship with our Savior. ✝️

  87. Alan Mundy

    Alan Mundy

    4 өдрийн өмнө

    Well said Mr Maher. It is shameful and hypocritical that an atheist has no chance of being president - a country that is supposed to have separated religion and state. It shows how awful the Republican party has become - even Barry Goldwater hated religion in politics.

  88. Stephen Babin

    Stephen Babin

    4 өдрийн өмнө

    Atheism is a religion,takes way more faith to be an atheist. I really don't understand atheist they spend their little bit of time here on earth being displeased with religion.

    • Satanás


      3 өдрийн өмнө

      Imagine actually thinking that’s a good argument against atheism.

  89. Vijay Sridhar

    Vijay Sridhar

    4 өдрийн өмнө

    Bill Mahar for SCOTUS

  90. Punched, Bored or Countersunk

    Punched, Bored or Countersunk

    4 өдрийн өмнө

    the aeon of pisces is done, fuck knows is the age of aquarius will develop for our kids

  91. Lacita Fleming

    Lacita Fleming

    4 өдрийн өмнө

    I’m one of the Nones. And I’ve seen the movie Religulous 🤣

  92. Joe


    4 өдрийн өмнө

    Religion has no place in politics

  93. Vore Tex

    Vore Tex

    4 өдрийн өмнө

    all those maga rallies where no one is wearing masks? its a shame. Sad news/bad news is a lot of people will get very sick and some will die. Good news is.... their republicans.

  94. streips


    4 өдрийн өмнө

    The good news is that Benedict is no longer pope.

  95. John Brennan

    John Brennan

    4 өдрийн өмнө

    God hates religion, because it makes him look bad.

  96. Stephen Odell

    Stephen Odell

    4 өдрийн өмнө

    It has been my observation people who do not believe in god want to make them selves a god and and can't handle it when they run into some one with the same mind set but with different views. Look at all the rules they make up that we are to follow and they make them selves an exception.

  97. Tina Roberts

    Tina Roberts

    4 өдрийн өмнө

    Wow, seriously, wtf??? So biased Bill. I thought you were open minded.

  98. Good Samaritan

    Good Samaritan

    4 өдрийн өмнө

    Amy Barrett is a deceitful deceptive Luciferian blood Witch

  99. V Star

    V Star

    4 өдрийн өмнө

    The Founding Fathers recognized the danger that religion would have on democracy. That’s why they so clearly separated church and State. What an amazing sense of foresight they had. Although the percentage of Americans who claim any religious affiliation is decreasing with each generation, the Evil Empire of religious fanatics still have a stranglehold on the Federal institutions of government. Hence the increasingly rapid spiral of true democracy and freedom in the U.S.

    • Salary Cap

      Salary Cap

      3 өдрийн өмнө

      I'm sure you idiots have no problems with the Muslims in your party.

  100. Denis O'Sullivan

    Denis O'Sullivan

    4 өдрийн өмнө

    Poor Bill. Grow up.