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Rich Jail vs Broke Jail / Stupid Life Hacks in Prison

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Every prison has its own rules, which work differently depending on the availability of money. Watch funny situations and ridiculous life hacks in a rich and broke jail.
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      No I didn't and I'm not going to share it with my friends this channel is annoying:/

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    I love this

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    4:08 | Ah yes, I always carry around my fake bread with me.

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    Yay, make these guys hit 1 million subscribers

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    Why would you escape just stay your time and don't get in trouble with the law again COME ON PEOPLE!!

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    Someone Secret

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    This is SOOOO fake. It doesn't matter if your rich or broke. YOUR STILL GOING TO JAIL. GEESE these real ARE STPID

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    that style not meant for if ykyk

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    can we talk about amber hair

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    I like it

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    There are no rich or poor people in jail ther are only normal people in jail

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    Where do they get these materials

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    *Ivy has a flat screen TV, access to phones, and more* Wait why does she wanna escape again-

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    You’re amazing and you are a great person

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    Wtf is this video

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    I strongly hate this

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    lol i like how it says stupid life hacks in prison

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    why did ya call one part of it "stuiped life hacks" it is ur video😂😂😂

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    Why are u guys so stupid now troom troom 😭

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    Rich jail vs broke jail /STUPID LIFE HACKS IN PRISON

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    My favorite character is Ivy

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    seriosly ugh

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    Wait.. But the rich girl was using the guys gum as a fingerprint??? What's your logic troom troom

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    My favorite was the rich girl because who has enough money to pay for the rich life like that is really cool

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    Like you are going to hypnosis yourself with tyidye



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    dump dump as hell bye



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    when i go to prison im going to use this ....

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    Suicidal Thought's

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    JAIL IS JAIL MTF "Don't drop the soup" I hate this channel For life

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    Dude ur view is good u have a open window use it like are u dumb

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    When they escaped in the end they have escaped befor

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    Why didn't Ivy escaped from the window

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    I like the broke girl more

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    You no you can’t were julry in prien so in thier she is the porist and also they all get treated the same.

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    Defo rich soz broke

  43. Moments with Meera xox

    Moments with Meera xox

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    I think ivys view will have to be blocked sorry

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    sorry to break it to you but there is no such thing as broke or rich jail _-_

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    Marinda Pretorius

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    i love that the title is:'' stupid life hacks in prison''

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      They proved they are stupid

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    X D

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    I love ur Vida



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    Ao dumb



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    This channel sukes

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    At least they got the title right, gee

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    Title: Rich jail vs broke jail / stupid situations Me: YO THE OTHER PART OF THE TITLE IS YOUR CHANNEL- STUPID

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    I AM NEW

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    *DANTECHIES* on IG, is just so perfect, he got me access into my wife's phone...

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    To cringy

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      Kiss me

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    No one

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    Even they knew it was stupid lol

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    This narrating voice gives my PTSD attacks

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    GEEEEEEEEEEEEEE....... Ivy if a piece of S***.

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    Are jou brok or rich

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    Broken people are dangerous because they know how to service 😈

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    Rich and broke is cool❤💲💵💵💵💵💱💱💱💱

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    ivy sounds like a villager

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    This video Teaches Kids how to escape Jail

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    How do they get those things in a jail-

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    How in the hell do you get this stuff in prison how do you bake it

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    Everyone : I love how it says stupid hacks in prison Me: why would we have these things in prison

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    The rich one

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    " how could nobody tell ivy that she had no makeup on!" ivy : litterally has more makeup on than i have put in in my entire life already

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    Good EMERALD

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    Hey! I was the first diss like!

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    Have a microwave or something cuz we can't bake the stuff!!!

  76. The internet is stupid!! !!

    The internet is stupid!! !!

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    You didn’t lie when you said that it was stupid

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    I like that the title said what they where stupid life hacks

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    1:23 how

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    some of these things are the dumbest ways to escape jail

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