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SCP-457 Burning Man (SCP Animation)

TheRubber brings you SCP Foundation EUCLID class object, SCP-457 Animation.
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SCP 457, also known as Burning Man, appears to be a sentient being composed of flame.
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Music by Gravity Sound.


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    Thats a pokemon that tree

  3. Windo81 Games

    Windo81 Games

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    Bridge:You 457:You Bridge:Can't 457:Can't Bridge:Have 457:Have Bridge:Fuel! 457:I wan't fuel!

  4. Windo81 Games

    Windo81 Games

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    1:27 all might?

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    Samudra Al Fatih

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    My favourite pokemon is vilepume

  7. angelic demons

    angelic demons

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    I love how most of this video is a pokemon and scp crossover

  8. The spange YT

    The spange YT

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    Spider man meme: 1:50

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    Jai Shri Ram

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    Sarah Conn

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    I like this scp. Its smart

  20. KIRO


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    SCPokémon burning man i choose you me:wait WHAT THATS ELLIGAL.

    • KIRO


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      New game is born SCPEMON. When you start HO GOD

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    Ravioli Ravioli dont lewd the dragon loli

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    Men Name

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    Does 457 have any bones or organs? Since he can drink gasoline

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    ms. goh

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    Zaijiel Plays

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  46. La diversion de Juan - Juegos y Más

    La diversion de Juan - Juegos y Más

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  47. Mary Stone

    Mary Stone

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    This was so badass! He got to use one of the strongest SCP's in the world, SCP-939 as a frickin' Pokemon! This was such a cool idea!

  48. Reversed Gaming

    Reversed Gaming

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    Candy _ Cane _ XD

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    Landon Prahl

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  60. StubbornFox


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    I don’t want to nitpick things but steel and dark moved weren’t added until Gen 2, which I know is not your fault but it’s just weird to me

  61. StubbornFox


    2 өдрийн өмнө

    I don’t want to nitpick things but steel and dark moved weren’t added until Gen 2, which I know is not your fault but it’s just weird to me

  62. Tristan Lisandro

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  68. Elisa Lewi

    Elisa Lewi

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    Solomon Pleasent

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    Why was this video about 457? There’s more discussion SCPokemon than 457 itself. I like your content but I feel this is a misrepresentation of what you offer us in the title. I really hope this was a one time thing as your previous videos are a lot less misleading than this one.



    3 өдрийн өмнө

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