SUPER CREWMATE Captain Role in Among Us

We add a new CAPTAIN Super CREWMATE Role in Among Us
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    Chase Rodenspiel

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    5:51 he’s the captain Your welcome

  4. duffender2


    5 цагийн өмнө

    Everyone commenting about the game and mod ideas: Me: LOAFX! THE CODE IS LOAFXY!

  5. Kenzie Morefield

    Kenzie Morefield

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    Hell no Ssundee

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    Chikondi Haiya

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    How do u hack

  7. Pitzu


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    Henvy: Kill in front of capitan Capitan: Ok this is sus

  8. Corey Mason

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    Beau Wallace

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    I love you ssundy

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  10. Quacking_Crow


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    ssundee has some pearly whites lmfao his teeth are so perfect

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    Shaurya Khimji

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    Bad video

  12. Lorena Riera

    Lorena Riera

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    How did you about the task

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    u you in my game

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    Jeremy Jackson

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    Super chad role

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    The likes turn black not blue

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    Tabasum Qureshi

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    Him:I need blue like button Me:uhhhh there's black like button now

  21. Pooja Surakanti

    Pooja Surakanti

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    I sereously think you shoud do a hawk!

  22. Lemon Nugget

    Lemon Nugget

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    Henry. Killed biffif

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    your not a clickbaiter so that makes your videos so cool

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    You should do aqua man

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    I like among us to

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    rainbow ian



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    you should make a Titans mod

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    Ssundee Why You And Crainers Do Not Play Togheter Anymore

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    Judge role.

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    Why would he skip!

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    Is it me or does my like button turn white

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    Hi bro I got a MNmore channel

  40. How It's Growing

    How It's Growing

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    pause the video at 28 seconds and he makes a funny face

  41. Adan Ortiz

    Adan Ortiz

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    Henwy: oh no

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    ive seen bifle before

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    Ms.Travis knows it all

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    Michael Stein

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    At 6:50 Henwy vented and before that he killed biffle

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    So exited

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    I really love your videos

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  52. Ayeyi Kwafo Acquaah-Arhin

    Ayeyi Kwafo Acquaah-Arhin

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    when ssundee was captian he should have used the ban hammer on henwy

  53. Sadhik Rahman

    Sadhik Rahman

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    its Balcoony

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    aww henry was the imposter

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    I love her voice

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    Chikomborero Eric Jnr Masona

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    please make a ben 10 role please

  58. Chikomborero Eric Jnr Masona

    Chikomborero Eric Jnr Masona

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    Mr gamer 99-99extreme XiiX

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  62. Kimarge Salon Admin

    Kimarge Salon Admin

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    bruh you didn't see mud vent

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    8nsabe hdjd

  64. BG battle's Logan

    BG battle's Logan

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    You suck at captin

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    BitterJoy Xx

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    6:42 WHYYY

  66. Angela Toomey

    Angela Toomey

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    Lol. The code was LOAFXY🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    April Greenwood

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    its funny when sunndy claped and i love these moded vids

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    Look in the chat

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    marc john belen

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    zmde did this also but hi is in polus

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    Team Angel

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    O my god!!!! Cool

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    I got to swety so I diskliced the video

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    This is the best youtube videos of all time

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    its henry

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  79. Gabby Potter

    Gabby Potter

    2 өдрийн өмнө

    SSundee hear me out, Mod Idea (get a friend to make it or something): The COVID-19 mod. The imposter is the virus and can: mind control crew mates (basically spreading the virus), put everyone in lockdown (which is basically making everyone freeze where they are and not letting them move for a few seconds) and ‘the wave’ (which is where their kill cool down can go unlimited for a few seconds which is like the cases going up then down) The crew mates also can have a button which is the ‘mask’ button, which lets them be immune to anything the imposter does for a few seconds SSundee please if you see this try and make it happen I’d love to see it and I love all your videos 🤩🥺 PLEASE MAKE THIS COMMENT GO VIRAL SO WE CAN SEE THIS MOD I THINK IT WOULD BE SO COOL

  80. Jordan Birch

    Jordan Birch

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    Lol on the first round you should have ban hammered henwy and dont tell anybody your the captain xD

  81. Chris Hastings

    Chris Hastings

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    and a lovers mod

  82. Chris Hastings

    Chris Hastings

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    Chris Hastings

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    can you do a volkano mod

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    Chris Hastings

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    i love sundee

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    Khaled Omar Charrouf

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    can you do fortnit among us but whith mode iff you can

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    M.A.D. Fitness

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    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    i have an idea president

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    Do you

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    I like ban Hamur

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    you are my favrot youtube

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    your always captin for me!

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    mod idea Yeeter

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    my luke button turns black...

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    When the imposter is sus

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    its kind of hacks for among us

  100. Sebi Turchinsky

    Sebi Turchinsky

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    you can download amount us from happy mod and you can troll the boys