Teyana Taylor - Gonna Love Me (Remix)

In Loving Memory of Kim Porter.
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Damn, I don’t understand why we go through this over and over and over and over again
Whats really good
Sometimes we say things that we really don't mean
We do things in between the lines
We should do more than stand out
I'm sorry if i made you feel less than who you are
A little insecure, oh you’s a shining star
I wanna spend my nights with you
My life with you, oh baby babe
Please wait up for me, till whenever i get home
I know that you're all alone
Thinking ‘bout what you’re gon’ do
I hope that you see it through
And oh, you’re gonna love me (imma love you regardless)
You’re gonna wanna hug me (you just gotta cut this shit out)
And squeeze me
Yo we used to spin back “Lovin’ you”
Minnie Ripperton
The bose speakers had my walls and the plaques trembling
Lalala playing my mind all day
You come home, i let calgon and take you away
Bubble baths arose
Gucci open toes
Sunday nights we sitting watching Power in our robes
All of a sudden our lines got crossed over nothing
A text and your attitude change, yo you buggin
Hit me in the face with a pillow, and threw something
I just got up and walked in the room,
you still cussing
No “I love you”s before we sleep
“Goodnight”s is out the windows, it lasts for weeks
It's been awhile since i gave you my street vows
Promised to love you and hit two times a day never cheat now
Our chemistry is like a bowl of cherries,
and I’m the chocolate i smother you
Never to worry
And are you gonna love me
You’re gonna wanna hug me and squeeze me
(I’m gonna share half of the blame for this problem we are gonna through, you know i'm a taurus, the bull, i'm stubborn, so tell me what's on your mind) - Ghostface
Sometimes I don't think we really say enough
Why is it so hard to keep in touch
When we’re laying right next to each other, baby
We shouldn't read into things so much
Overthinking, understanding
Don't let a feeling change it up
I wanna spend my nights with you
My life with you, oh baby babe
Please wait up for me til whenever i get home
I know that I’m all alone
Thinking ‘bout what i'm gon’ do
I hope that i see it through, ooh, ooh, yeah
(Method Man)
I ain't got time for tricks
Them broads aint loyal
I get a spanish chick, i make arroz con pollo
Keep my woman fresh
So she will never be spoiled
And she can be my queen, but we will never be royals
I don't give you cream, yadamean? But i assure you
I'm heavy with the d, i got nothing but love for you
Sex as a weapon i got nothing but slugs for you
Ain't no protection, i done shot up the club for you
Yeah if i adore you, mi amor you
These dudes cannot afford you, let the god couture you
I like them loyal from the soil
And rhetorical questions when we smash, adorable
Who put the sex in sex appeal
Shorty got a receipt but her ex gets the bill
Look I'm too grown for netflix and chill
But i g and post up, like a net flick for real
love me
Are you gonna love me,
And are you gonna wanna hold me and squeeze me
Are you gonna love and squeeze me
Yeah man
You know what it is ma
Ay yo chef aka the wedding crasher
Came through in the Cullanin
Color of skim milk the wrath
Only us in the corner with the paid face, black cards and louis face
African cousins with us, we niggas
Smoking blunts, wine thats licatta
I waited like 3 years
Now we here getting license
And i'm tired of the whole jack and jill shit, the real shit
Both of us comfortable now, so you ain't ever gotta feel shit
Feed a nigga laugh for hours
Count by ones, playing old school shit
While we fuck in the shower
And now you know your guard is top tier
Remember the message,
Love with capital letters until they dead us
And are you gonna love me, youre gonna wanna hold me and squeeze me (x2)
Music video by Teyana Taylor performing Gonna Love Me (Remix). © 2018 Getting Out Our Dreams, Inc./Def Jam Recordings, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


  1. The Hip Hop Healer

    The Hip Hop Healer

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    Sitting here crying laughing bc I remembered when I had just got a fresh dubbie wrap and ummmmm let’s just say duttty winding and sulfur 8 don’t mix but bitch I kept dancing bc back when I was in clubs they threw money and I gots mines everytime Tim boots on and everything lol 😂 Love You Preston and I Miss You and thank you for protecting my daughter 😘 I’m getting the oxtails y’all I’ma hit Mamba up 504 style doe 😘😘😘

  2. Tristen Rubio

    Tristen Rubio

    22 цагийн өмнө

    My heart got broken today. This was our song. Depression hitting hard

  3. greedy racks

    greedy racks

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    this shit fly

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    I miss you Hevyn I love you baby

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    Ghostface....that’s all I wanted to say

  6. Free Reign

    Free Reign

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    Somebody needs to call social services, he should not be abusing that old man like that👴🏾

  7. Sillyboo101


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    I want my bbys to hold me like that on a roof one day❤️

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    Shakirah Islam

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    Malcolm Eskoba

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  18. keef e

    keef e

    8 өдрийн өмнө

    how do people not know this song omfg it’s so GOOD but upsetting how people dont like this type of AWESOME music



    8 өдрийн өмнө

    One of the illest HipHopRNB jawns, since Meth & Mary. Do the math. Won't even take it back to Marvin and Tami.

  20. Alex Smith

    Alex Smith

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    We should control our own media...I woulda watched a whole movie based off of this.

  21. DV


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    More like the good ole days...90s East Coast.....bad ass Gen X music 🎶. WU-TANG!

  22. BlackShogun


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    Never heard this version. 🔥🔥🔥, though I still prefer the original.

  23. •Adventure łând•

    •Adventure łând•

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    lowkey look like the girl from honey rise up and dance

  24. Ava Bryant

    Ava Bryant

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    That glass that broke Is not really glass I saw it in Tiktok that’s a screen that they break and use shatter noise

  25. macarmenadoree


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  26. Helen Sug

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  30. The Hip Hop Healer

    The Hip Hop Healer

    12 өдрийн өмнө

    Ain’t nothing funnier then being the middle man of two narcissist arguing who really love each other but they have separate traumas they need to fix then once they find love within themselves they bring that love together BAYBEHHHHHH the shit get deep waist deep 🤷🏽‍♀️😘 Infinite Abundance of Prosperity & Protection and Motivation 😘🌈🧚🏽‍♀️ 🦄 🎓🧤

    • Francine Gasasira

      Francine Gasasira

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      loool this is so specific 💀

  31. Adrian Allen

    Adrian Allen

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    Don’t let this go, keep on pushing it. Trust me, you are going to be righteously recognized for your talent. Girl, do that Damn Thang

  32. Ray Davis

    Ray Davis

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    Don't leave baby

  33. Cyrus Mitchell

    Cyrus Mitchell

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    How do you retire after this greatness??? Say it ain't so...

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    Danielle nyanza

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    The Jackson women are totally underrated...

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      Wear Montgomery

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    Wear Montgomery

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    • Wear Montgomery

      Wear Montgomery

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  44. Wear Montgomery

    Wear Montgomery

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    Sweet&Cute #40404

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    oh Helnah

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  47. oh Helnah

    oh Helnah

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    Miracle Child_502

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    She’s too box office in the making to walk away

  49. John Beck

    John Beck

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    The great Teyana Taylor. So many astonishing performances. Love this. Ghost and Method...right there.

  50. X Daisyfalls X

    X Daisyfalls X

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    I can’t believe I never liked and and subscribed 🤦🏾‍♂️✊🏽 I can’t express what this song does for Hip-hop and R&B

  51. nosaJ


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    Queen Nefertiti

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    isaiah Heath

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    Shana McCullough

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    I LOVE HER, THIS IS MY FAVORITE SONG. I really hope she changes her mind about retiring

  54. Strategic Dating

    Strategic Dating

    20 өдрийн өмнө

    The emasculation of men by masculine women is real in today's media and needs to stop. If roles were reversed in this video, it would be banned and the artist would be cancelled.

  55. duane Matthews

    duane Matthews

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    GvisionProduction G

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    deidre simmons

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